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Oh and I do have to say that sentient equines making a horse noise when being freed from stone form, yeah I buy that.

Also from time to time as Sunday strips take a break from whatever is going on in a story, I like to insert some friendly smart ass meta comments especially in regards to how Phoebe and Marigold have been friends for a short decade while.

I'll look for the source, but [SPOILER] apparently Phoebe will be getting a 10th birthday this year. Half expecting for her to suggest that it feels like she's been 9 for about 10 years [/SPOILER].


Sorry, but:

1. This isn't "Ask Greg". (It's unsettling how many people who've posted here have assumed it is.)

2. Greg Weisman doesn't look at unsolicited ideas and proposals.

Todd Jensen

Dear Greg Weisman,
I am a fan of yours. I like your The Spectacular Spider-Man (TV series). I would like you to create a TV show called Spider-Man Friend or Foe based on the video game with same name. Perhaps this TV show should be for ages 10 and up. The stars of the TV show are Team Friend or Foe. The Leader of the Team is Spider-Man. The team members are The Sinister 60 including The 88 zodiac team(a team with in a team). The 88 zodiac team are named after the 88 constellations and derive their powers from the 88 constellations. The enemy is the invasion of the P.H.A.N.T.O.M.s (Perpetual Holographic Avatar Nano-Tech Offensive Monsters).

EDC5 - [vale-iodides0d at icloud dot com]

True, just that reversing the spell is easy in this case.

ANTIYONDER - Thank you, though shouldn't that have been "The spell is broken" rather than "The spell is undone"?
Todd Jensen

Todd Jensen> https://www.gocomics.com/phoebe-and-her-unicorn/2022/03/12

So due to what happened in this arc, I commented with a similar Gargoyles reference from DuckTales 2017.


Discovered a book at the library that might appeal to at least some "Gargoyles" fans: "The Accidental Alchemist" by Gigi Pandian. It's about an immortal alchemist (or former alchemist; long story) named Zoe Faust (her surname is an alias - but she did have that Faust in mind when she assumed it) who's just moved to Portland, Oregon, only to find that a living gargoyle has moved in with her. His name's Dorian Robert-Houdin, and he's an excellent chef with a fondness for classic detective fiction (as in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie). Unlike our gargs, he's a kind of architectural gargoyle brought to life (by Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin, a real nineteenth century French stage magician) - and he and Zoe get involved in a murder mystery. It's quite enjoyable.
Todd Jensen

How do you feel about capitalizing "human?"

All I know is my elementary school teachers wouldn't approve.

Friendly CIA Spook
Making sure you don't know about the Stargate in the St. Louis Arch, the giant robots beneath Mt. Rushmore, or the list of known mutants in professional baseball.

I wonder how Goliath and his clan, for that matter, would feel about the question of whether "gargoyles" should be capitalized - though I suspect that they must see it as a minor issue compared with everything else going on in their lives.
Todd Jensen

Awesome, I was thinking it was going to premiere some time in April.
[SPOILER] The appearance of Ocean-Master is interesting, since we know Xebel is due to show up it could be a flashback to his incarceration. Of course with a name like Phantoms we could also be getting a ghostly appearance. Necromancy has shown up in Aquaman comics from time to time. [/SPOILER]

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

We have a premiered date!
Kaldur's arc will kick off March 31st! It's interesting Ocean-Master is there when he's been dead for at least a year - maybe it's a copycat? [/SPOILER]

Karrin Blue

I think the capitalization question depends whether we're using "gargoyle" to refer to the species or the culture.
"Books are the real treasures of the world!"

I think Demona is indifferent on the capitalization issue; if she gets her way, there won't be any humans around to write things on gargoyles that might need capitalizing or not.
Todd Jensen

Antiyonder> Can't see the harm in including it as part of the trivia since it's an interesting tidbit. And the wiki already has an extensive connection to Star Trek so it would kinda fit.

As for the capitalization, I actually just ran into that problem myself. I'm currently writing up a review/analysis of "Legion" and I completely forgot on whether I chaptalized the word "gargoyles" when referring to the group or species. I actually had to look at my past reviews just to clarify it.

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

1. Not sure if this would merit inclusion on even the Team Atlantis section of the wiki due to lack of actual Gargoyles connection.

But an episode they started making, but went uncompleted included George Takei in a role: https://www.s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/search.php?qid=25629

2. Don't know if she would care either way, but do you think Demona would insist on the word gargoyles being capitalized regardless of how it's used?


The closest I get to listening to music is when the local PBS station airs something involving classical music (it's periodically aired a lovely program during pledge drives called "Yellowstone Symphony", featuring the sights of Yellowstone National Park to various pieces of classical music).

Found this piece on "Gargoyles" last week:


What most stood out to me about it was how it focused, not just on the Shakespearean characters in the series, but the themes as well.

Todd Jensen

Something I don't see much here is the subject of music.
What's everyone listening to these days? Personally I've been enjoying the album released alongside of Kamigawa Neon Dynasty.

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.