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On another note, I don't like to talk about fanworks here for fear Greg W might be glancing through, but I recently commission art of an OC of mine from the wonderfully talented Kordyne over on Deviantart and wanted to give her a shout out...


I'm very pleased with how this turned out. :D

Hey, Adora

And, as you point out, a Jean Valjean-figure (whether *the* Jean Valjean or a modern-day echo) would certainly fit the redemption theme.

I spotted a book by Greg Weisman in the local Barnes and Noble today, apparently a new book; it's set in the world of "Magic: the Gathering". I just glanced at it, rather than buying it, but noticed that it mentioned Greg's work on "Gargoyles" in the author bio on the back flap (including the Slave Labor Graphics comics - not just "Gargoyles", but "Bad Guys" as well).

First "Warcraft", now "Magic: the Gathering"; apparently Greg's in big demand for the fantasy-game-based fiction business.

Todd Jensen

TODD> Also possible. Either way, I suspect Bad Guys would have proved a useful vector for working in French literary allusions.
Hey, Adora

Or a modern-day analogue to Jean Valjean, in the same way that the Falstaff of "Bad Guys" was a modern-day analogue to Shakespeare's disreputable old knight (and Dingo, through his association with Falstaff and with his original name of "Harry Monmouth", an analogue to Prince Hal).
Todd Jensen

TODD: Redemption seems like the kinda concept ol' Jean would place a lot o' stock in, so it would be only fitting if he turned out to be the Squad's mysterious patron.
Hey, Adora


I was watching the adaptation of "Les Miserables" on Masterpiece Theatre last evening, and noted Jean Valjean being called "Monsieur Le Maire" in the dialogue. That reminded me of the "Monsieur Le Maire" who's working with the Director in "Bad Guys"; this isn't the first time that the character's name as an echo of Victor Hugo's work has been brought up (it's even mentioned in the entry on him in the Gargoyles Wiki), but got me thinking of it again. Greg Weisman mentioned Jean Valjean casually in relation to "Gargoyles" once (I can't recall where, unfortunately), so it's probably a deliberate echo, but I dare not speculate further at present.

Todd Jensen

THIRD in the name of season 2 of She-Ra & the Princesses of Power hitting Netlix this Friday!

Seriously, this show is effing good.

Hey, Adora

I'll second the excitement for Endgame.
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Avengers: Endgame this weekend d:

"The suspense is terrible, I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka