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Does anyone know where I can find "decent" scans of Volume 1 of the SLG comics? I own those issues separately but I never got around to guy the trade paperback. I can't afford the price asked on Amazon.

ANTIYONDER - Yes, I'd noticed [SPOILER] the Stone Sleepers as well; the Boiling Isles' version of the gargoyles' prehistoric ancestors? [/SPOILER]
Todd Jensen

Oh yeah, while unfortunately it is wishful thinking, a particular creature from the episode are [SPOILER] Stone Sleepers who turn to stone when sleeping [/SPOILER].

So I'll probably give some speculation takes next week, but on a minor note for the episode Elsewhere and Elsewhen we get a reveal.

[SPOILER] Lilith is a cool aunt. [/SPOILER]

But also, [SPOILER] Belos [/SPOILER] is really [SPOILER] GRANNY GOODNESS [/SPOILER]!!!!!!

Ok, [SPOILER] Belos being Philip becomes more canon. And yes I might have been invoking a running gag by Linkara [/SPOILER].


I can guess how tall he is (I've had the good fortune to meet him in person) but I really don't know if that's something I should share. Personal information and all that.
When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

Is Greg Weisman's height listed anywhere? I tried Google and the archives to no luck. I also want to ask how tall Greg is compared to Lexington approximately (like maybe Lex is up to Greg's shoulders when Lex stands straight or something).
Enzy - [enzeruanimefan at gmail dot com]

Todd Jensen> Yep.

ANTIYONDER - To make certain I'm understanding you correctly - "The Owl House"'s third season will be a group of specials rather than regular episodes?
Todd Jensen

So, I'm a bit behind on Owl House, but:

[SPOILER] Just because Star Vs did a 'magic goes away' and 'the worlds are merged' ending which disappointed people, does not mean that any show that does that kind of ending will also be disappointing, or that doing a 'worlds are merged' story automatically means it has to be 'the magic goes away' as well. Doing one doesn't mean you have to do the other - and the reason Star Vs' ending left people cold wasn't because of the abstract concept of merging worlds, it was because that ending felt like it came out of nowhere and had some pretty grim unaddressed implications vis-a-vis all the magic-dependent characters we'd come to care about and things like 'wait what if someone was just on a different planet for a trip, are they stranded there now?' Owl House has been setting up its endgame for a while (if nothing else, the fact that people can see this ending coming when Star Vs' blindsided people would be a good sign there's a cohesive plan here) and has presumably put a lot of thought into this. [/SPOILER] Basically, the old axiom that there's no bad story ideas, only bad executions, applies here. If every time a story disappointed some people, its tropes became off-limits, there'd be very few stories left!

Karrin Blue

So I will likely go into more thoughts on the matter if we do more discussion, but The Owl House. We got the beginning of the second half of Season 2 and have 3 specials lefts finishing as a Season 3.

So any ideas as to how anyone expects the last portion to play out?

1. Heard of it due to the disappointment, but iffy on the idea they would willing repeat what was done with Star VS which I still look to watch and figure knowing the disappointing outcome makes is bearable?

But as to why some argued it wouldn't work [SPOILER] is that the show apparently treated say magic as depending on the point in series as a force of nature or something only used by the privileged individuals. TOH tends to be consistent with magic being about self-expression and freedom so it would really hurt the story to suggest merging realms was good [/SPOILER].

2. Hard to always be sure what will fly or sink on the Disney Channel, especially tone wise.

But people have likened it to various Isekai anime and the hero(es) going to an alternate world and making new friends eventually have to leave said world & friends behind. Using Digimon Adventures (the original one), there's tension and drama throughout, but they never touch upon say the eventual parting until the end of the story.

Could probably be wrong, but yeah TOH since even Really Small Problems has seen the characters believing that Luz might not be able to stay on the Boiling Isles, even before the means of traveling between worlds was lost to them.

So really it seems like Luz and to an extent the audience is being set up to expect a downer or bittersweet ending.

Basically I'm expecting Luz and company to come out with a hopeful end, just that the road to said ending requires PAIN!:-D.

Well that was longer than expected. Thoughts so far?


Huh, you know, I hadn't noticed no one calls Barbara 'Babs' in YJ. I guess I'm so used to it I assumed someone had said it sometime. Neat! Also, 8 days to the new episodes! Can't wait to see Atlantis again, before the plot happens to it.
Karrin Blue

Which suggests that maybe it's just as well that "Gargoyles" never got a movie adaptation....
Todd Jensen

Todd Jensen> Now your recent post got me thinking. If Gargoyles did get a movie and it wasn't handled with care, [SPOILER] I would half expect one liberty taken to be Broadway gun crazy, cause all sorts of damage or worse. And to add more unintended insult to injury, declaring himself to be a Deadly Force upon crime [/SPOILER].

How's that for a sudden creativity demon?


So I was having a conversation the other day on family history (this would be my half-sister's history rather than my own) and about how her relatives fled Greece during World War II.

This got me thinking, we know very little about Petros' backstory, only the basics. But he's the right age that he could've lived through the Nazi's occupation or have fought with the resistance or even have fled before the occupation. It's a fascinating (if dark and depressing) part of history and I feel that there's more to learn from Xanatos' dad.

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

I wonder what Broadway and Lexington's accessories will be. I just hope they're not planning to make one of Broadway's accessories Elisa's gun from "Deadly Force". That would feel in extremely poor taste.
Todd Jensen

Just pre-ordered Brooklyn!! (I know it'll take the better part of a year for him to arrive; I'm still waiting for my pre-ordered Thailog . . . but wooo, it still totally beats the anxiety from trying to find Demona at several Targets throughout the valley the last couple weeks).

Good things to those who wait and all that.

[SPOILER] I veeeeerry much enjoyed that skeleton. HOOT! [/SPOILER]

Gus: "I always forget you're there." Hooty: "I forget I'm here toooooo."

GargWiki updated the NECA Gargoyles action figure page with information on Brooklyn's action figure; its accessories include the torn pages from the Grimorun (I hadn't thought of that, but it's certainly appropriate), sunglasses (that accessory I had expected), and a sword (the one he picked up on his first Timedancer adventure?).

ANTIYONDER - [SPOILER] So the skeleton from Luz's "phone tour" of the Foiling Isles was Hooty? I hadn't guessed that; I thought it was just another odd creature. [/SPOILER]

Todd Jensen

With all the little holidays we've discussed recently I completely forgot about a little one I was hoping to remember: March 14th, Albert Einstein's birthday.

The only holiday Lex Luthor allows himself, and on which he won't even come up with schemes to attack Superman, according to some old Silver Age comic I can't recall fully at the moment.

Well, drat.

Friendly CIA Spook
Making sure you don't know about the Stargate in the St. Louis Arch, the giant robots beneath Mt. Rushmore, or the list of known mutants in professional baseball.

Second and enjoy TOH and Amphibia's return as well.

Anyone enjoy the sight of [SPOILER] Hooty's skeleton [/SPOILER]?:-D


So one commenter asked why clothing seems to turn to stone along with the individual wearing it. I took the opportunity to plug in obscure Gargoyles trivia.



Hope everyone had a pleasant Equinox. :)

Also, I very much enjoyed the Saturday's return of both The Owl House and Amphibia (I'm finally current!!)

Gus: "I always forget you're there." Hooty: "I forget I'm here toooooo."