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Bigduo writes...

What exactly was the original origin of the praying gargoyle(before the whole team Atlantis thing)? Did it still have connections to Atlantis?

Greg responds...

The tapestry of the Gargoyles Universe evolves over time as more discoveries are made -- via serendipity and various creative lightbulbs going off. When something works on Gargoyles, it just feels right.

That's what happened with the Praying Gargoyle. I had known (long prior to Disney's Atlantis movie) that I wanted to tie the myth of Atlantis into the series. Ultimately, as I've mentioned before, I'd like to weave all public domain myths into the tapestry in one form or another.

I also knew that I wanted to explain the Praying Gargoyle and its presence at Notre Dame Cathedral.

I hadn't figured out the connection until I started to work on "The Last" for Team Atlantis. But it FELT RIGHT.

There was no previous version of the origin. I didn't need an origin for Hunter's Moon, and I knew it would come to me eventually (as it did) so I didn't sweat it.

Response recorded on May 06, 2004