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Clan-Building #6: Reunion

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Gargoyles 30th Anniversary Kickstarter

So, have you ever wanted to read the old `90s Marvel Gargoyles comics?

Ever wanted to read the old SLG run of 12 canon Gargoyles comics?

Ever wanted to read the old SLG run of our 6-issue canon Gargoyles: Bad Guys spin-off comics series?

Or, maybe, you've read them but don't want to pull individual issues or fragile old trades out of their bags?

This is your chance to have another chance at these stories!

These issues have long been out of print.

The Marvel stuff was never collected, and had some amazing creators on it, including some of Amanda Conner's earliest work.

Some of the SLG stuff (both Gargoyles and Bad Guys, all written by me and all of it canon to the television series and the current run of Dynamite Gargoyles comics) was never released as individual issues.

All of it is hard to find, and can cost thousands on ebay.

Now, Dynamite is offering a three-volume set (which can be purchased individually or together) collecting the Marvel Gargoyles run, the SLG Gargoyles run, and the SLG Gargoyles: Bad Guys run. You can get them in paperback trades, hardcovers or DELUXE hardcovers. And there are a bunch of other cool rewards to choose from, as well.

Check out the Kickstarter here:


Watch the video, and I'll tell you more about it all!

But remember, we NEED this Kickstarter to fund, cuz without it, it may be our last chance to republish these titles. So help us SPREAD THE WORD!!!!


Greg Weisman

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Rachel writes...

I know you're not on top of the products and sales, but how come Gargoyles season 2 vol 1 is out of stock everywhere while vol 2 and season 1 are readily available? Same with the Clan-Building comics, even if I want to buy a used version, it says it costs $1000 on amazon. So is there ever going to be a re-release of the products with its resurgence on Disney+?

Greg responds...

I'm sorry, I just have no idea. I'm not consulted on these things. I've been trying to get them to rerelease the entire SLG run of comics for some time. But no luck yet.

Response recorded on March 17, 2022

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Clan-Building Review

There's a pretty comprehensive review of Clan-Building here:


This guy really knows the series.

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Antiyonder writes...

"I know where my copy of the Gargoyles Trade Paperback "Clan-Building" Volume One is. Do you?"

On the computer desk for the moment, as I'm staying at my dad's place tonight. Good job on your part of putting the TPB together. While I do have the individual issues, getting the trade wasn't really any problem as I've done the same for the Spider-Girl series from Marvel.

As for the next volume of Clan Building when it comes out (going for optimism here) have you considered putting in the scenes than didn't make it in the #6 flashback? You know, much like a Deleted Scene section on a DVD? Or did you you only script the scenes in question?

Greg responds...

I guess I have the old script, but I'm not sure I need or want to see the page or so that didn't make the cut into #6. They don't really fit anymore. And, of course, they were never drawn.

Response recorded on February 01, 2008

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The One Known As Mochi writes...

So... Last week, I finally managed to pick up #6 (the corrected version), #7 and Bad Guys #1. I knowingly overdrew my checking account getting these issues (don't worry, I won't do that again...$30 overdraft charges aren't always fun to deal with...) and I was eager to catch up with everyone else. I'll briefly share my thoughts on these issues.

Gargoyles #6
I almost laughed when Goliath, Elisa, Bronx and Angela ended up in a huge pot of...whatever was boiling in there... Bronx looks good in a sherpa (it is a sherpa, right?). It seems Avalon has sent them to find Coldstone and reunite the clan. They end up waking up upon a lake and whether or not they were successful has yet to be known. Coldsteel working for Xanatos... That's surprise for me. It made me wonder what Coldsteel had been doing since he disappeared after being seperated from Coldstone's body.

Gargoyles #7
Now I see why all those dates and times were withheld. Lots of skipping around in terms of time. Made for interesting reading I have to admit. I'm wondering if issue #8 will reveal what happened on the morning of November 15... Fox is shopping for shoes...and curiosity as to why is killing me a little. Shari is quite a story teller. Perhaps her knowledge is why she ranks high in the Illuminati? I'm wondering what Xanatos has planned, especially since the Stone of Destiny might be involved... The page with Macbeth waiting for Lexington and Hudson to wake up was funny. I know jetlag is not a fun thing to experience... I noticed Angela whispers something to Broadway... Perhaps it's alluding to something that will be revealed later? Wow...Macbeth tried to steal the stone back in 1950. Very interesting... Another Coyote and Coldsteel...helping Xanatos... Definitely lots of foreshadowing present in this issue. "...and normalcy is over-rated." So true... So very true... It's good to see Goliath and Elisa patching up things. Maggie is pregnant! Yay! Is she getting a baby shower? King Arthur! Good to see him make an appearance, although having him hold a sword to Macbeth's neck has me wanting to read #8 to see what happens. The London Clan makes an appearance too. Again, can't wait for #8 to be released...

Bad Guys #1
After reading through it the first time, I found myself having mixed reactions from the content (it's not that bad though). I liked seeing Matrix with a boombox. It seemed very apropos for him. Hmm...I'm curious as to who attacked the group... The Tazmanian Tiger was something I wasn't expecting. I'll admit, it's something new, but it didn't distract me too much. In a way, he looked like Batman in a tiger suit...at least that's what first came to mind when I first read through it. I'm glad there was a panel that shows where Dingo was being "inserted." Otherwise, I would've had to imagine where...and it would be very, VERY awry just to think about that... I liked Dingo's reaction to it though. The song lyrics... I'm wondering if that's alluding to some foreshadowing... Perhaps I'm reading too much into it? I won't know until the next issue... Nicely written lyrics, by the way... So far, I think it's off to a good start and I hope it gets better from here.

I guess I should mention now that I'll soon be a proud owner of the Season 1 DVD box set! I haven't ordered it just yet, but I will be after Christmas. In two weeks, Season 2 Volume 1... I can't wait!

Greg responds...


Response recorded on January 23, 2008

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Vaevictis Asmadi writes...

Here's more scattered, random reactions to the comics, in lieu of actual reviews. So because I already posted a lot about it in the comment room, and I'm lazy, I'm skipping a review of 3-5 for now and going on to review the latest issues that I bought. Starting with #6, others coming later. How many times can I post in a row without being rude?

SPOILERS (if you haven't got #6 yet)
The art in this issue mostly looks really good, once I got used to the pencils, but Lexington and Brooklyn and some of the early frames of Angela looked wrong.

I noticed that the pictures of Gabriel and Iago were copied directly from specific shots in the animated series. That's interesting, they were immediately recognizable and I thought it was cool, it indicates that the artists are getting a hold of the episodes and paying attention to the art in them. I do wonder if they are supplied with the character model sheets, though.

I'm surprised that you changed the Avalon situation so that the magic does not translate. It is definitely cool to see the language issue addressed, but I thought that the magic translateion was more probable than that every single person they met on the other Tour stops spoke English, and well. Now I wonder how Angela, Tom, and King Arthur are able to communicate with English-speakers.

Lots of new mysteries. How do the Illuminati know about that World Tour stop? And what "seeds" were "sown" at that time? No doubt Xanatos is up to something...

Landing in a giant cooking/laundry pot is definitely a new way to travel.

Shari feeding Thailog grapes while he's dressed like a Roman emperor is... intereting. She should be careful about taunting him, though.

I'm a bit disappointed that we didn't see real yetis, but since All Things Are True, they are probably out there somewhere.

I enjoyed all the issues I've read so far and although this wasn't quite as fun as some of the others, it was still good.
SPOILERS (if you haven't got #6 yet)

Greg responds...

I'm not sure I DID change the rules here. They were sent to speak to Coldstone, not Master Dawa or Sangpo.

Response recorded on January 09, 2008

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Charisma82 writes...

Here's the 2nd half of my ramble on the 6th issue of the Gargoyles Comic Book series.

Gargoyles: Clan-Building
Part Five: Reunion

Part 2 Pages 13-24

Page 13: Goliath seems very happy on this page. He's reunited with his brother. Nothing is posing any threats to him or his friends. All's well with the big guy. This page is a nice and subtle way of introducing the idea of Avalon and the fact that there are other gargoyles around Angela's age to readers who haven't seen the shows yet. They are also told about how Avalon had once sent Goliath, Elisa, Angela, & Bronx to different places, before the present time in the comic books; not only did Avalon send them places, it sent them places where they were needed for some purpose. That's a lot to work into one page. And the two monks have some cute lines, now that I actually go back and re-read them (I kinda skimmed some of their parts the first time around, just to get to the Coldstone parts).

Page 14: Here we get cannon proof that Gabriel and Coldstone (Othello) are biologically related. Angela speaks more of biological parentage, and Goliath still seems uneasy about the subject, even if he has accepted Angela as his daughter (I'm assuming this episode was to be after "The Panther Queen" and not before; I hope I'm correct in assuming that). I'm not sure how Coldstone is taking the news of having a biological son, since we don't get to hear his tone of voice. I'm sure he's glad that he has many sons and daughters on Avalon, but I don't know what he's thinking about his own biological son at this moment. He might be considering not just his biological son in his statement, but might be thinking of all his sons and daughters, and that's what helps bring him to his decision. I'm just guessing though.

Page 15: The readers are introduced to the concept of Coldstone being made of 3 gargoyles and not just one. It's another quick hint to those who didn't watch the TV show, to help them catch up on what they've missed. This is also when Coldstone starts to act differently…

Page 16: The first time I read this through I was confused as to why Coldstone suddenly wanted to go with Goliath after he'd just said he didn't want to leave. Then Goliath states that Coldstone must have switched personalities to the evil one (Iago). I didn't really buy that idea. I don't know why, it just seems out of place for that to happen. I can't really explain, but I just have a hard time wanting to believe that Coldstone switched personalities at that moment (not saying that he can't, 'cause Iago has taken over Coldstone plenty of times at the wrong times for Goliath). I like Master Dawa's line, "Friends sacrifice for each other," in response to Sangpo's comment.

Page 17: Even more fighting and no dialogue. Goliath gets a taste of some stone wall.

Page 18: Angela gets a good punch in before the scene cuts to Elisa trying to make the monks leave. Sangpo is probably still trying to listen with his heart, trying to figure out what Elisa is saying, if not still trying to figure out why Coldstone is attacking his friends.

Page 19: Never threaten Elisa unless you want Goliath to attempt to rip your head off. And what an interesting line for Coldstone to choose to get Goliath's goat. I doubt that would've been heard on TV. Another reason for the comics. Oh, and I love the shot of everyone trying to take Coldstone down and we see Bronx chewing on his kneecap. It kinda reminds me of Xanatos' line in "Future Tense" when he's talking to Goliath's stone head in his hand.

Page 20: This scene reminds me a lot of when Coldstone (as Iago) takes down Goliath and his clan in "High Noon".

Page 21: I like knowing now that the monks can sense when evil is present and when it is not, at least in Coldstone's situation. That would come in handy if Iago ever decided to show up and try to act like Othello. Now I'm curious, since Othello is in control, does that mean that Desdemona has to keep Iago at bay the entire time? Does Desdemona get any training from the monks to help keep Iago away like Othello does? The rest of this page explains why Coldstone (Othello) pretended to be evil, so he couldn't put his clan, his children, at risk. He figures the only way he could've done this was to take them out as "the evil one". I agree with his logic. Goliath was happy being reunited with his brother again, and he did believe that Avalon sent him to his brother so he could join them, so I think that Goliath would've gone to great lengths to have his brother at his side, even if Coldstone didn't believe he was ready to be with his clan yet.

Page 22: Shari finishes the story, talking about a place called Shambahla. I figured this was just another place in the world that I didn't know about, but then I read in a review that it was a mystical place, so I looked it up on GargWiki to find out that it is indeed a mystical place like Avalon. Hmm… interesting cliffhanger there. Next we find Thailog chortling at his own amusement of Goliath's past, so-called, failure. Then Shari gives him the idea that they didn't fail.

Page 23: Thailog seems a bit perturbed. Okay, I was a bit confused with Shari's lines when she says that "seeds were sown that night… seeds that have yet to bear fruit." Is she referencing to the episode "Possession", since Coldstone no longer has to worry about the "evil one", or is she referencing to something that is going to happen in the future? Thailog seems even more upset, and right before he goes to sleep too. Shari seems like a pretty good player thus far. Why was it such a big deal that the lettering was a bit different for the logo? It was the same word. And finally, we get to see Xanatos.

Page 24: And here's Coldsteel! Can't wait to find out what Xanatos has in mind for him, though I do have some theories of my own…

Once again, a good comic book, though it wasn't my favorite so far. I did think the story was a bit rushed, but it was also great to see a "lost" episode from season 2. Keep up the great work and I can't wait for the next comic (I've been craving it's plotline since I read a summary on it on GargWiki several months back…).

Thank you for your time and all that you do.


Greg responds...

Page 23 - Everything's relative. The fact that we went to the trouble to create an actual logo, as opposed to scratchy lettering -- and we wound up printing the old version was frustrating. Obviously, that was not the most serious mistake in the book, and had it been the ONLY mistake, I would have just quietly had it corrected for the Trade Paperback, and seen whether or not ANYONE noticed.

Response recorded on November 16, 2007

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Charisma82 writes...

Hey! Okay, here it is, with no long rambles before hand, the first part of my review on the 6th comic book.

Gargoyles: Clan-Building
Part Five: Reunion

Part 1 Pages 1-12

Page 1: Angela looks cute in this picture. I'm glad that it's not a full moon, 'cause the gargoyles have had enough things going on during full moons already. I do want to say that I am very thankful to you for putting up this page on GargWiki with the title and all that in the corner. This way I know how you wanted it to look, though it wasn't a big deal for me not to see it in the comic.

Page 2: Angela looks like she aged or something in the next shot of her with the trio. I think the drawings of them look a bit off, but I really liked the drawings in the rest of the comic. And again with poor Brooklyn. Timedancer can't come soon enough for him.

Page 3: Okay, what's with the swan ice sculpture? Any story behind that one? And it's shown dripping/melting, just to let us know that Thailog isn't freezing in his room. Shari didn't seem much the type to me to be feeding Thailog grapes like a servant. I suppose she's trying to lay low when she is really a crafty one herself. I also have to say that Thailog has some nice taste in decorating, or at least good taste in ordering around someone else to decorate for him.

Page 4: So does Shari only wear her Illuminate pen/necklace when she feels like it, 'cause it's not on her in this comic. I would assume so, since other Illuminate members don't wear theirs all the time either.

Page 5: This is my favorite scene in this comic, the skiff in the big boiling pot. It's funny 'cause you wouldn't expect it, but then how else would Avalon get Goliath & company up in those mountains? And then our heroes go from the heat to the cold…

Page 6: They all look so cute in their coats, especially Bronx. But why's Goliath looking so angry? They haven't been attacked yet. Sangpo needs his eyes checked. Yeti are supposed to be furry things. And they don't have wings. But he realizes this later. I really like how you have Sangpo speaking in a different language, though we read it as English (the first time I read it, I thought they were speaking to each other through their minds psychically). It's a nice touch to make it seem more believable that they're in a different part of the world.

Page 7: Now introducing Master Dawa. Not much here except Dawa stopping the shooting of arrows at the gargoyles, him getting after Sangpo for ordering the shooting, and then his line on how "their souls are fortunate that their bodies are such lousy shots."

Page 8: The gargoyles and Elisa find a cave on this page. That, and Bronx goes after something in the dark cave…

Page 9: You just had to stick a jalapena line in there, huh? (That wasn't a complaint; I like those lines; keep 'em coming!) I might as well mention here that I like the fact that you had Angela in her other outfit that she wore during the Avalon World Tour, and not her new outfit so that it all works out with continuity stuff. Bronx finds what he was looking for in the cave, and, of course, attacks it…

Page 10: Just a fighting page, no dialogue. We do get to see father daughter team work at play here. I like the one red eye, one glowing white eye for the hooded figure. It is a big clue for fans (who didn't already read about it on GargWiki) to know that Coldstone is back.

Page 11: A big picture of Goliath realizing that he is fighting Coldstone.

Page 12: All I have to say is that it happens to the best of us. I was confused a bit, but got the drift of what was going on on this page. Once again, thanks a bunch for putting what you had planned out for this page on GargWiki. It helped me out a lot to see it. It's a warm reunion between Goliath and his rookery brother. Angela gets to meet another rookery father, though I think she seems more interested in biological fathers. I like finding out that Coldstone didn't have to face his "inner demons" alone, and that he gets some help from, what seems to be, a good man named Master Dawa.

There's the first half. I'll get around to the 2nd some time in the near future (I hope).

Thank you for your time and all that you do.


Greg responds...

Thank you too.

Response recorded on November 16, 2007

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#6 Reprint

FYI - I stopped by my local comic book store last night and the corrected reprint of Gargoyles #6 was there.

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Latest Update

Okay, here's what I know as of right now.

First off, the reprint of Gargoyles #6 should be in stores tomorrow (11/14/07). You SHOULD be able to exchange first printing copies for the reprint if you'd like. Notice the emphasis on SHOULD. Let me quote a recent e-mail from SLG publisher Dan Vado in answer to my question as to whether local stores know about this:

"The store issue is a tough one. They have been as informed as they possibly can be, that is we paid to have notices sent to them, there will be an item on their invoice and there was a mention in the weekly newsletter from Diamond Comics as well as from me personally in my retailer newsletter and on a retailer message board. That being said, I was on a conference call with two retailers yesterday, two who buy direct form me regualrly and are among those stores I would count as hard core supporters, and they had no clue they were getting new copies this week or about the replacement issue. So, as I have been mentioning to fans, the best thing to do if the retailer looks at them like they were crazy is to not bother them or get angry with them, just tear off the cover [of their old printing copy] and send it to us [at SLG] and we will replace the book directly. This is why we have not sent copies to Amazon yet and why it has not been on our website yet."

So, not a perfect world, but I really do think it's as good as it gets given the situation.

Next up, Bad Guys #1. This SHOULD be out by the end of this month. Unfortunately, because of Thanksgiving, that's not a lock. But if it's not out the last week of November, it will be out the first week of December. (In any case, it's ALL finished -- and approved.)

After that, expect Gargoyles #7 approximately three weeks after Bad Guys #1 hits the stores -- which SHOULD still put it in December -- unless Christmas messes that up, in which case it should be out the first week in January. The book is also ALL finished, but has not yet been approved.

After that, the Gargoyles Clan-Building Volume #1 Trade Paperback. Galleys are being reviewed now, but it should be out in late December or early January. We may delay it a week or two so that it isn't coming out the EXACT same week as BG1 or G7. Then again we may not.

After that, um, I guess Bad Guys #2, which is currently being finished by Karine.

After that Gargoyles #8, which is being pencilled by David.

After that Bad Guys #3, which is being scripted now by me.

After that Gargoyles #9, which has ALREADY been scripted by me. Uh... how did that happen?

Anyway, that's all I know at this time.


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