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When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

March 31, 2022 was the day Young Justice died. It wasn't bad enough that they waste running time on preaching politics but now they officially submitted to social media trends and validate mental disorders as a way of like?!?! THEY/THEM? THEY/THEM?? Greg and Brandon need to log the fuck off Twitter and go back to focus on a MOTHERFUCKING SUPERHERO SHOW!!!! That scene with Halo felt so disgusting, cringe-worthy and contrived I almost gagged. Ten years from now that dialog will have aged HORRIBLY. Mark my words.

To think this will be Weisman's longest running show. (Make no mistake, there's no chance he'll make 100 episodes on another show.)

This guy is so insecure and desperate for acceptance that he's actively trying to please to EVERYONE! For his sake, I hope these mentally disabled people whom he is pandering to are big in numbers and have a HBO account, because you'll absolutely need them to support your show now. KeepBingingYJ? Pass. Next!

YJ sadly joins the ranks to those shows cancelled too soon but were better off staying cancelled.

RIP Young Justice. You had two good seasons.

No longer a fan

[SPOILER] Yeah, that'd be good! Putting power in the hands of the people and all.

And (re: Bart) - maybe! I got the feeling that one had the bare minimum of functions and burned most of them out, but if all the Legionnaires need to do is go back a few more months, maybe it'll work for them? I doubt the writers will actually undo this timeline - it's not impossible to pull it off well, but it runs a high risk of feeling like all the arcs about grief were wasted. So... guess we'll see on Thursday! [/SPOILER]

Karrin Blue

[SPOILER] They may want to ask permission to access his time machine because they might actually know how to repair his.

If Kaldur is chosen I think it would be a great moment of character development if instead of taking on more responsibility takes a moment and realizes he really does need to take a moment for himself and abdicates from the position. Maybe encouraging a more democratic approach for the citizens of Atlantis. [/SPOILER]

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

[SPOILER] Also, Superman took the whole "we're from the future and need your help" thing pretty well in stride. He didn't want any details about them trying to save Superboy? Why Superboy's death is such a big deal to future people? Where they were at the UN building, or whether they've got details about who killed him on Mars? [/SPOILER]
Friendly CIA Spook
Hey, I'm just saying, Cap, if I were God, I'd still want a starship. Just to enjoy driving it. Or to impress women. You know.

[SPOILER] As much as I love Kaldur, and how I do love to see him get recognized for his skill and ability in universe, I worry that him becoming king of Atlantis would be just another responsibility he feels he can't turn away from. At this point it seems like what he needs is a good vacation, and to not be the one everything rests on, and becoming king might just be another escalation of that, or the straw that breaks his back. That's part of why I'm hoping it's Mera; she's not so overwhelmed already, and she knows how to keep the balance between her duty and her health in a way I'm not sure Kaldur does, yet. Kaldur's reward for digging the best ditches has been a bigger shovel foe a while, to paraphrase PTerry, and while hero work definitely fulfills him, he seriously needs a breather.

I'm also really curious to see what the Legionnaires want to talk to Bart about! Specifically, I mean. Unfortunately I doubt Bart is up too much on the nitty gritty of time travel; he's smart, but his time machine was a lot less advanced than theirs, and I suspect he had no idea whether he was going to paradox himself out of existence back in S2, he just thought it was worth rolling those dice. But maybe he remembers enough to help them repair theirs? He did build it out of junk, he's got to have some ideas for where to start. [/SPOILER]

Karrin Blue


K N E E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

... invitation to kneecap surgery. Of course! Why didn't I see it before?

Friendly CIA Spook
Hey, I'm just saying, Cap, if I were God, I'd still want a starship. Just to enjoy driving it. Or to impress women. You know.

And finally, here's episode 16 "Deep Dive"

[SPOILER] Poor Conner, he's now reached the hallucination part of loneliness, still it is always great to see Jason back as Wally. Speaking of increasing mental problems, the intervention could've gone better. Virgil and Jaime are trying to do positive reinforcement (not very well mind you), Robot Man and M'gann went through just as many things as he has. Actually, I think I liked Cassie's response the best, calling out the fact that his trauma doesn't give him the right to be cruel and dismissive to others. Considering Em'ree had to give some pretty cutting remarks to get a catharsis from M'gann, I can only imagine what Black Canary is going to say. Unless of course Beast Boy decides to just quit everything, but that might mean he'd have to go back to living with Mento.

