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Congratulations on the show's success, Bishansky!
Todd Jensen

Also the numbers on the first episode of "Voices From the Eyrie" have been terrific, in fact, we were going to post the second episode on Friday but since today is the anniversary!


Greg and Jennifer welcome back series co-creator, Greg Weisman and welcome, for the first time, series co-producer, Frank Paur. The group discusses Greg Weisman moving from development executive at Disney to producing the show with Frank Paur; Frank’s trip to Japan to finalize the look of the show with legendary animator, Kazuyoshi Takeuchi (Akira); bringing New York City to life; unveiling the show to the press, to focus groups, and ultimately to the general public. How David Xanatos and Demona were (and still are) unique and compelling villains. And we briefly touch on why the show got cancelled. All of this, the 1994 Northridge earthquake, and so much more.

Greg Bishansky - [<--- Voices From the Eyrie]
"Welcome to Voices From the Eyrie, a Gargoyles podcast" - Shari

Happy Anniversary Gargoyles! TWENTY-SEVEN years ago today the show debuted its first episode. And today, two years into its availability on Disney+, it certainty feels like the show has more eyes on it, what with the NECA figures and board game and Phunny plushes (not to mention a certain DuckTales cameo, lol).

I can only hope we'll be reveling in the news of future canonical stories in anniversaries to come. Never the end indeed :)

Gus: "I always forget you're there." Hooty: "I forget I'm here toooooo."

Young Justice Season 4 episode 3: [SPOILER] Highlight for me this week, was absolutely the argument between Miss Martian and her sister. I actually really like the way this storyline is being handled. It feels very authentic and subtle and adult. I could really do without the "Psychic touch", "falseness of your form" stuff, especially when it came to M'Gann's mother addressing her. Like, instead of it being about M'gann's mother observing how much her daughter's changed it's suddenly this like... cold, scientific thing. I know that sounds like a nitpick, but I think it's important.

The Superboy-Beast Boy stuff was cool. I'm not really feeling the Legion of Superheroes stuff yet, maybe it'll really hook me later but it feels like there's enough stuff to juggle already. But I think a character dealing with the psychological ramifactions of their friend betraying them is pretty sweet. I think I've also finally forgotten that Greg Cipes ever played a different version of Beast Boy. He's been doing a great job this season.

I'm not sure I'm invested in the starcrossed lovers aspect of the prince and the priestess either, again, these episodes are already dealing with *a lot* but I think the prince character is cool and I like the sort of normal-ness of the wedding subplot. Grounds things in a cool way. I also liked the way Superboy earned the Prince's trust. It's playing out a bit like a crime procedural, which I think is a good move.

Overall solid episode. Wheels are still kind of spinning, but I like the way a lot of things are developing. [/SPOILER]

Alex (Aldrius)

[SPOILER] I'm pretty sure the Martian with the Legion Ring was a disguised Chameleon Boy. His people take on the abilities that comes with whatever they shapeshift into. [/SPOILER]
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Well the list of Garg VAs in Amphibia is fairly small, Cree Summer is going to show up as [SPOILER] a Dr. Frakes in “Hollywood Hop Pop/If You Give a Frog a Cookie” [/SPOILER].

Yeah, that's pretty curious. [SPOILER] As is that Martian with a Legion ring we saw spying right after (and, I think, right before?) Conner and Gar suddenly started getting a ton of hostile psychic sending. So, are we dealing with a Martian, or at least a shape-shifter, with heat vision? But then trying to wipe out Mars - if they're trying to make sure the gene bomb goes off - would be suicidal, doubly so if M'gann and Conner are somehow ancestors to such a person. [/SPOILER]
Karrin Blue

So... Are we gonna talk about the fact that [SPOILER] the Legionnaires' unseen "Enemy" has heat vision? [/SPOILER]
The sword is the tool of a soldier, one who fights at the behest of others, a servant to the Power. The scepter, on the other hand, this is the totem of a true ruler.

[SPOILER] Yeah, the rituals do seem a bit unbalanced. Then again, since the canopy apparently isn't secured together at all, maybe the challenge with it is holding it all together, with each piece in place, until you reach the ceremony site, whereas once the altar is actually built it's done?

And yeah, it was nice to hear that line about J'onn - especially when he would've ended up on Earth in the fifties. Though it does make me curious how long J'ann and M'aatt were married before they had M'gann; she's their second-youngest, if I remember correctly, but was born only a few years after J'onn's accident. So did J'onn only get to meet his brother-in-law - and let J'ann know she had one family member who'd stand by her - after they'd already had all their kids? I'd love to see that reunion in a side comic or something sometime... [/SPOILER]

Karrin Blue

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Michael Lee - [windscreentintblacktown at gmail dot com]

So my thoughts on "Volatile."

