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Thomas Hardy was a poet, it wouldn't surprise me if Broadway started reading some of his work too. You know, after he learned to read.
Muscles fade and the mind dulls.But as long as the heart is willing, strength remains.

SPEN - Please don't judge Vera Chapman's trilogy by "Quest for Camelot"; about all that the movie took from them were a few names and the Arthurian setting. It was an adaptation in name alone.

And I discovered that I spelt the name of Elaine and Nentres' son wrong; it should be "Galeshin". He seems to have been almost as obscure as his parents, certainly far less prominent than Arthur's Orkney nephews.

I was reading Thomas Hardy's "Far from the Madding Crowd" yesterday, and one of the chapters dealt with a gargoyle (the architectural variety, of course), which Hardy spelled "gurgoyle". Presumably based on the gurgling noise that gargoyles make when water's gushing out of them (true architectural gargoyles are waterspouts; the ones that aren't are, technically, called "grotesques"); this is the first time that I've encountered that spelling variant for a gargoyle. He described it as "too human to be called like a dragon, too impish to be like a man, too animal to be like a fiend, and not enough like a bird to be called a griffin".

I wonder if any of the Manhattan clan ever came across this passage, assuming that they've read Hardy (Goliath seems the most likely candidate for that), and what they must have thought of it.

Todd Jensen
Hufflepuffs are really good finders

Thanks, Todd. I'll have to look into those. Hopefully the book is better than "Quest for Camelot" ended up being.

I don't think I've ever heard of Sir Galachin before. Did he turn out any better than Arthur's other nepotism hires?


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Justice Verbonac Davis

SPEN - In Malory, Elaine of Garlot gets just one mention (when she's married off to King Nentres), and then disappears from the story. Most modern versions follow him, though there are a couple of exceptions.

I once came across a children's retelling of the story of King Arthur by a certain Jay Williams (it was at a library I was visiting but didn't have a card at, so I couldn't check it out and read it properly), which briefly gave Elaine the role of a constant complainer, but apparently did nothing further with her after that.

A woman named Vera Chapman wrote an Arthurian trilogy (the middle book, "The King's Damosel", was the loose original for the now all-but-forgotten animated movie "The Quest for Camelot") which replaced Elaine of Garlot with Nimue/Vivien, the Lady of the Lake (and had Nentres marry her daughter by Merlin, Blaisine, thus becoming her son-in-law rather than her husband.

Another Arthurian series called "Daughter of Tintagel", centered on Morgan le Fay, by Fay Sampson, gave Elaine a more prominent role and might have merged her with a few of the numberous other Elaines of the legend, but I can't recall the details now.

As for whether and Nentres had children, Malory mentions none, but the Vulgate Cycle (a 13th century French collection of loosely united Arthurian romances) gave them a son named Galachin (at least, that's one version of his name) who became one of King Arthur's knights.

Todd Jensen
Hufflepuffs are really good finders

Spen> There doesn't appear to be much in the way of other stories involving Elaine of Garlot, heck even her wikipedia article calls her "remarkable in that she is otherwise unremarkable."
There are plenty of other Elaines in Arthurian lore, probably the most famous (and the one I'm most familiar with) is Elaine of Astalot from the Tennyson poem.

Muscles fade and the mind dulls.But as long as the heart is willing, strength remains.


A question for our resident Arthurian expert. In any of the various Arthur stories you've read over the years, did any of them ever give a larger role to Arthur's other sister, Elaine? She seems to either get overlooked completely, or just mentioned in passing. And did she and king Nentres ever have any kids?


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Muscles fade and the mind dulls.But as long as the heart is willing, strength remains.

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