So when I first saw New Orm unmasked I just figured that he was another Atlantean physically and mentally altered to believe he was Orm. But a clone? I guess the grey around his eyes might the genomorph side of him showing. But that does lead to the big question, to what end was he cloned? We haven't heard anything from Cadmus since season 1 and we still don't know if the Light's dabbling in cloning.

And then there's Arion, whether he's the real deal, what's his deal in the first place. For a guy who likes to make dramatic entrances, he sure was in a hurry to disappear from the public eye with Chian. To what purpose? Is it to secure his position before Kaldur and his team find the crown? To use Arthur's search for the crown as a way to cast doubt among the populace, maybe use this to claim that that Arthur is using the search to try and hold onto his rule?

And then there's the prophecy, the wording of it never suggests that Arion is going to be crowned once more, but that one of the three will be crowned. But there were four present at the calamity, Arion, Mera, Orm and Kaldur. Could it be that our new Aquaman could be the next king of Atlantis? Guess we'll find out next thursday. [/SPOILER]

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

So here are my thoughts on Episode 15, "Ebb Tide"

[SPOILER] I'm glad we finally get some context on the Legionnaires and their mission, though something that supposed to take place ten years from now? Man, Greg certainly is playing the long game. I do like the ambiguity of their situation, whether anything's actually changed or if they've absorbed so much chronitons that they're unaffected to temporal shifts, leaves for more mysteries to be solved. I can't help but wonder if the "Superboy" from their history might end up being Jon Kent in this history, more speculation I guess. Also pretty smart to go for Bart, I can only imagine how the other time traveler is going to react to all of this.

I liked that we dived deeper into the problems of Atlantean wealth disparity, Arthur strikes me as the kind of person who might not have encouraged the economic imbalance between the city-states, but there's no denying that he's prospered because he was born to the "right" one. This and the previous episode bringing up how uncomfortable he is about it, thanking the representatives for directing it but not knowing exactly how to deal with it makes him a pretty nuanced character.

Then there's the matter of the prophecy, I'll go into more detail when I cover the next episode but as Arthur concludes, the first part of the prophecy is wrapped up a little too neatly. But there's no way that any villain could've planned around Child's appearance and the Red Tide she created. As Kaldur put it, this just raises a thousand more questions. And that's not even getting into Vandal's interest in whatever the Psy-backs are, nor whatever Project Thrinos is. [/SPOILER]

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

Not something I typically do...my fanfics tend toward the sprawling, massive epic side of things, LOL.

But "Nautical Twilight" really got my mental juices flowing, and resulted in this short drabble.


If it's your cup of tea, feel free to give a look. If not, no worries. Ultimately just something I felt I needed to put onto the page based on that final scene.

Masterdramon - [kmc12009 at mymail dot pomona dot edu]
"My mission is to make everyone happy by singing." - Vivy

To Alex Easton have you tried a VPN you could get HBO Max that way and watch all the episodes so far.

And to Matt's Elisa/Eliza thing the Maza name makes it sound alliterative and you could also maybe give some good feedback to the review instead of nitpicking people get my name wrong all the time and I just roll with it.

Kevin - [kevin dot nuckols at yahoo dot com]
Kevin Nuckols

I would love to get excited about Season 4 of Young Justice, but here in Australia we’re still waiting for Season 3! I’d even settle for having to buy the season from a streamer like Amazon Prime if it’s not going to be released on one of the main platforms, but I can’t even do that!

Seriously, since Season 3 was released in the US, we in Australia have had half the country burn down, grow back, and then flood. We’ve had a global pandemic (and the joy of Ted Cruz advocating an invasion of our country because we failed to die en-masse) and now some nut in Europe is trying to start WWIII. We’ve seen horrors unbound, but we have no clue whether Wally made it back from the speed force in Young Justice!

It’s starting to feel like Western civilisation will have to collapse, rebuild itself, and collapse again before it gets here! Please tell me it ain’t so!

Alex Easton - [Alexeaston at hotmail dot com]

Thanks Todd, if only I did the same work before publishing something.
Anyway, my thoughts on episode 14 "Nautical Twilight"

[SPOILER] I don't know about the rest of you, but I would've been happy if this whole arc was just on Atlantean geopolitics. The subject is quite fascinating and the conflicts between the various kingdoms remind me a lot of real world history, after next week's episode I'm probably going to ask Greg about the inspiration of this plot point.

