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Mysterious Fan

We now know from Greg that the first Dynamite "Gargoyles" comic will come out in December. (October strikes me as a more appropriate time for "Gargoyles" to reappear, but presumably December fits the logistics better - and at least we can see it as a Christmas present.)
Todd Jensen

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John Paul Gontor - [jrgontor at gmail dot com]

#saveearth16 #youngjusticeseason5

Crimson Comet - [jg0930047 at otc dot edu]
Unknown member??????

Young Justice:Voice cast for teenage version of the Justice Kids
Taylor Gray as Jon Kent
Darren Criss as Damian
Malese Jow as Lian Harper
Jeremy Shada as Don Allen
Ashley Johnson as Dawn Allen
Christopher Sean as Artur
Kyla Pratt as Anissa Pierce
Kat Graham as Jennifer Pierce
#saveearth16 #youngjusticeseason5


What's up! Been a long time since I came in here. More comics are cool, but I can't remember if I ever finished the SLG series. Found a press kit I forgot I had. After a Google search, seems I'm missing some photos, though. Ed Asner and Sallie Richardson, I believe. Still happy I found it.

ANTIYONDER - I'm reminded of the creativity demon I once had here about Goliath overhearing part of one of the Light's conferences, and concluding in alarm that Lexington has indeed gone bad, as "Future Tense" supposedly predicted, and entered into an alliance with Demona (along with five other schemers whose voices Goliath doesn't recognize).
Todd Jensen

For those who'd like to see Josh Keaton perform a Spider-Man monologue from The Amazing Spider-Man #181, I'd recommend watching this:


When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

So "One" thought came to mind when reading a recent comment.

Todd Jensen> "I'll admit I found the last coule of posts a bit confusing at first, before I realized "They're talking about Luthor, not Lexington". Having a name that could be shortened to the first name of a major DC Comics villain - it gives new meaning to his turning bad in "Future Tense"."

This fits entirely by the way given how Cloud Fathers has that bit where they have to clarify which Coyote anyone is talking about. But just imagine the team in the radio play continuity going over some info an mention Luthor merely as Lex, while Lexington is present.

Wonder if Lexington does any business with company heads from Marvel and DC.