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Jeremy writes...

First i would like to say that GARGOYLES was the best show i have ever seen.My first question is have you got any new offers on bringing back the series?Have you tried HBO they picked up spawn which is another kick ass show?I think they would jump at gargoyles and it would give you more freedom.If hbo did pick up gargoyles would the story's be more risky using adult themes such as drug use,swearing,nudity or murder.I personaly would love to see the saga shift into a more adult series.

Greg responds...

First off, no. No one has suggested bringing the show back except me. HBO isn't likely to want it, or to get it for that matter even assuming they did want it. They didn't "pick up" Spawn, they were the ones who brought it to the screen in the first place.

As to whether the show would get "more adult" if we had the non-broadcast freedom to be, the answer would generally be "no". I think the show appeals to adults now, without adding gratuitous elements. I wouldn't shy away from doing a drug story if I had a good story to tell about drugs. Adding curse words and nudity for their own sake doesn't interest me. I like nudity as much as the next guy, but it would have to fit. We basically showed Fox nude at the end of "Eye of the Beholder", because it made sense that she'd have no clothes on after her transformation. But I'm not out to arouse anyone. As for murder, hey, been there, done that.

The show's the show. I'd love to have freedom from standards and practices, but I won't ignore my own standards.

On the other hand, the show might get more mature, in the sense that Goliath and Elisa's relationship would continue to mature. That doesn't mean we'd be showing them engaged in sex acts, but we'd deal maturely with inter-species romance. At least I'd hope so.

Response recorded on June 19, 2000

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Johnny C. Wu writes...

With the popularity of DVDs hitting the market, and such animated shows such as "Batman Beyond" episodes being released on DVDs, will you be able to release any of the "Gargoyles" episodes on DVD? Or is it only up to Disney to decide on that?

Greg responds...

Disney. I don't even work for them anymore.

Response recorded on April 07, 2000

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Siren writes...

Hey Greg,
I know you said Disney has the rights to Gargs, but isn't there a way to still write Gargoyle books for Disney?... and they still get their all mighty buck.

Greg responds...

If we can get Disney interested.

Response recorded on April 04, 2000

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Anonymous writes...


1) So if Disney owns the rights to gargoyles, and they are basically forgetting them, why do they want to hold on to the rights?

2) For 250,000,000 would they sell the rights?

3) If someone bought the rights, owened them, and aked you to created whatever you wanted with them, (IE the Master Plan, Pendragon, time Dancer, Etc.) Would you accept? I mean would you go ahead and make new shows, Etc.?


Greg responds...

1. Who said they've forgotten about it? They air the show EVERY night on ToonDisney. And they're developing a Live-Action movie based on it.

2. I'm not gonna dignify this. Sorry.

3. Of course. Let me know when you've raised the cash.

Response recorded on March 24, 2000

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Phil writes...

Hi, Greg

Great show, etc.

Living in the Midwest, I am completely ignorant about Hollywood politics. Please forgive me if I'm being to presumptious or just plain stupid.

Do you still have any contacts at Disney? What I mean is: Are you sitting by the phone (doing other work, of course) waiting for Disney to call you out of the blue? Or do you contact them periodically? It seems they need someone to remind them that they have a hot property in "Gargoyles." They should also be reminded/informed that you have up to seven animated series in various stages of development ranging from "very advanced" to "near complete."

Thanks for your time.

Greg responds...

I know a few random people at Disney, but I'm definitely not waiting for them to call me, out of the blue or otherwise. Gary Sperling is on the new Tarzan series, and he offered me a script assignment, but I'm too busy on 3X3 right now.

They know about Gargoyles, but it's just a bit underappreciated right now.

Response recorded on March 21, 2000

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Alan Coleman Waltrip writes...

Okay... I know people have asked you this 1,001 times, but it's about a book deal... I mean, Disney does own a publishing company... hell, they more or less own the world. I feel the only reason they don't approach you for anything is that Disney is falling futhur and futhur towards simply a children's media outlet. Think about it, Princess Monoke and Fatasia 2000 were either hardly advertised or shown in such limited release that no one was able to see it. They denounced Kevin Smith's Dogma (which was originally produced under Miramax), which is one of the greatest films I've ever seen.

So, why don't you think the Disney executives don't try to target a more adult audience? Sure, there are early to mid 1990s shows and movies (The Lion King, Gargoyles, to name a few) that do appeal to a more adult audience, but with things coming out such as The Tigger Movie, I don't think Disney realizes what they're missing out on.

Okay, so that was more of a rant than a question, but I'd still like to hear your response...

Greg responds...

I'd like to rant and rave, but it's of limited value. Certain projects are targeted to certain markets. It's ridiculous to think of the Tigger Movie as proof of anything vis-a-vis Gargoyles -- as if we weren't making episodes of Winnie the Pooh at the same time we were making Gargoyles, at the same time we were making Schnookums & Meat, etc.

I haven't seen Dogma, so I can't comment on that, and I also haven't seen Sixth Sense, which was a Touchstone film, but from what I understand, that was a fairly intelligent movie targeted at a non-kid audience. And they're still developing the Garg live-action movie, so they haven't exactly given up on squeezing a dime outta the property.

Disney sees a value in Gargoyles, but not the value. We aim to change their mind. At this moment, for no particular reason, I'm confident that we will eventually succeed.

Response recorded on March 21, 2000

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J.F.K writes...

I read earlier that you were pretty much going to ignore
all episodes of the goliath chronicles if you ever got to
do Gargoyles again. Personally I don`t think you should
ignore all of them, there were a couple of good ones in
there like the episode where Hudson fought the Quarymen
blind (forget the name of the episode) and the final episode
which I thought was a great episode.

Greg responds...

I'm sorry, but I wasn't a big fan of either of those. Particularly the last one.

Part of the problem was that the staff of Chronicles took springboards I came up with and then went WAY south with them. If I don't ignore those stories, it prevents me from doing the stories I had planned on doing. If that sets us up for comparison with more sophisticated fans who have seen both, I can live with that.

But at the moment, I'm just blue-skying. Haven't made any final decisions. And obviously won't until reality presents itself.

Response recorded on March 19, 2000

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Wing writes...

I'm just responding to your ramblings on 1/24. This is like a conversation type format, right? Just not Novel type.

<<And, honestly, how many of you thought -- even at the very end of "Hunter's Moon, Part Two" -- that we'd REALLY blow up the clock tower? Did you anticipate that the Gargs would wind up back at the castle with Xanatos or was that a surprise? For that matter, in season one, how many of you would have thought we'd have moved them out of the castle in the first place? "Enter Macbeth" represented a defeat of sort for our heroes. Did you see that coming? >>
I'm kind of dense, actually, so I really didn't see that [the blowing up of the clock tower] coming. The first time I saw that it really was shocking. The commercial break was really a good time to think whether or not those missiles were actually going to cause large kaboom of building. Moving out of the castle wasn't as much of a shock, because Xanatos owned it, and as nobody knew gargoyles existed, they couldn't fight his return. As to the means, you caught me there.

As to internet for further Gargoyle explanations, why not? Everybody's going dot com these days. Just put under the big bold Gargoyles in the intro www.gargoyles.com :p

BTW Gargoyles had a sort of Sixth Sense factor that I theorize could've hurt the ratings. The first time you seee an episode everything is mysterious and shocking. The second time around its analyzing everything to see if it flows and everything is accurate. The third time you see if you can catch anything new. The fourth time you sit back and enjoy it. The fifth time it starts to get old, depending on the time gap inbetween four and five. In other words, would you pay to see Sixth Sense much beyond the fourth time? I think if Disney handle Gargoyles like Fox handled the Digimon series it would have lasted longer.
(Show episodes in order on weekdays, with a different running on the weekend. New episodes aired on weekends with commercials at the end of weekday episodes.) Do you agree with my evaluation at any point?

Greg responds...

I've never seen Sixth Sense, though I know the gimmick.

I've also never seen Digimon. And I'm not sure I understand what point you're trying to make about how they air it. We tried as much as possible to air the show in order. Are you saying that was a bad idea? It seems to me that any series might get a bit tired by the fifth viewing (particularly if you just saw it for the fourth time recently). I'm glad that it holds up for four viewings, and is the kind of show that you can come back to after a while and enjoy all over again. Are you saying that Digimon plays better after five viewings? Or are you saying that what works there is that they show new episodes on the weekend? (Cause trust me, I'd love to be making new episodes, but that isn't an option right now.)

Response recorded on March 19, 2000

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Kraken writes...

Hello mr. Weisman!

Some friends and I were discussing about cartoons and animation the other day. They said that they didn't like Gargoyles because there wasn't enough action and it wasn't fast enough. I argued that Gargoyles had great animation and awesome stories. They replied by saying that stories don't sell these days. I had to agree with that last reply; today we see cartoons with little intelligence with lots of violence. It's a shame that they are the ones that are popular.

So I came up with this question, if Gargoyles or any of the spin-offs were to be brought back, would you make any changes to the orginal Gargoyles we knew? Stories will no doubt be present, but will there be more and faster action?


Greg responds...

I hardly think there's a lack of action in the current gargoyles, no matter what your friends say. I love action. I just like it to be intelligent.

And as I've said <sigh> oh, so many times before, I made the show I wanted to make. If I had the opportunity to do it again, I would attempt to do the same. I have no regrets.

As to stories not selling... I don't necessarily agree with that assessment. But even if I did, I wouldn't sink to participating in the deterioration. I'm a story-teller. That's what I do. What would be the point of me doing the show if I wasn't doing that?

"Faster action?"

Response recorded on March 17, 2000

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Man Mountain writes...

I just read your anecdote about meeting Jonathan Frakes and had two questions:
1) Have you ever thought about "recruiting" some of the more notable actors from Gargoyles to help bring the show back? (I realize that its not as simple as it may sound)
2) Is Shiri Appleby as sweet and adorable in person as she appears to be on screen?

Greg responds...

1. Not as simple? I'm not even sure what that means. Explain to me how that would work and I'll dive right in and get started.

2. Well, I can hardly say that I've met her, so I can hardly comment on her personality. I literally bumped into her and she was very gracious during the three seconds I was apologizing. She has a beautiful smile, and I was graced with that. And, yes, I was a bit smitten in that moment. So based on only that, I'll answer, yes. She is as sweet and adorable in person as she appears to be on screen. At least to the best of my knowledge.

Response recorded on March 11, 2000

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