So something occurred to me, among the delegates we see at the conference. Except for Calvin, the representatives are all former classmates of Kaldur and from what we can guess, are all members of high Atlantean society. This makes me wonder if the Conservatory of Sorcery...let's say "traditionally" has been used for teaching the nobility or higher-end children of the ocean, like a magical prep school. It would suggest that there's a much more distinct class divide than even just the distribution of wealth in the city-states.

Nice that we have some follow ups, like La'gaan being in a committed relationship (Polyamorous too! Never see that back in CN). Wyynde's past as a purist has not been forgotten nor forgiven among the more non-human Atlanteans, which is good. Actions having consequences has been a staple of this series.

The conversation between Madia and Halo is nice and I'm personally glad that she and Samad were able to get out of Bialya. I think that Madia being more nondescript with Islam outside of the core belief of Allah is because she isn't wrong about Islam being different to different people, the media hasn't painted the best of picture for the religion for decades now. Still religion of any kind is going to mean something different because whether Muslim, Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist etc. there will always be extremes found all over the world. One little detail I haven't seen anyone talk about is Halo's little slip at the beginning where they almost call Madia "mother." Which I think lends credence that Halo is indeed a gestalt of the Mother Box and Gabrielle.

So I think the appearance of New Ocean-Master is a bit of course correction considering that the character and Roger Craig Smith felt wasted in the previous seasons. And I will say he makes a great adversary, all magical attacks are pretty much useless when he has the Trident of Neptune.

And finally, we pretty much have confirmation that this is the Phantom Zone considering Phantom Girl has the power to shift into it. Loved that bit where Conner laments his inability to give out proper names. [/SPOILER]

I'll cover the next two episodes later.

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

AskGreg responses on April Fools' Day never gets old :-)
Gus: "I always forget you're there." Hooty: "I forget I'm here toooooo."

MATTHEW - So the "And what's he then that says I play the villain?" line was indeed from "Othello"? (I checked, and it was indeed.)

And congratulations on doing the research for both the "Othello" quote and the likely cost of RECAP for a couple of humorous captions.

Todd Jensen

Oh right at the beginning I wrote "Eliza" instead of "Elisa." Great job me, spectacular.

But thanks Todd. Some fun facts, I wanted to include at least one character quote from "Othello", at least one reference to "Neuromancer", and I spent an hour or two researching the average cost of police robots just so I could make that joke about how much money was lost when RECAP was demolished.

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

Wait, where did I write Eliza? Dang, this is what I get for not proofreading.

But thanks Greg, I feel honored to know you read that.

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

Matthew - It's ELISA. Not Eliza. I have never understood why that is so hard.
Greg Weisman

Thanks for the new review, Matthew.

My favorite moments in your review of "Legion" were:

1. The mention of the inspiration for the Goldencup Bakery's name.

2. The caption about Goliath asking Elisa to slow down in her explanation about virtual reality; it reminded me of my own musings about the major difference a thousand years had made for Goliath's reading materials (not to mention my earlier speculation of Goliath somehow getting access to a Bible in the castle to find out about his namesake - as well as how the humans in the castle would have responded to a gargoyle reading, let alone a gargoyle reading the Bible).

3. The comparison and contrast of the ColdTrio to their Shakespearean counterparts in "Othello" (I hadn't thought before that "Iago"'s lust for "Desdemona" made him a merging of the Shakespearean Iago with Rodrigo, but it's a good point).

I'm looking forward to your review of "A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time"; it's one of my favorites.

Todd Jensen

I watched the third episode!

[SPOILER] Ah, and someone finally tells M'gann... her sum-up to Forager felt a little odd to me, almost how you'd rehearse things to tell your therapist than how you'd talk to a friend, but maybe she's been asked this so many times she has a script down? But I'm glad Forager actually let her know. He's a good bug, I almost wonder if he'll take over Canary's job as team counselor one day.

And speaking of counseling - ah, those intervention scenes. Hopefully this gives a good answer to all those questions in the queue about how no one tried to help Gar - they did and have been, he just won't let anyone in, and he's been intentionally ghosting Canary. And we got to see Cliff! Nice he's doing well, and him pointing out that Gar didn't get through anything alone was good. Because he didn't - heck, even the 'figure it out, I did' jab he gave to Cassie wasn't the whole truth, he started leading the Outsiders after years of seeing and knowing good leaders, and playing one on TV (which of course isn't actual experience, but would teach you some of the people skills involved.l) And he knows it too - but he also knows that acting like he did it himself will annoy the others, and he's hoping if he does that enough they'll leave him alone. He's good at getting a reaction.

Superboy's hallucinations sure do hurt, though. I liked the bit where Wally, being the only one Conner knows is dead, is ghostly like him. I wonder if Conner started by imagining what the others would say to him, if they were there, and then his increasingly exhausted brain started blutring the lines for him. And that bit at the end with Match - geez, that had to hurt.

Also, last night, I was wondering why this place had rage-sensing monsters - it occurs to me that if this IS the Phantom Zone, prison of the worst Kryptonian monsters, then they're probably all quite full of rage. I guess it's one way to incentivize people to let go of their anger, though if Krypton still existed it'd be well overdue for some prison reform.

And, finally... Oh, Kaldur. This whole episode seems to be on a theme of feeling obligated, feeling needed, and how people can strain themselves under it. Gar feels like the others need him, and can't stand it, and tries to drive them away. Conner feels like he needs to get back to Earth and keep going, and though he wants to he's increasingly exhausted and having a hard time finding a less abstract reason to keep going or star to steer towards. And Kaldur is buckling inde the weight of his duties as a hero, but won't let himself recognize it or take time for himself, so he brushes off his loved ones, not letting them care for him or letting him care for himself.

An interesting concept I've seen for character analysis is this idea that not respecting yourself or your needs makes it very hard to respect them in others, and that not recognizing when you're asking too much of yourself makes it very hard to know when you're asking too much of others - and hard for them to tell you. Kaldur doesn't ask anyone to do what he wouldn't do himself, and they all know it, but that's how you get situations like him asking La'gann to come so close to the birth of his child. Now, I think that he honestly didn't realize how soon it was, and if La'gann had told him outright, he'd agree he should stay in Poseidonis, but because he runs himself so ragged - and because La'gann knows that about him, it makes it very hard for him to say no. It's a vicious cycle of sorts, and when enough people have that problem, it can do a lot of harm without anyone being malicious or even uncaring. Heck, I still think Dick wasn't wrong to give up leadership - he was not in a fit state after Wally, he really seemed to be having trouble keeping it together through s2, and he never wanted it to begin with - even though he wasn't in the wrong for having a limit, doing that while another person felt they couldn't have limits hurt them back. So the problem tends to snowball.

And that, kids, is why self-care is critical! Or else you end up asking your friend to miss the birth of his first child to go spelunking in ruins with a riot overhead. Or something like that. [/SPOILER]

Karrin Blue

[SPOILER] Episode 14:
-I LOVE the title of this one.
-I'm always a bit perturbed by the conversation surrounding pronouns. It's important, don't get me wrong, being treated and referred to the way YOU want to is very self-affirming, but I think it becomes a very distracting conversation. It doesn't help that most languages are really bad at coming up with good words and terms for gender identities.
-The conversation about Islam was pretty tasteful, it sort of... feels a bit weird to boil everything down to "Islam means different things to different people", while true, I think I'm more interested in what it means to Gabrielle's mother, and I'm not sure the show communicated that? Is that fair?
-I like the political aspect of this story, but it does get a bit overwhelming. The fact that so many of these characters have been seeded in other seasons helps a lot, though. Also I guess Lagann is part of a thrupple? Really taking advantage of the fact that this show's on HBO Max I guess.
-It always felt a bit like a wasted opportunity that Ocean Master's story was primarily delegated to secondary material. So I guess this sort of makes up for it, and is a good way to maybe explain everything that happened. Of course Orm's dead, but only the Light & the audience know that. So it does add to the mystery.

