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Grey has been on Greg's shows, but not to the point where she's had to be one of the Team on Young Justice, or Gwen on SpecSpidey. If Greg hadn't been on those shows, those shows would rely heavily on Grey.
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* station 8.

Sorry, I didn't catch the autocorrects.


Wow this place still posts. I haven't been here in 9 years. Has so hit 20 years yet?

Joel: First off, Greg doesn't answer questions in the Comment Room. You'd need to submit it through the normal queue like everyone else.

That being said, Greg HAS answered this one before:


Basically, Greg won't select a specific birthdate for Artemis - or any character - until or unless it's needed for a particular story (as Conner's and Wally's were at various points).

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Hello i was wondering if you know the D.O.B of Artemis from YJ is?
She's my favorite character and it doesn't say anything about it anywhere

Joel Walker - [joelwalker9279 at gmail dot com]
joel walker

Of course Grey DeLisle has been in Greg's shows. Usually in multiple roles too.
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What I've noticed from Greg's shows is how he gets talent far and wide and doesn't just take the easy out. He (or Jamie Thomason) gets actors like Keith David and Salli Richardson. Today, it would just be Grey DeLisle, who I like, but I feel it's just too easy casting Grey in the majority of cartoon roles.
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For the most part Miguel Ferrer was just using his natural speaking voice for Vandal which I think makes it a bit more difficult in replacing him. Mimicking characters is a bit easier than mimicking people themselves without sounding like you're parodying them. Then again, Greg's shows have always brought in really talented people so who knows what the future will bring.
Muscles fade and the mind dulls.But as long as the heart is willing, strength remains.

Well, Corey Burton is already on the cast and he's been doing Shan Yu in Kingdom Hearts


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Sometimes, though, original voice actors are irreplaceable (which I know that was the point you were getting out, but I was just saying that they'll get replaced either way, it won't stop the character from returning), case and point The Jetsons and WWE: Robo-Wrestle Mania. The voices are complete garbage, especially George. All I hear is complete garbage coming out of his mouth.
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It's Thursday night and I claim Seventh!
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Matthew: They'll find someone. They always do. Don Messick, Janet Waldo, etc. had all distinctive voices, and have all been replaced.
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You know a thought just occurred to me, who are they going to get to replace Miguel Ferrer? His distinctive resonance isn't going to be easy to match.

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I guess I'll be fourth then.

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I'll second that; hello to all.
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Number 1!

Hi, guys!

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