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See, I thought about that, but then I think Manta would insist on having her checked by another telepath, or put in the brig (if he didn't kill her, for Kaldur's sake.) Unless she was able to sell that she was being directly controlled right then and there, instead of it being a more long term thing... that could probably work. Though it would still be pretty touch-and-go. They really lucked out on Jade and Sportsmaster coming in like they did, it made everything a lot tidier (which might be the first time those two have ever made a plan they crashed into run smoother.)
Karrin Blue

Thanks Todd.

And I wondered about the original plan too. Considering how there was a good chance of blowing their covers, I like to think that Artemis would possibly fake being mind-controlled by M'gann in order to deactivate the collar from the control room.

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

Ah, this episode! Unlike Todd, I do have strong feelings about this one - mostly that it's one of my very favorites. I feel like a lot of the time, when we have characters who are good strategists, it's in the 'I knew you'd know I knew'/planned for every possible contingency vein, and if a character relies on improvising and thinking on their feet, then it's shorthand for being reckless. I think this episode is a great showcase for how, sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet, accept a plan is a hopeful outline, and rely on your skills and your friends' skills, because trying to plan it down to the ground is going to be impossible. Especially in a situation where, for them, there are so many unknown factors and more could come in at any minute, and they have no resources besides themselves and what they brought in. And, because they're very good at thinking on their feet, the escape goes far better for all involved than either group was probably expecting.

It does make me wonder what their original outline was - once M'gann's collar was off, she'd have been able to escape by phasing through at any time, so it would've been about how to explain Aqualad's recovery and deflect blame onto someone else. Perhaps Slade? He always struck me as the guy nobody actually likes, so throwing him under the bus might be doable.

And man, poor Jaime. It would be incredibly dark, but I'd love a comic issue or a prose story about his thoughts as all this is happening. If he ever read Animorphs, I bet he never imagined he'd end up living them... I think the Ambassador probably did expect that, of course the Team would realize something was very wrong when he made his TV appearance, but figured that there wasn't anything more they could get from Scarab being undercover compared to the propaganda benefits of their very own superhero. But, then, the PR war is the Reach's usual strategy, so there was probably some amount of the Ambassador just wanting to get back to the standard invasion procedure. Especially in comparison to the deep cover squad, he doesn't seem like the sort to come up with a new plan to use new people's talents fully rather than trying to get everything back into the mold he's used to - fitting for an empire that relies so much on mind controlling people into worker categories and strip-mining planets for resources.

Karrin Blue

MATTHEW - Thanks for the latest review. I'm afraid that I don't have anything to add to it, again, since I don't have any strong memories of this episode.
Todd Jensen

Man plans, God laughs...

Watched "Complications" today which brings an end to the comatose Kaldur subplot, Cheshire and Sportsmaster's vendetta but brings in a pretty big new one, Blue Beetle and the fate of the Team. While Nightwing does have some crime solving skills it's usually overshadowed by the likes of Batman and Tim Drake with him being a better leader instead. Here though, even when believing Blue's initial story he still conducts an investigation. Because that's what a good detective does, gather evidence to corroborate or disprove a story. While the way he investigates is pretty sound, there is a couple of holes to Blue's story, like claiming he was the only to fly up from the "boom tube" despite the fact that both Wonder Girl and Bumblebee can fly and as we'll see in season 3 Impulse is fast enough to outrun a boom tube.

But the big portion of the episode is the events on the Manta Sub, Kaldur's recovery, his and Artemis' plan to get M'gann out and the planned assassination of
father and son by father and daughter. One thing that stood out to me as that while Artemis did have a plan to fix Kaldur by using M'gann, there wasn't one for getting her out. Heck, they pretty much have to come up with one on the fly after Manta issues his ultimatum. And the whole thing (Artemis sneaking away to turn off the master control of the inhibitor collar) only worked as well as it did because of the unforeseen arrival of her family. Family that nearly kill her and her friends, M'gann only survives because Cheshire has grown over the years and no longer kills for the pleasure of it (plus she'd probably spare M'gann as a favor to her sister) and Kaldur only survives thanks the efforts of M'gann. I've mentioned before the delicate situation this whole scheme has put them in and we've seen just what their friends are willing to do, now we almost see what their enemies would want to do.