Episode 15
-I do like that this version of Superman is such a goof. It kind of reminds me of "we used to have to wrap his present in lead-lined paper to keep him from peaking at Christmas" "You mean SANTA wrapped them in lead-lined paper" bit from Justice League. Outside of his conflict with Superboy in season 1, I don't think there's really been a lot of opportunity to characterize/showcase Clark, so this is a really cool opportunity.
-Speaking of cool opportunities, the presence of Dr. Fate here is REALLY neat, I always got this kind of icky feeling whenever he'd show up, because Dr. Fate was really a negative, almost evil force in the show, and that's entirely gone. In hindsight, this was part of the Dr. Fate arc from earlier.
-Oh my gosh, I love the cheesy Aquaman "fish-talking" effect. That's actually so great. All it needed was some narration. "Using his aquatic telepathy, Aquaman warns the sea life to steer clear of the red water."
-Wow, Greg is preparing plot threads for 10 years in advance. He really has this all planned out.
-Kinda cool that we're getting to see the other half of the chaos lord's chaos.
-And then we cut back to Superboy. This is the plot I'm having trouble focusing on in this episode, there's just SO MUCH going on at once.
-So far this has weirdly been... a King Orin story really. It's cool to get all this lore, but really Orim is the one who seems to have "unfinished business" here so to speak.
-So David Kaye is playing this mysterious guy. Probably Vandal's son. And... yeah it is. (I'm writing this as the episode goes) I know Greg likes to cast relatives with the same actor, and I think in this case Kaye certainly has the range to pull it off. And it saves money on actors, obviously, but sometimes it can get weird. (See: Kaldur and Manta both being called "Manta" basically having the same voice and wearing the same armor. Though they course-corrected that fairly quickly anyway.)

Episode 16

-I THINK there's a subtle change in M'gann's design here, so that she looks less like Marie Logan.But the art style's been constantly evolving season to season, and I don't think she's been in human form this season to confirm that.
-Love that David Kaye's been in this, he's such a terrific actor and I think this has been a great role for him. I think more and more it becomes less of a Miguel Ferrer impression and more and more made it his own. Kaye makes Savage a lot more of a calm Machiavellian, where Ferrer gave him a bit more edge, he was a bit more present. I think there's merit to both takes, though.
-It was a cool thing to foreshadow the presence of Arion last season by relating him to the Dr. Fate identity, so there's not a necessity to recap it now.
-Which leaves room for great scenes like this Beast Boy-M'gann scene.
-I still can't believe there's a polygamous relationship in this show. It's so... surreal.
-Because of that when Cassie called Blue Beetle and Static Shock "her guys" I did a bit of a double take.
-Maybe this is silly, but Arion having to deal with a bunch of fanatics doing crazy, stupid things in his name makes me think of celebrities and modern social media. That kind of ties into Garfield's... sort of pseudo-solipsism.
-I don't think I've really gotten into Beast Boy's plot post-Mars arc. And he was an insufferable brat in this episode.
-Again with Black Canary as a therapist. Is this something the Young Justice creative team invented or is there actually some history of Dinah being a therapist?
-I'm still really not sure what to make of this Phantom Zone plotline.
-It's fun seeing Wynnde, Kaldur and Lagann work together.
-That scene with Aquaman and the Sharks was bad-ass af. I don't think Aquaman has ever been that bad-ass tbh.
-"Why clone Orm?" jeez, Mera.
-Oh, I kinda figured this was going to be the whole arc. Kinda weird to release 3 out of 4 of the episodes, but okay, HBO Max.
-Yeah Forager's silly speech was a ton of fun. Forager doesn't always work for me, but this made me laugh.

Overall this was probably the most fun I've had this season. The mysteries are intriguing, love the lore as usual, it's good to see a lot of the characters I care about actually be involved in the plot. I kind of keep forgetting this is supposed to be Kaldur's arc to be honest. I'm sure it'll all loop back in on him eventually, but it's actually nice to get this broad focus on this cast of thousands that I'm *really* invested in. [/SPOILER]

Alex (or Aldrius)

YJ Talk of the three-episode variety: [SPOILER] Poor Superboy. At the start when he was lacking tangibility, I was saying to myself the ol' boy is gonna be just raw anger now. How quickly that became relevant!

It has been awesome to see so many Atlantean characters return from the tie-in comics! Glad I bought the YJ trades and donated them to my school library nearly a decade ago. I know some of my current students pawed those comics thoroughly and I look forward to their reactions. :)

Forager's Valedictorian speech might be the best thing I've heard in a long, long time. This is probably the most fun I've ever enjoyed watching credits from any series or film.

