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Jose: There are currently no plans to bring it back.

R.I.P. Rowdy Roddy Piper.

One of his most memorable moments:

Which was remade here:

Tell me Piper would've made a great guest voice on Gargoyles!


Hello I was going to watch young justice then I notice it's says since 2011 witch mean it's still going also checked other animations like
Green Lantern animation series but it's a cancelled in 2012/2013 wanted to if it's just a error or will they bring it back

Jose - [Josegranado20111 at hotmail dot com]
Jose granado

He's a staff writer on a yet to be named pre-school series.
Harlan of Ash and Foam
Let the ol' tail wag.

I have t stopped brought here for a while so apologies if this has already been covered elsewhere ....

On a July 29 response in ask Greg, Greg says (paraphrasing) " I don't have my yj files here at Nickelodeon' ...... Has there been an ANNOUNCED project of what Greg is doing at nick?
( it may just be some single script work or is he working on a new show.... Of course if it hasn't been announced yet then I am patient, just seeing if I missed something)

Some Geek

Trampolines extend on all four sides of the building, just below the Atrium. Duh.


Greg Weisman

Xanatos is a pretty arrogant dude. Nine times out of ten, he has the skills and the smarts to back up that arrogance but every now and then he over-reaches himself.


Welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring.

I think it's uncharacteristic of Xanatos not to have a contingency plan for any possibility (or, as it might turn out, impossibility) that he could think of, and falling off the top of the Eyrie Building is a pretty likely possibility.
Paul - [nampahcfluap at yahoo dot com]

I think for Awakening, Xanatos wasn't sure that Goliath wouldn't throw him off the Eyrie. And I highly, highly doubt he had any sort of contingency for surviving falling to his death. I also don't think he knew Goliath well enough to know that at that point that Goliath wasn't going to just kill him. And truthfully that was a very real possibility -- effectively, not a week earlier Goliath was lamenting the fact that he couldn't toss Hakon and the Captain off of a cliff. I always thought that one line he has "without me you'd still be gathering moss: was a little uncharacteristic of Xanatos's character, it just seems so uncertain and confrontational, like he's trying to goad or guilt Goliath. But I think it makes a lot more sense if he was trying to actively persuade Goliath not to kill him -- he wasn't sure it wasn't going to happen. I think in most situations Xanatos is very sure of what the outcome is going to be and there he wasn't so sure. And it's that uncertainty that I think leads to the internal crisis he has in "The Edge".

Much the same situation in Vows, except by that point I think Xanatos was much surer of himself. Of course there's the possibility that he didn't survive his journey to the past, or that he was mistaken and time isn't immutable (unlikely as it may be). But I think Xanatos is a pretty optimistic guy. So I don't think these fears really plagued him all that much -- if at all. Things usually go his way. Doesn't he have that line -- I think it's actually in Vows "Fox and I make our own luck."


Come to think of it, if Xanatos could ask the Illuminati to send one letter to himself, he could probably ask them to send more. He might have been planning to warn himself, "P.S: You're going to be stranded in the tenth century."
Paul - [nampahcfluap at yahoo dot com]

Actually, I asked Greg about this some time ago:


Matt - [Saint Louis, Missouri, USA]

Xanatos clearly knew Goliath well enough to know that Goliath would be too uneasy at leaving Xanatos at large in the 10th century where he could potentially wreak havoc in history, rather than returning him to the modern world where at least Goliath could keep an eye on him. (And all the more so thanks to Goliath maybe exaggerating the kind of malevolence Xanatos gets up to. He talked to the Hudson of 975 about Xanatos's presence in the past as though he feared Xanatos was probably there to try interfering in the clan's past; of course, the reason why Xanatos was there was to get those pennies from Prince Malcolm to set up his fortune.)
Todd Jensen
Hufflepuffs are really good finders

Btw, for any of you watching the Disney Infinity poll, current rankings are...

Mabel Pines: 50%

Darkwing Duck: 46%

Cruella de Vil: 2%

With Wall-E and Robin Hood tied for fourth place at 1% each.

"You think to baffle me, you-with your pale faces all in a row, like sheep in a butcher's. You shall be sorry yet, each one of you! You think you have left me without a place to rest; but I have more. My revenge is just begun! I spread it over centuries, and time is on my side. Your girls that you all love are mine already; and through them you and others shall yet be mine-my creatures, to do my bidding and to be my jackals when I want to feed."

"As to the original question of why he was so confident that Goliath wouldn't leave him stranded in the past? Well, I think Xanatos had a much better understanding of time travel than Goliath and Demona did at the time. He received the coin from the past and the letter from himself, that probably clued him in about how time travel works. Also, he has a pretty strong understanding of Goliath, himself... he knows Goliath won't leave him stranded in the past."

All of this, plus... well, as you say, David is a smug, arrogant bastard. I could completely see him thinking something along the lines of: "Well, if Goliath did leave me in the past, I wouldn't have just quietly vanished into obscurity. I would obviously have made major historical marks. Since there's no historical record of anyone matching my description and m.o. around that time and place, it clearly follows that Goliath didn't leave me there."


"Double Jeopardy" established no such thing. For all we know, that might have been one Steel Clan robot from the batch that Xanatos used in "The Edge". Not one of the original prototypes that Xanatos was testing in "Awakening".

I prefer to think of Xanatos as confident, arrogant, and in the face of death will smirk and taunt the person who could kill him. He's a smug, arrogant, bastard and that's how I like him.

I'm not saying he had no robot programmed to catch him if he fell, but you can't say with such certainty that he did. And, in your mind, if he didn't... would he have begged for his life? I don't think so. Look at how he faced death when Thailog entrapped him. Had Elisa not been there, he would have died with Goliath and Sevarius.

As to the original question of why he was so confident that Goliath wouldn't leave him stranded in the past? Well, I think Xanatos had a much better understanding of time travel than Goliath and Demona did at the time. He received the coin from the past and the letter from himself, that probably clued him in about how time travel works. Also, he has a pretty strong understanding of Goliath, himself... he knows Goliath won't leave him stranded in the past.

Greg Bishansky

Well, "Double Jeopardy" establishes that there was still at least one Steel Clan robot hidden away, meaning that they hadn't all been destroyed in "Awakening, Part 5."

And it's not like Xanatos not to have a backup plan in case Goliath did drop him anyway.

Paul - [nampahcfluap at yahoo dot com]

PAUL> "Because he still had at least one Steel Clan robot hidden away that could have caught his fall."

He did? They never mentioned this on the show. It hasn't been mentioned in Ask Greg, either. I think if he had, it would have robbed all the dramatic power from that scene.

Greg Bishansky

Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Aragorn, Boromir, Legolas, Gimli, and Gandalf.
Paul - [nampahcfluap at yahoo dot com]

Eighth, Just... Eighth.
Matt - [Saint Louis, Missouri, USA]

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, The Horse and his Boy, The Magician's Nephew, The Last Battle.
Todd Jensen
Hufflepuffs are really good finders

(6) Dragonzord
Anthony Tini

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Anthony Tini

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...and many other concepts, both mythological and fictional, for a Fifth elemental.

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