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Joxter the Mighty writes...

I know you find this a silly question Greg, but I'm genuinely curious... I'm only looking for a simple "Yes" or "No" answer. In fact, I'll appeal to your logic. In this case, just answering the question "Yes" or "No" would be quicker than you typing out whatever reason you have for not wanting to answer the question.

So the question is, and I really am honestly curious...

Do gargoyles leave marks on hardwood floors when walking across them?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on April 07, 2000

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Wing writes...

Can you define your idea of true sentience?

Greg responds...

Probably not. But I'd start with Descarte...

If you can say "I think therefore I am" and grapple with its meaning, as opposed to its mere pronunciation...

Well, that's a starting point.

Response recorded on April 07, 2000

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Zeliard writes...

Hi mr. Weisman! Yet another ASK GREG question...

I was wondering about what Sevarius said in Metamorphosis. He says that a geneticly engineered creature will take years to develop, so he created a mutegen to inject on human host.

1.Just how long does it take to create genticly a creature?

2.Did you ever plan to have artificial creatures created by mankind in Gargoyles?

Thanx, and have a nice day!

Greg responds...

1. As I've said before, I'm not big on quantifying things.

2. Eventually. The clones were a first step.

Response recorded on April 07, 2000

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Kevin writes...

What's your theory on time/time travel. Do you believe that it is possible to go back in time and change history, or do you think that whatever was done in the past would have to contribute into the future because it has already been done. I don't know if I'm making sense anymore, but I think you get the general quesion here, oh well. Thank you for your time.

Greg responds...

If we're talking GARG UNIVERSE, obviously I believe in the closed system. History can't be changed. Any and all time travel has already been figured into the equation.

If you're asking me what I think... Well, I don't pretend to know. But a non-closed system doesn't make any logical sense to me. If one can stand outside of time to travel in it, then logically time exists. And I refer you to my first paragraph -- back in the past...

Response recorded on April 05, 2000

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The Gremlin writes...

Who is Desdemona and Iago? Why are desdemona's wings weird looking like she has four of them?

Greg responds...

You seem to know the answer to your first question.

Desdemona and Iago were off-camera names that we gave to Coldfire and Coldsteel, i.e. Coldstone's other two personalities, the other gargoyles that were used to make up his body.

And Desdemona simply has a different wing-type than most of the others. As does Lex. And Griff. Etc.

Response recorded on April 04, 2000

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Aris Katsaris writes...

Okay, let me ask the 'faster-than-light' question in a different way: As far as I know, current scientific theory holds that all faster-than-light travel is to some extent time-travel as well, which can lead to paradoxes, etc.

So... my question is: In your universe is there faster-than-light travel which is *not* time-travel in any sense?

Greg responds...

Even faster than light travel isn't instantaneous (though it may seem to be depending on the distance travelled). So by definition, any journey takes one not only through space but also through time. Forward, at least.

I realize that isn't the kind of answer you were looking for.

And that amuses me.

Response recorded on March 31, 2000

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Michael Norton writes...

You have stated that newly hatched gargoyles need to be nursed. How did Katherine, Magus, and Tom manage to handle that when the eggs hatched on Avalon?

Greg responds...

Good question. Somehow Avalon provided.

Response recorded on March 25, 2000

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Dr. Kerry Jackson writes...

Dear Mr. Weisman,

First, simply, thank you for your continuing effort to revive the Gargoyles series and the attention you pay to its fans. as a stockholder of Disney, I send my proxy ballot in with "Bring back the Gargoyles" written under my vote. My annual write in for Goliath as board of directors has failed so far, but there is always next year.

I am preparing a poster presentation on the evolution of gargoyles (lower case "g")for the Gathering 2000 as an art display. Let me apologize for the assertion that gargoyles, due to anatomical features such as otic (ear) structure, mammae, hair, and others are in the Class Mammalia. The oviparous (egg laying) character places them with the Subclass Protheria (1 extant and 3 extinct orders). Their Order, Family, Genus and species classifications are yet to be determined. My audacity is based upon the excess of letters which follow my family name.

Now the questions

1) Should apterylus (without wings) gargoyles be considered parthenogenic (lays fertile, viable eggs without a mate)?

2) Proposed Genus and Species name: Diurnosominus lapidermis (stone skinned day sleeper). Apterylus lapidermic for Bronx. Sound OK?

Your delightful characters have also resulted in a few stories of my own, but let's not go there.

Greg responds...

Uh, some of this is over my head, but...

As I've said before (see the Gargoyle Science Archive here at ASK GREG), Gargoyles aren't Mammals, though they share some traits in common. We've dubbed them Gargates. A whole other class. (Which frankly frees me to create them as I see fit.) Gargoyle Beasts are also gargates. Is that what you're referring to in your first question? Cause Bronx is a male, and would need to mate with the female Boudicca to have any offspring.

2. Uh, I guess it sounds OK, but I'm not going to accept it as canon without doing some research on my own.

Response recorded on March 24, 2000

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Pyro X writes...


I collected some "Official" Gargoyles trading cards, and on the backs they gave the heights and weights in in stone and flesh, but they gave all these details sparingly. would you consider these weights, Etc. "Official"? If not, I guess I can discard these as not true.

Greg responds...

I just don't know. I'm not good with numbers. So they may be right, if, for example, Frank Paur provided them. But I don't know if he did.

Response recorded on March 22, 2000

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Ambrosia writes...

Hi Greg!
I was thinking about gargoyle aging... it's been well established that because gargoyles turn to stone during the day, they are ultimatey in stone hibernation for half of every year and so, age at one half the speed of humans. But here's a thought: humans grow physically while they sleep- all our bodily functions still operate- but we don't grow intellectually or learn anything, right? So, since humans age physically and not mentally while they sleep and gargoyles do not age either way, wouldn't a twenty-year-old gargoyle *look* like a ten-year-old, but be as developed and intelligent as a twenty-year-old?

Greg responds...

Only experientially.

Response recorded on March 22, 2000

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