Poor, disgraced, and downright-confusing Ocean Master, lol. Third episode in, the puzzle pieces are adding up now. Old habits die hard for The Light.

I'm really looking forward to the Black Canary and Beast Boy therapy showdown.

From the mental health talk, to the explaining the death of a loved one to a kid, to naturally processing one's gender identity, and to contemplating one's faith (both the curious introspection from Violet and the enduring devotion from Giovanni), this series consistently raises the bar with how to respectfully treat both its characters and its audience. I shouldn't be surprised given the caliber of the cast and crew, but I love that I continue to be.

It's gonna be a wonderful ride of weekly episodes until June 09th.

Oh, and after three episodes underwater and me itching to "beat up a beach", I admit I might be reading too much into this, but did King Orin just run into the DC underwater version of the street thugs? d: https://gargwiki.net/Street_Thugs [/SPOILER]

Gus: "I always forget you're there." Hooty: "I forget I'm here toooooo."

A bit late tonight and it's been a nearly a year since my last Gargoyles post, but here's "Legion."


When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

I've only been able to see the first two episodes so far, but I'm loving it as well!

[SPOILER] The focus on Kaldur taking on too much is a great tack to take, and - although I wish we could have seen that backstory through flashbacks - him having the kind of childhood where he had to hold it together for the family makes perfect sense, and while I think he intellectually knows people love him for more than service, I hope someone gets through to him that he's allowed to and should take breaks.

La'gann being married - and in a polyamorous relationship - is something I hadn't seen coming at all, but I'm delighted by it.

The stuff with Halo was also very good! It felt like it was supposed to be sort of educational in the same way Clark talking to Jon was - more about giving people a model of one way to discuss these things. And hey, it does make sense that when Halo was seeking knowledge about how Gabrielle felt about faith and why, they went to the person who would have taught her. And their conversation with Harper at the end! I sent screenshots of that to four different group chats, I was so excited.

The political stuff in Shayeris seems rather on the nose - Calvin's monologue especially - but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm curious to see how they'll resolve that - I'm almost getting the impression Arthur is going to have to step down and let go of power? His being the only one to not notice how Kaldur is struggling is an interesting beat, as is his feeling impotent against the pillar and - although his points are good, it did rather feel like he's not getting why the other city states have their problems. It's true enough that Poseidonis' repairs came out of their budget, but wouldn't it also be hid responsibility to share that wealth to his vassals? So maybe this ends with him stepping down. If so, I'm expecting Mera will take over - assuming the Prophecy is accurate, then Arion is probably a fake-out true king. Assuming that IS Arion, of course.

And speaking of returns - how in goodness' sake is Orm alive? Lady Shiva has many faults as a human but lack of thoroughness isn't one. Of course the Light has access to both cloning and the Lazarus pit, so maybe they wanted to make their own replacement, more biddable Orm, but. Goodness there's a lot of balls in the air.

Meanwhile, the Legionnaire plot continues - poor Superboy, although it was nice to see him logic his way through the situation. He's really grown a lot! And Superman having to act in his position is some nice symmetry as well. I also appreciate that the Legionnaires actually talked to him about the problem - and that they've gone to talk to our other time traveller (and hey, ten years later we finally get that 'doused in chronatons = can't paradox yourself out of existence' explanation onscreen!) [/SPOILER]

Karrin Blue

Just a quick response, I agree with Masterdramon in that this is my favorite arc thus far. It helps that like in season 3 they're covering several different topics instead of just the center character's personal story.
When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

La'gaan is 22 in the current season, which is plenty old enough to [SPOILER] get married. [/SPOILER]
Masterdramon - [kmc12009 at mymail dot pomona dot edu]
"My mission is to make everyone happy by singing." - Vivy

I am glad we got most of the Arc because the previous ones felt like they were a movie that ended too quickly and the last had at least two episodes that felt like padding for no reason. And the Lagoon Boy parts came out of nowhere isn't he eighteen or nineteen felt really weird to see him in a situation like that unless it was in the comics?
Kevin - [kevin dot nuckols at yahoo dot com]
Kevin Nuckols

Funnily enough, Greg actually addressed the question of Miles in a recent Ask Greg response:


As for the first three episodes of the Kaldur arc...the most I can say without spoilers is that this is far and away my favorite of the arcs so far. Not only fantastically engrossing but important, in so many ways.