[SPOILER] I figured we were in for the the triptych style of storytelling but it looks like the series is saving that climax for later on because we've got a pretty introspective episode here. It's funny to imagine that a whole species of shapeshifters would carry so much prejudice, but bigotry often finds its way into any group. And the arguments between M'gann, M'comm, and Em'ree really show just how dysfunctional things are beneath the surface and I can't help but wonder if it's all going to circle back to their parents in some way.

I'm really digging the mysteries so far, the unseen adversary the Legion's up against, the murder of the king, the sabotage of the Zeta Platform and how they're all connected or not connected is really leaving me guessing. What Conner sees that he finds familiar has me wondering and wracking my brain on what would be familiar to him at the crime scene. I have some guesses but they seem pretty flimsy. Ugh, I remember the mysteries in past seasons being so much easier.

So it looks like a quintuple whammy of Garfield's trauma over the Markovia debacle, all that time stuck on the Bio-Ship, the pressures of leading the Outsiders, whatever's going on with him and Perdita, nearly losing J'onn and all those brain blasts have really done a number on him. And all of that nearly caused him to inadvertently kill Conner; Saturn Girl's right, kid really needs some therapy. In that scene in the mindscape, I was actually half-expecting "Monkey" to show up again. But the fact that M'gann has trouble identifying Saturn Girl's psychic presence and the fact that she was able to reach out to him while still underground. Have we seen telepath more powerful than M'gann?

Bio-Ship's nearing the end of her life? Man that's pretty sad, poor Forager is going to be heartbroken, now I'm really curious about their biology. Plus Wolf was shown getting on in years last season, I can't help but think we're going to lose both of our non-human companions this season. Still we've got Baby Bio-Ship (I'm calling her B.B.). So the ladies get spend the day crafting a canopy made of Crystal and the men have to craft an alter made of rock and molten lava? Seems a little unfair. Oh, and M'aat's speech about how Earth changed J'onn is easily my favorite line thus far. [/SPOILER]

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

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I've wondered about that as well. It'd make a good "Ask Greg" question.
Todd Jensen

"Tonight is the Hunter's Moon."

So, were Greg and Co. just wrong when they set Hunter's Moon on September 28? Given that that's only a week after the equinox, I'm pretty sure it would be the Harvest Moon.

Jurgan - [jurgan6 at yahoo dot com]

Wow, what an episode that was! Again, mostly disorganized thoughts that might be added onto later.

[SPOILER] I'm wondering if this means the Mars arc will be five episodes - seems like we have rather a lot to wrap up in just one more.

I love the argument scene with Em'ree and M'gann - the way it built through the episode was great, and now I'm really curious to see how this shakes out. Kinda feels like, whatever conflict we get with M'comm, Em'ree will be a part of resolving it, as a way for her to in some way showing that she's not a child anymore. And speaking of, I'm very curious to see if that 'I was only a child' line will come back, since so far it seems very rule of three. Set up a circumstance, establish it is a pattern, then break the pattern - maybe one of the parents saying they should have done better by their children, or one of them saying they're not children now and can do better?

Also, that bit where J'ann says that M'gann's humanoid form feels like her true one now - over the years I have heard trans and genderqueer friends who watched the show say they saw trans experiences in M'gann, and that to me felt like acknowledging that and trying to be affirming to those fans. I'm cis, so I'm only guessing there, but it did seem very sweet.

I also am getting very fond of the Legion. Of course I was already predisposed to like them, but that 'well, maybe we always intervened?' bit, and how Saturn Girl was very clear that Gar needed to actually go to therapy, did a lot to endear me to them. What's the point of time traveling heroes if they don't sneak around to try to make things better in plausibly deniable ways?

And from a plot perspective, I did notice how Saturn Girl said 'to the extent he's making choices at all' - so the future is aware Baazovi was mentally influencing Brion? That, and Halo's comment about how she's still mystified by Brion's choices, are pretty interesting. The feeling I'm getting is that the people closest to Brion - Halo, most likely Terra, potentially Superboy - did feel that something was off during the coup, but without evidence or another explanation or anything that couldn't be explained with 'well, sometimes you really don't know someone as well as you thought' it just stayed a feeling, something bothering at them. All of which is making me pretty curious to see what does happen in Markovia - though it'll be pretty funny if the first clue they get in s4 is Beast Boy going 'wait, that mystery person/time traveller/Saturn Girl* said something weird about Brion's choices, maybe we should look into that.'