To wrap things up I'd like to mention the dynamics of the Crock family. Despite their differences and the fact that they weren't exactly close, Jade was able to "feel" Artemis' presence in the mindscape set by M'gann while Sportsmaster needed a more...hand's on form of convincing. How they react to it is pretty telling as well, Sportsmaster is just happy that his "baby girl" is screwing over his former compatriots and Jade so relieved that she ends up being the one to tell their mother of Artemis' survival. The consequences of this as well as Artemis' decision will be explored later on...

Some Final Thoughts: We see that despite his somewhat noble approach towards his son, Manta is by no means a noble soul towards others as he detonates a bomb placed on his son's door before his men have gotten a chance to get clear, most likely killing several of them. The fight between Black Manta and Sportsmaster shows a pretty clear difference in skill level, Manta may be a terror in the water but on land he's pretty second-rate. It actually reminds me of the Captain America vs. Iron Man fights. All that armor and armament doesn't do you any good if your opponent is skilled enough avoid your firepower and strong enough that the armor won't protect you from the blows.

I also love the match with Deathstroke, being able to engage both Sportsmaster and Cheshire quite easily. And we see that despite only being the Light's chief enforcer for a few months he already has his eye on a bigger prize. And finally, the decision for Blue to reveal himself to the public and champion the Reach. I know the Ambassador was aware of the fact that the Justice League used a covert ops team and that Jaime is a part of that. Did he really not think that the heroes wouldn't be suspicious over Jaime suddenly showing his face on national television? It looks like the Ambassador really is that incompetent manager we compared him to.

Acting MVP: Once again I have to give it to the Crock family. Kelly Hu and Stephanie Lemelin bring a lot of both tough and focused then genuine tenderness to their performance. And Nick Chinlund continues to be enjoyably sardonic.

DC Profiles: Black Manta has been Aquaman's arch nemesis for decades. His reasons for hating Aquaman and his desire for destroying Atlantis have varied over the years, at one point he wanted to use Atlantis as a haven for black people but that was later written as an excuse just to plunder it (he wasn't even originally written as being black). But one thing remains the the same, he's a pirate and utter sociopath who won't hesitate to murder any man, woman or child to reach his goals or just for revenge.

Favorite Lines:

Blue Beetle: I'm sorry.
Nightwing: No. Whoever did this they'll be sorry.

Cheshire: I want to make one thing clear. I'm only working with you to avenge my sister.
Sportsmaster: Yeah. 'Cuz you and Artemis were always so close. Rationalize it however you want little girl; just handle Aqualad and leave Black Manta to me. I need to put him down to preserve my rep.
Cheshire: And that's all you care about!
Sportsmaster: Don't kid yourself Jade, we're not that different.

Cheshire: Looks like someone already got to Aqualad. In fact, it looks like that someone was you. Which makes you defending him even more inexplicable and me killing him a lot less amusing. But then again, I'm not here for the giggles.

[Inside the mindscape designed to resemble Artemis and Jade's old room]
Cheshire: How dare you! What give you the right to invade my mind and steal this memory from our childhood?
Tigress: This isn't your memory Jade. It's mine.
[M'gann manipulates the illusion, giving Kaldur his old Aqualad costume and stripping away the masks from Chesire, Sportsmaster and Tigress]
Artemis: I'm alive. I'm here.
Miss Martian: Look. [She shows the others a recreation of Kaldur "killing" Artemis] Aqualad did not kill Artemis. [Another recreation is shown, of Nightwing giving Artemis the glamor charm] She only pretended to be dead to become Tigress and join Aqualad's deep cover mission to infiltrate the Light and the Reach.
Jade: You're alive.
Artemis: I'm alive. So you don't need to take vengeance on Kaldur.
Jade: I guess I don't. You so dodged a bullet, fish boy.
Kaldur: We appreciate the cooperation.
Lawrence: Are you serious? You're not really buying this? It's some kind of Martian illusion. Artemis is still dead, and I still have my rep to preserve.
Jade: Come on Crusher. Artemis is your daughter. Can't you feel her presence here?
Lawrence: I don't even feel your presence here.
Jade: He's hopeless! And I don't know why I'm surprised.
Artemis: Release us. I'll convince him.
Lawrence: Shyeah, good luck with that.
[Back in the physical world Tigress dodges Sportsmaster's stab then disarmes him with a crescent kick combo]
Sportsmaster: I taught you that move.
Tigress: Uh, duh Dad.
Sportsmaster: So you and Aqualad are playing Manta and the Light for chumps. Hah! I can live with that baby girl.

M'gann: I realize Cheshire, that we'll probably never be friends.
Cheshire: You can leave out the "probably."

Tigress: [mimicking her father] Yeah, so glad it turned out you're not dead baby girl.

Sportsmaster: Well, that was a good father-daughter outing. We should do this more often.
Cheshire: Don't push it dad.

Cheshire: Love the new look sis. It reminds me of, me.
Tigress: So I know dad was only here to protect his rep, but you risked everything to avenge me. That's so sweet.
Cheshire: Let's not get teary-eyed. I was just mad you weren't around to baby-sit your niece.

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

Algae> Sick burn:-D.

And good pic choice as the 1994 movie briefly is shown in Awakening.


TODD> "If you consider these poor creatures to be your clan, you have sunk even lower than I imagined."


Be prepared!

I've been watching a PBS documentary about a water hole in Africa and the animals that come to drink there (well worth watching, by the way), and the most recent episode had some hyenas turning up. The group of hyenas was repeatedly described as a clan, which made me wonder: how would the Manhattan gargoyles respond to the word "clan" being applied to hyenas, after certain experiences they've had with their namesake?
Todd Jensen

Thanks everyone, I'll try to do more of these in the coming months but I don't know when I'll get to it. I've been a little distracted by life and other projects but I wanted to get this one done before the end of May.
When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

Yeah I definitely thought that Xanatos was sincerely disgusted with Sevarius' methods myself.

Oh and the doctor being a creeper? Madness!:-D


MATTHEW> Very nice review. One detail I particularly liked: Broadway referring to the Gen-U-Tech lettering as a "symbol".
I was particularly proud of my death scene

MATTHEW - Thanks for the review of "Metamorphosis". I agree that it's one of the darker episodes in the series, especially the way it ends. (I recall being genuinely shocked by Sevarius's "death" the first time I saw this episode; even recognizing that "Gargoyles" wasn't your typical Disney cartoon, I still wasn't expecting a death of that sort. Of course, it turned out that Sevarius was faking it, but even so....)
Todd Jensen

It's been some time since I've done a Gargoyles review, but here's the latest one for "Metamorphosis"


When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

ANTIYONDER> Hudson would definitely be a Suspicion Island fan.
Suspicion Island, if you don't stay suspicious, you won't stay alive.

But yeah a reference I could kind of see being made in Gargoyles.

[SPOILER] Amphibia's in-universe show Suspicion Island being mentioned by a character about to watch TV.

Any characters who might like it? [/SPOILER]


Just cause I've done it several times, a complete list of all Amphibia residents who requested our patience prior to the finale making it's proper debut.

Grimes- https://mobile.twitter.com/Radrappy/status/1388928337083461632

Maddie- https://mobile.twitter.com/Radrappy/status/1389663335344316418

Leopold Loggle- https://mobile.twitter.com/Radrappy/status/1390350554925203457

General Yunan- https://mobile.twitter.com/Radrappy/status/1390785339577421830

Felicia Sundew- https://mobile.twitter.com/Radrappy/status/1391163185785229315

Hop Pop- https://mobile.twitter.com/Radrappy/status/1393963080422354944

Mr. Ponds- https://mobile.twitter.com/Radrappy/status/1395114893167108099

Frog Soos- https://mobile.twitter.com/_AlexHirsch/status/1395956624158715906

Remember, Soos is a frog.

And no, I don't want to hear nonsense about them being fictional characters who are voiced by actors. They're real:-D.


MATTHEW - For a moment, when I read your post, I thought that "Beauty and the Beast" had somehow paid a visit to the gargoyle Broadway, before realizing that you were talking about the original Broadway instead. :)
Todd Jensen

It's important to remember that Disney's Beauty and the Beast came to Broadway back in '94, so I'd totally expect them wanting to see a production of that.

Of course the movie itself draws heavily from musical theater which makes sense considering Alan Menken and Howard Ashman's careers in theater. Heck the cast was mostly hired from Broadway veterans.

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

My bad meant admiral.:-(.

Also sometimes I imagine Goliath and Elisa if they were for whatever reason to do a Beauty and the Beast in play form, especially Keith as Goliath doing Beast. Especially the outbursts/demands.


Thanks Todd, the episode is worth checking out just for Keith David alone.
Antiyonder> I was a little confused by that, I couldn't remember a General Zhao in YJ. Took me some time before I realized you were talking about Admiral Zhao.

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

Also some other VAs to note is Jim Cummings so far as additional voices, plus Dee Bradley Baker as Bessie.

And some in the upcoming YJ season to be reviewed.

"A nice detail that the presence of the Warworld causes a huge shift in the Earth's tides, a good reminder what our own moon does for the tides."

Not that someone like General Zhao cares:-D.


ANTIYONDER> Sorry, Anti, musta had Masterdramon on the brain. :P

So anyone else checked out the trailer for Eternals? Figured it was semi-relevant since Greg's cited Jack Kirby's original The Eternals comic as a major influence on The New Olympians

Once we've learned enough about the universe, we will admit to ourselves that we will never know everything.

MATTHEW - Thanks for the latest review. I have very vague memories of this episode, though not enough to further comment - other than to note with amusement the timing of your discussion of Keith David's voice acting role in this episode.
Todd Jensen

The first strike is thrown...

Watched "War" today which brings together quite a few points in the series, Blue Beetle being controlled by the Reach, the Justice League and their trial on Rimbor, and what it means for Earth to suddenly take center stage in the galaxy, or more specifically what it means when the Earth has invited the Reach and what that means for the galaxy. As the tie-in comics and the series has shown, Earth has attracted a lot of bad news from the other ends of the universe. And for the most part the Reach have managed to work with it, subtly eliminating the Kroloteans, and even taking advantage of Despero's presence as a way to secure their foothold. But Mongul and the Warworld's force them into a different game.

So I should bring up something I like to call The Juggernaut Principle, it's something I came up with and can be summed up as: There exists a force so devastatingly powerful and solely based on destruction that no attempt redirection or diversion will work at all. You can call it a monsoon that blankets all of India, a super volcano eruption or a meteor the size of Alaska. You get out of its way or you get dead. Mongul and the Warworld aren't an exact example of this, the idea is still the same. As no attempts to reason with him work (and the Reach only gives him more resolve to destroy Earth) and all the plans were based around neutralizing the threat rather than trying to match or overcome its sheer destructive power. I've made it no secret that I haven't exactly been happy with Nightwing continually sitting out the action and what that's done to his mindset, but I will say that the plan to stop the Warworld is pretty ingenious. Taking out the power, taking the key out of the ignition or taking out the driver.

One major point of the episode is events that drive characters to take drastic measures, I've already mentioned Mongul and what the presence of the Reach drives him to do. But the massive onslaught the Warworld unleashes causes the Justice League to heavily rely on Doctor Fate (a hero the League sure isn't fond of), though on a more positive note, it does get the nations of the world to pull their anti-missile resources together. The Reach has to blow the lid off their "single exploratory ship" story just to protect their investment on Earth and sacrifice the majority of their fleet. And to recoup their loss they have to gamble that Blue is perfectly capable of taking down the rest of the Team and jeopardize his position as deep-cover operative. And then there's the matter of Arsenal's drastic measures.

So according to Greg, Arsenal was told to see Black Canary for counselling but he refused (a nice nod to Superboy's own initial refusal.) But unlike Superboy he still hasn't learned to be a team player and unfortunately that hurts the Team in a big way. Now I should clarify that his PTSD is in no way his fault, and you can argue about to what extent he is obligated to receive help. But when said trauma nearly kills the whole Team, perhaps it's time to rethink some things because all it did was nearly kill the whole and set up the others to be taken out. Heck even his tactical retreat was problematic as Superboy had to take a potentially lethal attack just to cover him. But we'll see where this leads later on.

Some Final Thoughts: A nice detail that the presence of the Warworld causes a huge shift in the Earth's tides, a good reminder what our own moon does for the tides. I find it especially ironic that the Reach's treaty prevents Green Lanterns from returning to Earth as the ability to operate in space would be most effective in dealing with the Warworld. We get a little preview on the Justice League's trial and how things work on Rimbor as even the long trial process is stretched out further thanks to the fact that the League is bribing the officials like expected. We get to see the culmination of the Mal/Karen relationship drama, what's funny is that in most media, the man is usually depicted as being too busy or a workaholic and that's what causes strain on the relationship so this is an interesting reversal. It's also a good reminder that for relationships to work that the problems do need to come to light and be hammered out if things are going to progress. Like with the fight with Despero, we see that when fighting a foe with superior strength and endurance, some times it's about knowing the opportune moment to attack, such as when all the power of a death moon is diverted straight to a control band.

Acting MVP: Keith David was just perfect as Mongul who is one of those characters who was just made with a deep, resonant voice in mind. His performance is quite chilling as well, treating mass genocide as a necessity and the heroes' efforts to thwart him with cold contempt.

DC Profiles: Mongul is another recurring foe of Superman, as are his children Mongul Jr. and Mongal. An alien despot with little regard of any life but his own his Warworld has been depicted as everything from a massive superweapon to a planet sized gladiatorial arena.

Favorite Lines:

Superman: In fact, as stated previously, we were under the complete mental domination of an Earth villain named Vandal Savage.
Galet Dasim: Why would one Savage do that to another?

Mal: Ah. It's great we're finally spending a little quality time together....Karen!
Karen: Sorry, I'm a little preoccupied... with the second moon in the sky!

Captain Atom: Attention...Warworld. This is Captain Atom of the Justice League representing the planet Earth. We wish to open negotiations.
Mongul: But I am uninterested in negotiation. The Earth under the Reach's thumb is far too great a threat to my long-term plans. It must be destroyed. And frankly, if you knew what you were in for with the Reach, you'd thank me for putting you out of your collective misery.

Ambassador: How odd to be rooting for the champions of Earth, but everything depends on their success.

Blue Beetle: Beta to Watchtower: We've been spotted. The WarWorld knows we're here.
Guardian: Fine with me, I like the attention! At least a big alien death moon notices when I'm around!
Bumblebee: Was that a slam on me? In the middle of a mission?!
Guardian: Woman, when are you not in the middle of a mission?!

Mongul: This is your attack force? I'm insulted.
Superboy: Learn to cope.

Mongul: Don't you understand? Your deaths today in the face of the Reach are a mercy. My grand laser remitter would've ended your world in a matter of minutes. Another mercy. But it seems the mercies of Mongul are not appreciated. So we will do this the hard way, and the WarWorld will unleash all it's weapons upon the Earth. [The Warworld begin launching hundreds of missiles towards the Earth] You're welcome.

Cat Grant: Earth's military leaders are mobilizing all national air defense systems against the assault from the rogue satellite. Here in the U.S., Homeland Security is urging citizens to remain calm and stay in your homes rather than attempt evacuation...There's nowhere for us to go.

Guardian: Super-cycle's got our backs! Love a lady I can count on.
Bumblebee: All right, I get it. I'm a bad girlfriend. Now quit pouting!
Guardian: Who's pouting? I'm not pouting! Let's just blow this place and go!
Bumblebee: Uh, we can't just blow this place. It would destroy all of Warworld and take half of Earth with it. We need to follow the plan and shut the core down.
Guardian: Well thank you for explainin' the obvious to your idiot boyfriend. Look, just make with the science and get it done.
Bumblebee: What? I never said you were...Uh! Never mind. [Pulls up a schematic of the core] Okay, here's hoping Green Beetle knows his stuff. Entering power core now.
Guardian: Good luck beautiful.