Can't freaking wait for next week.

Masterdramon - [kmc12009 at mymail dot pomona dot edu]
"My mission is to make everyone happy by singing." - Vivy

Prince, Miles definitely is not in the 26 episodes of Spectacular Spider-Man that were produced. If the show had kept going, he might have been introduced later (though I doubt it), but only Greg Weisman knows for sure and he almost never talks about what his plans were.
Jurgan - [jurgan6 at yahoo dot com]

is Miles Morales existed in the spectacular spider man universe?
Prince Ritji - [jrgontor at gmail dot com]

grumble grumble

I couldn't stay up late enough to watch them. The allure of seven hours of uninterrupted sleep was too great for me. And now I haven't got time before work. But I shall return as soon as I've had a chance.

Friendly CIA Spook
Hey, I'm just saying, Cap, if I were God, I'd still want a starship. Just to enjoy driving it. Or to impress women. You know.

Wow, another three episode release. I'm going to have to save my thoughts on all three for later, I'm close to finishing up a post on "Legion" and I really want to get it done before week's end.
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One of my idle headcanons for a while has been that Wyynde runs an Atlantean counterpart to Life After Hate, and that seeing him earnestly, sincerely work at doing better, understanding why the people he hurt might never be able to trust him, and helping others to unlearn bigotry was part of why Kaldur decided to give him a chance as a partner. It'd be nice to know if I was anywhere close. Of course, it'd have to be carefully written, given how fraught the issue is, but we'll see!

Also, I hope we can see Topo again. I love that octopus, and I kinda wonder what art he's been up to in the last few years. And more Dolphin would be great! I suspect she'll be Kaldur's protégé of sorts, or studying Atlantean magic, but who knows? Maybe she's decided to be a scientist, or an architect, or a historian of her new home (hey, it could happen!)

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I feel the same, "Downtime" was one of my favorite episodes and I've been hoping to see a bit more of Atlantis ever since. I'd also like to learn about how Kaldur and Wyynde ended up together, maybe learn how Wyynde turned from the Purists and how other reacted to that. Also see how Dolphin's been doing since her arrival and maybe get some insight on why Lagoon Boy ended up leaving the Team.

It's a lot but considering that these arcs are going for 4 episodes at least, I think we can devote the proper time.

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

Only a few hours to the premiere! I do hope we'll get a few domestic scenes with Kaldur and his loved ones before everything goes wrong - I know there won't be much, but it would be nice. I'm also hoping we'll get some expansion on Wyynde - he sure did make quite the turnaround, so it'd be nice to see exactly how that happened, or hear them tell the story to another, or something. And it'll be nice to see Dolphin again!
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This is the comment room, not the ask box! Also, for various reasons (and especially legal ones) Greg cannot take any suggestions, pitches, or requests for anything. In fact, requesting anything with any specificity might be a good way to guarantee that it never happens - I know Seanan McGuire, who writes some Spider-Gwen comics, has said when people send her ideas that even if she had wanted to write those stories, now she never can, because of the risk some stranger could try to sue for the use of their idea. I don't know if Greg has the same issue, but either way, it's better to take that sort of thing to fanfiction - after all, no one's going to write the story you most want to read more than you!
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Young Justice Future Generation
What about a Young Justice spinoff set 17 years in the future? The main characters will be the children of the Team and League, and the main antagonists will be the Grail, the daughter of Darkseid, and her human ally from Earth, Prometheus. The title will be called Young Justice: Future Generation.
here are the main characters:
Jon Kent
Damian Wayne
Don Allen
Dawn Allen
Lian Harper
Anissa Pierce
Jennifer Pierce
Rhea Duncan-Beecher
Amistad Ervin

Prince Ritji - [jrgontor at gmail dot com]

Vinnie - [thomaspeano at yahoo dot com]
Deplorable and loving it!

I've been avoiding spoilers too; at this point I think I have more fun going in blind (aside from seeing the posters for each mini-arc and such). For right now, anyways.
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Only a few more days until part 2 of season 4.
I know there's been some clips showing up on the web, but I'm actually doing something different and not watching any of those ahead of time.

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So here is the video anniversary in relation to the 1st full decade of Phoebe and Her Unicorn: