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Puck , the triskster , alko horollio puck languge writes...

Can the Phoenix Gate trvel to the future too , or just the past

Greg responds...

Either. It's all relative anyway.

Response recorded on April 20, 2005

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Lawrence Matheson writes...

I noticed In the mirror that when Elisa turned away from the mirror her image stayed still was this part of the mirrors magic or just an animation mix up?

Greg responds...

The former.

Response recorded on March 22, 2005

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Todd Jensen writes...

In "City of Stone Part Three", Owen suggests to Xanatos that they look through the Grimorum Arcanorum for a way of reversing Demona's spell upon the city. This didn't seem too odd to me at the time, but after I found out that Owen was really Puck in "The Gathering", I started puzzling over it a little. After all, it seems more than likely that Puck, an inherently magical being, would already be aware of the fact that the spells in the Grimorum could only be used by experienced sorcerers, which Xanatos didn't have on hand, without Xanatos needing to tell him that. So I find that a bit puzzling - unless Puck didn't know as much about the "rules" governing human magic as he did about Oberati magic.

Greg responds...

That's all possible. But the situation also clearly called for desperate measures. If there was a solution in the Grimorum, is it really beyond Xanatos' ability to find someone who could put that solution into practice? Well, clearly Xanatos thought there was a better way, so Owen dropped it. But Puck, in his role as Owen, would have been remiss if he hadn't at least listed X's options.

Response recorded on March 14, 2005

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Anonymous writes...

When Magus gave his magic book to Finila (because he couldn't bring it to Avalon)Hpw the hell did it get to David

Greg responds...

Long story. But it involves TimeDancer, Demona, Puck, Owen, Finella, Mary, Brooklyn and Xanatos.

Response recorded on October 11, 2004

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Anonymous writes...

How exactly did Coyote get rebuilt by Xanatos if he got turned into rust by the Anubis Avatar?

Greg responds...

Xanatos can manufacture new parts. He doesn't need the old materials to build the robot. He has the specs. And he's constantly upgrading those specs anyway. Plus the Coyote after the one Anubis/Jackal destroyed incorporates the Cauldron of Life, right?

Response recorded on September 29, 2004

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Ricardo from Portugal writes...

Dear, Mr. Weisman,

I checked the archives and I didn't find any answer to this question.

I would like to understand something very confusing about the Archmage:

If he was saved by "his future self" when he fell from the precipice in the "Long Way to Morning", so the "present self" obviously survived to get the talismans and became the "future self" and rescue his "past self" and beginning the cycle.

But how did the present self got the talismans if they had to "remain in play", since history could not be changed? Did someone else from the future give them to him?

I would like to clear this out… I cannot think of any logic explanation for the Archmage appearing with the talismans unless they were given to him by someone else from the future besides his future self.

If this is too much confusing then I am sorry, but I think you understand my question…

And pleeeeeease, give me an answer, I don't mind waiting… just don't ignore me…

Thanks, Ricardo

Greg responds...

All right, let's start here (assuming you really didn't mind waiting and are still checking in and reading this). I don't IGNORE anyone, as you've implied or stated in your last two posts.

You're questions (in the past) may have been kicked for breaking one or more of our rules. Or I may not answer them to your satisfaction (intentionally or otherwise). But I never ignore a question.

Secondly, you checked the archives, but did you watch the episode attentively? The Archmage got the talismen from the Weird Sisters. It happens on screen. I understand that some people are confused by the time loop, but this seemed pretty straight-forward to me, unless I don't understand your question.

Response recorded on September 08, 2004

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kEVO writes...

alright,i'd like to begin by saying how much i truly, deeply love Gargoyles. it is the most incredible show i have ever seen. but i'll save higher efforts of ego inflation for later.

my question is about the Gatherings. i've noticed that when people have asked you about Team Atlantis or, in one case, who created the Praying Gargoyle statue, you told them the answer would be revealed at G2002. i was unable to attend this Gathering, cuz of the whole "no money" thing so will these answers be brought up in 2003 or here on Station 8 or will i just never be able to find them out? i'm gonna try to go to G2003, because it's very close to where i live.

which brings me to my next question. am i allowed to attend The Gathering even if i'm not staying at the hotel there? i know i should probably try to find these answers online before asking you but i figured since i was already here.

thanks for your time, sir!


Greg responds...

I hope you attended G2003 and are planning to come to G2004 this month in Manhattan. You do NOT have to stay at the hotel, though I recommend it. For more info, check out:


Anyway, info on the Praying Gargoyle is available at every Gathering, starting in 2002. The short answer, however, is that the statuette was created by the Atlanteans.

Response recorded on June 01, 2004

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matt writes...

why was the Praying Gargoyle unable to protect the gargoyles across the world from the countless massacres of clans that wiped so many of them out? does it need someone to use it magically?

Greg responds...

Well, it was lost for starters. Second, yes, it takes someone who knows how to use it.

Response recorded on May 19, 2004

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Zarok writes...

Hey Greg
I wasn't able to get to the Gathering this year so I have a lot of questions regarding the unmade Team Atlantis/Gargoyles crossover…

1) Can you give me a synopsise of the plot please? (Keep in mind that I've seen "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" and by the time you've read this I'll have probably have seen the direct to video sequel. So you don't have to waste time explaining who Milo is and stuff like that.)
2) You've said that Fiona is alive as of 12-31-95, so is she immortal or is she just really healthy? (It's possible, I know someone who's a hundred and six.)
3) Besides protecting the gargoyle race from a specific threat, what else can the praying gargoyle do?
4) In the gargoyle universe the majority of Atlanteans were human right?
5) If you had gotten to do more of Team Atlantis would we have seen gargoyles other than Demona or was this episode meant to exist in a vacume?
6) I don't suppose you'd consider posting the script up here? (not likely but a fella can try can't he?)

Greg responds...

1. Nutshell version: Milo & Company are in Paris battling a sewer monster. Doc runs into an old flame, Fiona Canmore, who is hunting "a demon". That demon, of course, turns out to be Demona, theoretically the last of her kind. Demona uses a smitten Mole to find the Praying Gargoyle, and uses the statuette to artificially animate every stone gargoyle in Paris -- in order, basically, to murder the local humans. Team Atlantis defeats Demona's plot, but Doc prevents Fiona from killing Demona.

2. She's just really old.

3. It's uses are manifold, but are all geared toward protection of the Gargoyle species.

4. All Atlanteans are human, though once upon a time there may have been an Atlantean clan of Gargoyles.

5. Not in a vacuum, but I doubt the producer and executives in charge of Team Atlantis would have allowed me to do more than this one-shot deal.

6. No. Though I play the audio tape at EVERY GATHERING, so if you want to hear Marina Sirtis as Demona and Sheena Easton as the Hunter one more time, I suggest showing up in Montreal this August.

Response recorded on May 18, 2004

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Bigduo writes...

What exactly was the original origin of the praying gargoyle(before the whole team Atlantis thing)? Did it still have connections to Atlantis?

Greg responds...

The tapestry of the Gargoyles Universe evolves over time as more discoveries are made -- via serendipity and various creative lightbulbs going off. When something works on Gargoyles, it just feels right.

That's what happened with the Praying Gargoyle. I had known (long prior to Disney's Atlantis movie) that I wanted to tie the myth of Atlantis into the series. Ultimately, as I've mentioned before, I'd like to weave all public domain myths into the tapestry in one form or another.

I also knew that I wanted to explain the Praying Gargoyle and its presence at Notre Dame Cathedral.

I hadn't figured out the connection until I started to work on "The Last" for Team Atlantis. But it FELT RIGHT.

There was no previous version of the origin. I didn't need an origin for Hunter's Moon, and I knew it would come to me eventually (as it did) so I didn't sweat it.

Response recorded on May 06, 2004

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