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Jeremy writes...

First i would like to say that GARGOYLES was the best show i have ever seen.My first question is have you got any new offers on bringing back the series?Have you tried HBO they picked up spawn which is another kick ass show?I think they would jump at gargoyles and it would give you more freedom.If hbo did pick up gargoyles would the story's be more risky using adult themes such as drug use,swearing,nudity or murder.I personaly would love to see the saga shift into a more adult series.

Greg responds...

First off, no. No one has suggested bringing the show back except me. HBO isn't likely to want it, or to get it for that matter even assuming they did want it. They didn't "pick up" Spawn, they were the ones who brought it to the screen in the first place.

As to whether the show would get "more adult" if we had the non-broadcast freedom to be, the answer would generally be "no". I think the show appeals to adults now, without adding gratuitous elements. I wouldn't shy away from doing a drug story if I had a good story to tell about drugs. Adding curse words and nudity for their own sake doesn't interest me. I like nudity as much as the next guy, but it would have to fit. We basically showed Fox nude at the end of "Eye of the Beholder", because it made sense that she'd have no clothes on after her transformation. But I'm not out to arouse anyone. As for murder, hey, been there, done that.

The show's the show. I'd love to have freedom from standards and practices, but I won't ignore my own standards.

On the other hand, the show might get more mature, in the sense that Goliath and Elisa's relationship would continue to mature. That doesn't mean we'd be showing them engaged in sex acts, but we'd deal maturely with inter-species romance. At least I'd hope so.

Response recorded on June 19, 2000