Blue Beetle: Well the gang's all here. [Blue suddenly knocks out Impulse with the Crystal Key and fires his sonic cannon at the Team]
Guardian: Look out! [Guardian tries to shield Bumblebee but the blast takes him, Beastboy and Batgirl out]
Superboy: Blue, what are you doing?! [Blue rockets forward crashing Superboy into a wall and tosses the unconscious Mongul atop of Wonder Girl then secures her wrists to the floor. Robin throws a birderang at Blue who calmly flies toward them]
Arsenal: No. Not again. [He spots the hangar's control panel]
Bumblebee: Arsenal No!
Arsenal: I will not be taken again! [Arsenal activates the doors launching Sphere out into space, Blue uses his rockets to stay inside while Robin, Bumblebee and Wolf desperately try to hang on. Blue manages to close the hangar doors and blasts the the three with his sonic cannon]
Blue Beetle: [flatly] Don't waste the oxygen, hermano. There's very little left in here.
[Arsenal grabs a rebreather and zip lines away, Blue attempts to shoot him but Superboy intercepts the blast. Arsenal flees into the Warworld while Blue knocks out Superboy with a final blow. Blue then takes out the Crystal Key for the Ambassador to see]
Ambassador: Quite the value indeed.

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

Todd Jensen> And of course [SPOILER] that could be just due to DT being set in a world of anthropomorphic people.

Heck, when the Legends of the Chaos God comic got to the 2nd part with the Rescue Rangers (Tale Spin in P1 with a skip to P2, Goof Troops in P3, DuckTales in P4 and Darkwing Duck in P5) yep they had to pretend that the classic version was in an anthropomorphic world. [/SPOILER]

And as a reminder The Disney Afternoon Adventures trade is due still in July.

No I don't feel dirty reminding anyone of such:-D.


ANTIYONDER - Yes, when I first saw [SPOILER] that statue of Manny's original form, it immediately reminded me of Una. [/SPOILER]
Todd Jensen

Todd Jensen> Also [SPOILER] Manny as maybe some said resembles the London Clan that say the Scotland Clan. [/SPOILER]

Plus, [SPOILER] just before his full transformation into his original horse form - accompanied by the "Gargoyles" theme music - Manny says "I swore I'd never do this again", which echoes Goliath's "I swore never to use the Phoenix Gate" in "M.I.A." [/SPOILER]
Todd Jensen

ANTIYONDER - I don't know if that's the case or not, but your post reminded me of a few elements involving [SPOILER] Manny in the "Ducktales" finale earlier this year - who was definitely done as a Goliath counterpart - besides the obvious points like the "Gargoyles" theme music. He gets brought back to life by enchanted bagpipes - a traditionally Scottish musical instrument - from the McDucks' castle, and was wearing a stone bust of Scrooge McDuck for a head, both paralleling Goliath's Scottish roots. And his adversary is a hooded fanatic, who was earlier introduced as carrying out a vendetta with a scheming sorceress. [/SPOILER]
Todd Jensen

Todd Jensen> [SPOILER] And it would kill the mood. [/SPOILER]

So what of some of those moments pertaining to Andrias. The First Temple ending where he tells his lord that "We will have our revenge" and of course [SPOILER] His castle rising above the clouds [/SPOILER].

Would they be tidbit worthy? Mainly I'm thinking about how Keith mentioned wanting to keep Goliath alive (wonder if he has that Darkwing Duck comic:-D) and just wondered if he suggested those moments.


ANTIYONDER - [SPOILER] Though it would have lacked the double-meaning of applying it to Thailog, who's a bastard in both senses of the word. [/SPOILER]
Todd Jensen

Antiyonder, but anyway. To add another apt comparison [SPOILER] The scene which got the episode the advisory warning, Gargoyles SLG Comics #5. If permitted I bet Andrias would be called a bastard [/SPOILER].

MASTERDRAMON> David's voice can evoke powerful emotions to be sure. Also, something Masterdramon pointed out to me in a private chat: [SPOILER] King Andrias' castle rises above the clouds. [/SPOILER]
One thousand years ago...

And just to give more meta thoughts than necessary to a Gargoyles reference in Amphibia,

[SPOILER] A pic was uploaded which I applied and as a joke caption I described Marcy as being a Gargoyles fan, which may be true.

But even if say she comes out well in the end, I imagine her maybe finding Keith
David characters to sound unsettling in the future:-(. [/SPOILER]


Winner of TWO Oscars!
Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.


Yep decided to do an article for an animated movie from Nineteen Ninety ONE covering the usual. Shared cast and it's influence for a major Gargoyles relationship. Also added mention of a the photo of said dress from Hunter's Moon Part Three's deleted scene.

Wasn't sure how much it was remembered, but one source I found states that Goliath was too close in design and modified to prevent the similarities from being too obvious.