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Nope, they can't.

My current hope is that either Joe Books, which has the license for Darkwing Duck; or IDW, which has the license for DuckTales, grabs the license for "Gargoyles" and re-prints the SLG run in one big omnibus. Joe Books just did this for the Boom Studios "Darkwing Duck" book and that omnibus is awesome.

Would be cool. Also it would be nice to have the Gargoyles comics collected in one big book which is larger than the SLG books.

Maybe it will happen, we should pester these companies to let them know we want more "Gargoyles". They already have a relationship with Disney.

Greg Bishansky

SLG can't reprint the comics without the license, can they?

It really -is- sad. I would be more than happy to purchase them at retail price, were they available, but they are not. That being said, thank you thank you! This seems the best option I've seen yet.
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I proposed the wait because I'm on my phone but I found the scans again anyway.

This user has scans of Clan Building: http://s1132.photobucket.com/user/xGumChewingGunnerx/library/Gargoyles%20Clan%20Building?sort=6&page=1

Signature: I hope it works. Sorry for the stretch.

Sky: The collections of the comics are completely out of he question at this point, they will never be fairly available again unless somehow they are printed again. An additional misfortune is that the single comic issues don't cover the whole arc, some issues are exclusive to the collections.

I have a link to scans of Clan Building that I will submit when I can, I might be able to tomorrow morning, if they're still there. I have found no scans of Bad Guys yet.

I wish we weren't put in this position and were able to obtain them fairly. :(

Signature: if only there was a digital release.

Before anyone mentions Goliath's vulnerability while in stone sleep, yeah, I think the producers of the show probably already considered that, and they might find a way around that. Besides, who here wouldn't want to see a Gargoyles win by upset? Such a victory would be felt as a comeback for our favorite franchise! Sure, the X-Men may have been around since the 1960s, but they have been getting a little long in the tooth, IMHO.

Hello all, just found this website and forum, and I have one simple question:

Where, oh WHERE, in the world can I read/buy the comics without having to pay hundreds of dollars? Anybody? Eh? Eh?!

Many and much thanks.

Sky - [bowden dot skyler at gmail dot com]
"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney

Goliath glides into Death Battle!


Brainiac - [OSUBrainiac at gmail dot com]
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My post is going to be a little long, but I wanted to get some opinions about it. This going to be a little timeline of Demona's clan. Most of this is from what Greg has said, as well as what some of you have said in the comment room when I have asked questions (I think it was Matt who gave a great post a few years ago to some questions I asked) plus some stuff that I came up with.

994- After the Wyvern clan is destroyed, I think Demona goes in search of the Wyvern splinter clan. I believe that the Wyvern clan knew were they went, so Demona heads there. I don't know when the clan was destroyed, but it is likely it happened before Demona starts to gather her clan. I think she "assumed" leadership of the remnants of the Wyvern splinter clan.

997- By this time, I think Demona's clan is probably close to a "full" clan (although they are probably short on young, beasts, and eggs to be considered a true full clan), meaning that they can probably survive long term if left alone. I count around 45 gargoyles in battle at Rathveramoen. Counting the destroyed Sruighlea cell, plus any young and old Demona left behind, the clan probably numbered around 65-70. However, after the battle, it is likely that very few gargoyles survived (there is a chance that only Demona, Second, Brooksbro, and Schnozz survived). At this point, the clan is doomed to die out because of a lack of females.

between 997-1020 was probably a time of recover for the clan. They probably added a few more members here and there. But overall, with Kenneth and then Maol Chalvim II as kings, Gillecomgain probably did not receive much "royal" support for hunting gargoyles. Given the smallness of her clan and the terrain of Scotland, here clan was probably well hidden.

by 1020, Prince Duncan is starting to gain some political power (as evident of his ability to name Gillecomgain High Stewart of Moray). How there alliance came to be is unknown (but I think would make a great story), I think some of Gillecomgain's anit-garogyle issued influenced Duncan.

between 1020 and 1040 is anyone's guess. I don't know how much time Gillecomgain can spare to hunt gargoyles, but he probably has allies searching out the country side for them. Demona's clan probably stays the same size. When Duncan becomes king, I don't think he actively hunts gargoyles, being king and all, and he might not even consider then a threat. But after finding Demona's cell with Macbeth, he thinks that Macbeth is in league with gargoyles and probably resumes the hunt for them.

between 1040 and 1057 is a time a peace for the clan. As an official advisor to the King, Demona's clan is protected by the royalty, and some of the clan probably serve as royal protectors of the castle. But it is likely that the clan does not grow much during this time, as Demona likely recruited all the Scottish gargoyles to her clan (with the exception of the Loch Ness clan, which he probably does not know about). A few gargoyles might have been killed in battle in 1054 when Canmore attacked Scotland for the 1st time. I think Greg said, when asked, that in 1057 the clan was at most 20 gargoyles, with most of them being adult males. Given that he has said he is not sure if the clan had any eggs in 1018 or 1038, the clan is probably an old clan. If they did not have any eggs from 998, 1018, or 1038, Kermit and his generation would be the youngest members, at almost 80 years (older that Goliath is).

Long, but what do you think?

Adam - [carl006_1999 at yahoo dot com]

(10th)Tenth!!!!!!!!!! And away we go on with the show.
Vinnie - [thomaspeano at yahoo dot com]
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Coby: That was the intention.

I don't think he's many bounds smater than the others, I think they all just prioritize different information; Lex prioritizes mechanics.

Signature: Tenth, I guess.

After watching the first season of Gargoyles and first 3 episodes of the second of , I am convinced that Lexington is a genius compared to the rest of the gargs. While they all have learned quite a bit, I feel like Lex is the smartest, at least in the technological field. For example, in Awakening, while Hudson stated a helicopter to be a dragon (obviously) he figured out that it was "a machine of some kind". He built a motorcycle, learned how to fly a helicopter with a video game as his only experience, and in season 2 episode 3, he was able to hook up a VR device to Coldstone. I'm sure he'll accomplish a lot more impressive feats in the future.

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And the Dwarf in the Flask, Homunculus.

(AKA Eighth.)

Masterdramon - [kmc12009 at mymail dot pomona dot edu]
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Welcome to the comment room Coby. We usually like to start the beginning of each week with a traditional countdown (or count up) before getting into conversation. Sometimes it gets pretty quiet but that doesn't always happen. So once again welcome! Incidentally SEVENTH!
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Paul - [nampahcfluap at yahoo dot com]

Welcome to the Comment Room, Coby. Dunno if you'd care for a FIFTH of whisky or not (not to mention the legality of such an offer), so I'll just recommend the cookies.
Brainiac - [OSUBrainiac at gmail dot com]
"It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known."


Hey, Coby, welcome to the Comment Room! :D


Adam - [carl006_1999 at yahoo dot com]

Hello everybody! I'm brand new here, and I found this page when finding stuff about Gargoyles. I hope I'm able to fit in here and enjoy some really good conversations with everyone. As to how I found this page, I was feeling nostalgic this past weekend and decided to watch the show again (I remember why this was my favorite show when I was a kid). It's been a while since I last saw an episode so I'll be catching back up in a bit. (Sorry for the long post. I do this wherever I'm new.)

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