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While not mentioned specifically in the credits I thought I recognized Jeff Bennett's voice in the Amphibia episode Sprig’s Birthday.

He voiced a character named Tyler who along with another previously appeared in Thai Feud. In this episode during their brief appearance [SPOILER] Tyler proposes to his boyfriend, but as a side effect of Anne and Sprig getting into trouble, didn't work out this time:-( [/SPOILER].


My NECA order arrived the day after Halloween -- so while it wasn't as quick as some other reports, that's pretty good timing, all things considered, hehe.

I'm very much ready to pre-order the other figures, but hey, with this fandom, the patience will never run out d:

Been reading all the reviews and all the newly answered questions, as usual -- I don't make it clear often enough how much I've been loving Young Justice, but I am. :)

Gus: "I always forget you're there." Hooty: "I forget I'm here toooooo."

So, How many of you have picked up the new Goliath figure?

Oh hey, more asks got answered!

...did people not know Jace was German? She drops in German words more than once, she calls Brion and Tara her kinder, and she seems like a pretty clear reference to the WW2 era trope of the German mad scientist. Just seemed like the kind of thing that went without saying.

Also, nice of the Light to give their enforcers dental. They probably give some good discounts at the LexMart too.

Karrin Blue

[SPOILER] I was wondering about that myself. I suppose it would be easy enough to just say all the heroes with lie-detector powers are busy with other crises. But if either Cassandra or Onyx are moles, you'd think the Light would have some contingency for that? [/SPOILER]

The sword is the tool of a soldier, one who fights at the behest of others, a servant to the Power. The scepter, on the other hand, this is the totem of a true ruler.

[SPOILER] The timetable for this arc is probably going to be very tight, a lot fit into a short time, but if they hold onto Cassandra and Onyx for more than a day or two, I hope they have some sort of explanation for if they're going to try and use more fantastical options to find out the truth. The telepaths might be out of the question - J'onn and M'gann are probably in transit or on Mars still, and even if they're back they and especially M'gann are probably not in a good frame of mind for delicate psychic analytics, and Lia is both inexperienced and probably has her own trauma around the Shadows that'd make asking her a very very last resort, and I already mentioned Cass Cain, but couldn't someone ask Zatanna for a Zone of Truth? Or sending footage of them talking to Batman so he can do that microexpressions reading, or just asking to borrow the Lasso of Truth for an hour or two? Obviously those aren't infallible - the old 'what they BELIEVE is true might not actually be the case' - but if they have enough time between dramatic setpieces to call people up, it'd be nice to know why they don't. And it could be good foreshadowing too - like, giving us an early hint of what Zatanna's plot will be about, if they say she can't make any time even for something this critical. Or something like that. One of the things I've loved about YJ is how characters share information and rely on each other, without so much of the 'we have to handle this OURSELVES' territorialism, so... well we'll see. And of course all these four episodes might happen in just the next day or two, in which case any other characters just might not have time to make it over there before the problem's wrapped up. Who knows! [/SPOILER]

Karrin Blue

Oh yes, a few more notes

[SPOILER] I absolutely loved the flashbacks to Jade and Artemis as kids - that scene of Jade defending her was great, and of course Crusher is still the very worst. I might have to go and check to see if that scene of Jade leaving is the same footage as in Homefront or if they did a frame by frame redo, to use slightly updating mode. The audio is certainly the same, and it'd save them money to reuse the exact same footage, but it did seem a little different in small details... hm. And that scene of Jade on the bus - yknow, it's dramatic at and all, but a part of me is still pretty amused Jade threatened that guy with a whole sai instead of a switchblade or something.

Also, I thought this might be the case before, but wasn't sure - Tara does seem to have taken Brion's dramatic costume shift. In the comics, he started with an earth tone costume like hers, but after her death and after finding out she was a traitor, he couldn't bring himself to wear those same colors anymore, it was too painful. So his teammates gave him a new one, in the colors of Markovia's flag. It's very interesting that Terra got his look on a meta level (their roles seem to be switching back and forth - it'll be very interesting to see what happens when they eventually collide), and in universe, the princess exiled specifically for not supporting his claim to the throne wearing Markovia's flag colors is quite a pointed political statement. We know there's been refugees from Markovia into Vlatava - I wonder if any of them decided to go live near their exiled monarchs, and what kind of relation Tara and Gregor have with them, and what those back in the old high country think about all this. I know it might not happen this season, if every core team member is getting a four-episode arc, that doesn't leave much room for the Markov drama, but I hope to at least get a few tidbits to tide me over until season 5. [/SPOILER]

Karrin Blue

Well, this is a fine dilemma we're in...

[SPOILER] No, really, I think this is a very clever way to use the mole subplots of the last three seasons. Of course the Light is going to want to put someone in to spy - and of course, after ten years of this, the Team members are all well aware of what's going on. So instead of 'who's the mole' and 'who knows they're the mole' and 'what are they here to do' we're in on it from the beginning along with our POV characters.

I do really hope both Onyx and Cassandra have or are going to make a face turn - from an out of universe perspective, Onyx is a hero, and that 'it would be quite the scandal' line from Tara sure does tie Cassandra much more solidly to the most well known of Vandal's kids, Scandal Savage, another antiheroine.

Cassandra's story does seem to have some holes in it, though. As Algae said, it seems weird that Vandal would give his kid a 'warning' in that way - and he did strike me as the sort of person who'd use that he never seriously hurt his kids, and killed them 'mercifully', as a way to justify his actions to himself. But by that same token, if Cassandra did lose the arm on a shadow mission, it seems like it healed rather messily, and I'd expect the Shadows to take good care of their 'weapons' - especially when the agent is Vandal's current favorite daughter, and not giving her the best treatment available would probably not go well. And that purpling and swelling isn't what I'd expect from an arm that got bitten off by Killer Croc, either.

It's also interesting to me that neither Onyx nor Cassandra brought up her facial injury. While it's possible that Cassandra in s3 had some kind of prosthetic (we only ever saw her in her training and BIF suits), she certainly had both eyes - and we know that the Team knows that, and the Light too, because she took her helmet off while Batman was watching, and that's how they knew Tara had faked washing out. The Team might not know that Olympia had already died by then, but possibly they could put it together from her 'I have - observed that' line. But either way, it certainly seems that Cassandra's story is that she lost the arm as a 'warning', and Onyx's is that she lost it fighting Croc - neither answers what's up with her eye. Onyx's story holds up a bit better, since we know less about her, but that does also make her seem a bit too good to be true. And on a narrative complexity level, the first explanation we got being the true one does seem a bit too easy.

Hm. And the noodle truck full of Shadows did feel like a setup, of course. But really, the characters being aware it might be does so much to help this plot. They're considering all possibilities, and it's also fun to see who's taking it what way. Spoiler sees Cassandra through her own experience with her dad, but her relationship with her father was never good, so she may not know how loyal Cassandra was; meanwhile Roy continues to be rather callous and of the view that when you're raised 'bad' you stay that way. And Will is in a down mood over Cheshire. I did also notice that Artemis asked Cass Cain her thoughts, but from the perspective of her time as a Shadow - not about Cass' signature skill of being able to tell when people are lying. Does she not have this skill in YJ? Do the other characters not know yet? Or do they know, and just assume it goes without saying? Hopefully no telepaths accidentally messed with her head before s4 started...

Wow there's a lot going on. It can't be Thursday again quick enough. On the rest of the episode - I do have a lot of thoughts on this, but they're less organized. In no order - I have no idea who that guy Artemis was going on a date with, but I'm pretty doubtful he'll stick around. But I don't think that's a bad thing- when the characters only date in-Team, and every relationship is a huge dramatic Thing, it can feel rather insular, and not very true to life either. Having the characters have lives outside the squad, and having them have casual carnival dates that don't lead anywhere, feels more nuanced and real.

It absolutely broke my heart to see Kaldur and Dick's faces at the house, and how Artemis knew right away what had happened. That credits scene, too - when we got the next four titles, I went and wrote up some ideas on what might be signified by each reference (the lady and the tiger being about trusting people whose motives you don't know to make an impossible choice, I know why the caged bird sings being about freedom and hope of freedom, Alice through the looking glass being both the sequel to Wonderland and a book about the world being turned backwards, up being down and wrong being right) - but I expected Two Cities to be mostly there for the wordplay about two sisters, and thought the little bits of it we saw in the episode were just title drops. More fool me when Artemis uses it as her eulogy for Conner. And Dick and Kaldur by the memorials - ouch.

Also interesting to see that Paula has reconciled herself somewhat to Artemis being a hero - and that, while she really doesn't seem to have much hope for Jade, she still is the one Jade trusted to signal her if something went wrong. It's a very fascinating family - especially compared to the al Ghuls. I'm not sure what to read into Cheshire getting a job offer from Sensei, either. There's something going on there and I'm not sure what. Does he want her to help teach Damian? And Talia, whoof. Nothing lets you know a kid's going to news therapy like the mom saying he'll never need a therapist. And Jason is still being the Red Hooded Babysitter - that penny's got to drop sometime, and I can't wait to see what it hits on the way down.

Uh, what else, what else. Mist is on the Team, that's cool - it also looks like someone got her a costume that'll phase with her, thank goodness. It was pretty creepy how she didn't have anything like that before - the pan up on her being frozen naked in Triptych always seemed in poor taste to me, especially with her being fifteen or so (though Halo getting a sheet for her in the background was cute.) Interesting too that she and Livewire are on different squads - I hope we can get a scene or two where we can see how that's impacted their relationship.

I'm very excited for next week! The banter we got was great (as was the moment when I realized the clipboard breaking wasn't just a gag about how much Will loves his clipboard - he was using that to spoil Shadow attacks for half the fight, of course one of them just got really annoyed at that freaking clipboard and wanted to smash it) but I hope we can get some more illuminating conversations with Cassandra and Onyx. I really do want them both to join up, they're delightful so far. And in an out of universe sense - women who have builds like Cassandra are very rarely heroes, and characters generally, especially women characters, and ESPECIALLY women heroes, almost never have disabilities or injuries that don't look pretty and clean and neat. It'd be nice to have a heroic woman on the Team who's got some visible, not-cute marks of what she's survived, who just... is around, is a hero. Especially if they retain Scandal being a queer woman, and if they balance Cassandra's skill and competence with her being actually disabled and needing accommodations, or needing to fight a particular way or have tools made a certain way. A lot of times in comics heroes with disabilities just get them erased by magical tech or being Just That Good, and that can be rather disheartening sometimes. So... well, this all is going to depend a lot on what happens in the next three episodes, and maybe past that, so I don't want to put the cart before the horse too much. If that's possible after this massive wall of text. [/SPOILER]

But yeah! What an episode, geez.

Karrin Blue

I saw a question about monarchies the other day on Ask Greg, insinuating in a constitutional monarchy the monarch isn't the head of state. This isn't accurate, in the largest constitutional monarchies in our modern world. That is: Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the UK and so forth, Queen Elizabeth II* is the head of state. In fact she has all the same powers on paper as the US President has in the US. She's not really permitted to exercise those powers (and as a staunch constitutionalist she never would), but she has them.

*Incidentally, fun fact. The reason she is Queen Elizabeth *the Second* and not just Queen Elizabeth the First, since Queen Elizabeth the first was never queen of Scotland or Wales and the United Kingdom didn't exist at the time (though she was Queen of Ireland and QE2 isn't) is because of a rule Winston Churchill made when Queen Elizabeth II was coronated, that all the monarchs of England and Scotland would "count" as it were. So if there were to be a King James today, he wouldn't be King James III/VIII he would simply be James VIII.

There's your random monarchy history lesson for the day.

Alex (Aldrius)

[SPOILER] Random thoughts:

-Heavy. So heavy. This is a rough one to get through.
-The transition back to Earth was a bit jarring, but pretty effective.
-LOVE Keone Young so much. He has such a rich, deep voice.
-IIRC Cassandra Savage was really just more or less an excuse to outline Vandal Savage's backstory last season, so it'll be cool to see her here.
-This take on Talia is all right, I feel like she's a tough character to get right. I think it was really only her first B:TAS appearance where I thought they kinda did anything interesting with her.
-Watching the League of Shadows ninjas using machine guns is odd, but kinda funny. The whole fight just reeks of a set up to me. Even Cassandra's arm strikes me as a method of making her story more plausible. Part of me feels like... this is all a distraction from something else. It doesn't matter if the team trusts either of them or not, the light just wants them in position to do... something.
-Sportsmaster is so silly. He can be very intimidating and sinister and I love his role in the show, but he's such a weird concept.
-I am all for as much Kelly Hu as possible, so I hope this ending is setting up more stories for Cheshire. [/SPOILER]

Alex (Aldrius)

So a correction, [SPOILER] I put down that the supposed story for how Cassandra lost her arm was trying to recruit Icicle Jr. when in fact it was Killer Croc. I think what I did was initially misheard it as Killer Frost and then when I started writing the last post I got it mixed up and just wrote the first ice-themed villain I could think of.
One thing I didn't mention was the whole conversation about the legacies and who switches sides and who stays on board. A good reminder on just how many second and third generation Masks are out there. And got to give credit to Zehra Fazal, we already saw how contemptible Talia could be in the tie-in comics but just one conversation here and I already dislike her. [/SPOILER]

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

This question in Unanswered Questions stood out for me: "Do Roy and Jim consider Lian as a niece (considering they've meet her at all) since the Harper trio essentially have a brotherly relationship with each other?"

Considering that she is *literally* their niece in a genetic, non-optional sense, I should hope so.

B - [brownie2 at buffalo dot edu]

[SPOILER] I'm skeptical that Vandal would punish Cassandra in a such a way to make her LESS good at killing things. [/SPOILER]
The sword is the tool of a soldier, one who fights at the behest of others, a servant to the Power. The scepter, on the other hand, this is the totem of a true ruler.

Thank you for sharing this. This is my first time to come across this website, it's very interesting ! Will explore a bit more
Michael Lee - [sydwallpapering at gmail dot com]

One mystery ends and another begins, such is the nature of Young Justice.

So my thoughts on "Tale of Two Sisters" [SPOILER] So with this title and the reveal of the titles for the next three episode we have "INVITATI" so chances are we might be getting something along the lines "Invitation only" but I'm just guessing. And looks like this season will be laid out in 4-part stories rather than the 3-part from last season.
So instead of a telling this story at the same as the Mars drama we're skipping straight to the fallout of it. That's certainly interesting and it does make for a much more emotional story. And yeah, I can only imagine how much this is hurting Artemis and is probably going to be a big factor for her choices in the future. Though whether those are going to be right choices is up in the air. But I think at this point she's starting to get pretty desperate for something to go right for the heroes, hence the charade to get Jade back home.
I actually think this is a pretty unique situation, the Trojan Horse from season 1 didn't exactly work so now there's two equally opportune yet equally suspicious defectors here. On the one hand, Onyx seems desperate enough and her comic book counterpart did defect to the side of good. And we've seen the doubt and nobler side of Cassandra. But I can't help but wonder, is Onyx's part made to help ingratiate Cassandra to the heroes? She may be a pawn in a larger scheme and not even know it. Especially when you consider the fact Icicle Jr. is a stable part of Queen Bee's Onslaught so they wouldn't have to recruit him. And a dark part of me wonders if Cassandra's devotion to her father is so great she voluntarily maimed herself to sell this illusion. Or whether the whole thing is a double bluff. Ah, the wonders of wild speculation. [/SPOILER]

And to wrap up. I really need to read up on my Dickins and I've come to the conclusion that if Will had access to a full set of office supplies he could overthrow all of the Light singlehandedly.

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

So finished seeing the Season 2 finale of Stargirl. The ending introduces [SPOILER] Mr. Bones who is voiced by Keith David [/SPOILER].

Also [SPOILER] the Young Sheldon episode included an appearance by Bill Fagerbakke as his fellow Coach star Craig T. Nelson had been on the show for a while [/SPOILER].


Oh, in the last Critical Role, the cast actually plugged the Gargoyles board game as it was their sponsor for that episode. Which is really cool considering hw many viewers the show has.

So if you'd like to see some of the cast members of Critical Role advertise the game, do some bad New York accents and mispronounce Eliza's name you can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWOivwWvtt0 Ad begins at 4:00.

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

So I came across this youtube video on Gargoyles the other day, theorizing on the possibility of the various Gargoyle clans inbreeding. What stood out to me wasn't the video itself but the sheer number of comments correcting the misconceptions, many of them coming from Greg's responses. Just goes to show how much fans care if they can remember questions answered from years ago.

Anyway, the video in question is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWnvcrz23MI

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

And to answer Antiyonder's question from last week, Goliath strikes me as focused more on classic literature of the "stand-alone" variety than series of the Harry Potter variety ([SPOILER] the Cynthia Coven series is clearly the "Amphibia" counterpart of Harry Potter ]/SPOILER]). But for all we know, Elias or someone else might introduce him to a certain series, so we can't say for certain.
Todd Jensen

Feliz día de los Muertos!
Karrin Blue

Next was November, he full gross and fat,
s fed with lard, and that right well might seem;
For he had been a-fatting hogs of late,
That yet his brows with sweat did reek and steam,
and yet the season was full sharp and breem;
In planting eke he took no small delight,
Whereon he rode, not easy was to deem;
For it a dreadful Centaur was in sight,
The seed of Saturn and fair Nais, Chiron hight.

Edmund Spenser, "The Faerie Queene"

Todd Jensen

So on one Saturday morning, two Disney Channel titles had an LGBT acknowledgement.

- Amphibia "Fixing Frobo" [SPOILER] Polly looking for online help to repair her friend finds a video from two I.T. Girls. The summary reads and spoken by Polly is "Two girlfriends who really love robots". Even has a pride flag on their title. Also https://mobile.twitter.com/oh_heyyy_andy/status/1454603246929014786. [/SPOILER]

- The Ghost and Molly McGee "Mazel Tov Libby/No Good Deed" [SPOILER] One of Molly and Libby's teachers is dancing with a woman in the first half. In the second half when she and the other two teachers end up in jail, she is about to call so her wife (refers to her as such) will know that she's going to be late for dinner, well before her cellphone is confiscated. [/SPOILER]