* (well, who knows if they'll meet or how much they'll talk, I'm covering my bases) [/SPOILER]

Karrin Blue

So not really Gargoyles related, but anyone watch the 1969 movie The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes with Kurt Russell as the lead character Dexter Riley?

One of his friends and classmate named Henry (last name not given) is played by a 23 years old Frank Welker. Just found it interesting when I first watched the movie and recognized his voice.

Just cause compared to some VAs from Gargoyles, he doesn't appear as often in live action, barring ironically some voice acting (Stripes and Mohawk in the Gremlins films or the growls from young Spock in Star Trek III).


So, the titles of the next two episodes are out -
[SPOILER] 'Volatile' and 'Involuntary', making our acronym so far INVI. So I think there's a strong chance this is another secret message, like 'PREPARE THE ANTI LIFE EQUATION'. 'Invite' something? [/SPOILER]

Karrin Blue

SF Debris rereleased his reviews of "Awakening" and "Long Way to Morning."
They're definitely more humorous in style, but it apparently got a laugh from Greg when he first saw them.

You can check them out Here: https://www.sfdebris.com/videos/animation/gargoyles1.php


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Tonight is the Hunter's Moon.
Todd Jensen

For which episode did the voice recording of season 4 begin being done from home?

When I first saw the character, I kind of thought it sounded a bit like Thom Adcox doing the voice.

But I'm not making any assumptions with this show.

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

I totally agree the creepy "I like it" girl from the trailer is a Chaos Lord, either a new character or [SPOILER] a post-splat reconstituted Klarion. [/SPOILER]
The sword is the tool of a soldier, one who fights at the behest of others, a servant to the Power. The scepter, on the other hand, this is the totem of a true ruler.

Maybe, but I think Black Alice tends to be a very goth-punk character (if her name wasn't enough of a clue), so I'm not sure she'd be running around in sensible jeans and a yellow shirt, or without the pigtail undercut. I'd thought she might be June Moone, but in that case I'd expect her to be the one with green magic, not maybe-Khalid.

Actually, given how her magic color is yellow, she might be more closely associated with Order. I can't find any dark-haired teenage girl agents of theirs on a quick look, but that could just mean they took an unaffiliated character and, uh, affiliated them.

That girl could be Jemmy? It'd fit the pattern of taking incredibly minor comics characters and using them to fill a role for the plot, and it'd certainly be interesting to see more Sandman characters. I've definitely been wondering if the Mars mythology we get will mention L'Zoril.

Karrin Blue

You are correct I thought it was her but it was just the lighting, although after some digging around it may be a character called Black Alice who has the ability to copy other magical beings. And I think the little blonde girl is based on the character who appeared in the Sandman called Shivering Jemmy of the Shallow Brigade of Chaos. Comics are fun.
Kevin - [kevin dot nuckols at yahoo dot com]
Kevin Nuckols

The little blonde is most likely some kind of chaos entity, the pin on her jacket has the on-fire diamond symbol we saw on the poster (although hers is yellow instead of red.) Though I'm not sure the yellow shirt girl is Troia - when the characters are all KO'd her hair looks brown and Troia's is black. Plus Troia isn't really a spellcaster as far as we know, and most likely has a full time job being the UN leader.

Though if she is someone new, I'm pretty curious what her magical specialty is. Enhancing her physical abilities for fighting? If they've gotten some good fight choreographers then that could be pretty interesting.

Karrin Blue

Yeah I think it is Khalid with Traci 13 and Troia being the others. The punch she gave to Klarion makes me think it is her. And I believe the little girl at the end might be another Chaos Lord.
Kevin - [kevin dot nuckols at yahoo dot com]
Kevin Nuckols

Also - I think the male protégé we see behind Zatanna might actually be Khalid Nassour? It's hard to tell with the magic colors throwing things off, but what we see - a brown-skinned young man with thick dark hair and a blue hoodie - looks a lot like him. Actually, the colors remind me specifically of the cover of Doctor Fate Vol. 4 #4 - even down to the design of his shoes.

And the queue does seem to be filling up again, huh. Hopefully it won't get too out of hand this time. I'm glad I got mine in early.

Karrin Blue

It is indeed! It's going to be on Amazon Prime, scheduled to premiere this November. A few promos are already out, too.
Karrin Blue

MATTHEW - Is that an adaptation of the Robert Jordan series?
Todd Jensen

So I've been rewatching Dear White People and I was surprised to see that not only did Salli Richardson direct two episodes, she also has quite a number of directorial credits to her name. Heck she's directed two episodes of the upcoming Wheel of Time series as well.

Just makes me wonder what other talents I've missed among Greg's cast members.

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