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Charisma82 writes...

Hey! Okay, here it is, with no long rambles before hand, the first part of my review on the 6th comic book.

Gargoyles: Clan-Building
Part Five: Reunion

Part 1 Pages 1-12

Page 1: Angela looks cute in this picture. I'm glad that it's not a full moon, 'cause the gargoyles have had enough things going on during full moons already. I do want to say that I am very thankful to you for putting up this page on GargWiki with the title and all that in the corner. This way I know how you wanted it to look, though it wasn't a big deal for me not to see it in the comic.

Page 2: Angela looks like she aged or something in the next shot of her with the trio. I think the drawings of them look a bit off, but I really liked the drawings in the rest of the comic. And again with poor Brooklyn. Timedancer can't come soon enough for him.

Page 3: Okay, what's with the swan ice sculpture? Any story behind that one? And it's shown dripping/melting, just to let us know that Thailog isn't freezing in his room. Shari didn't seem much the type to me to be feeding Thailog grapes like a servant. I suppose she's trying to lay low when she is really a crafty one herself. I also have to say that Thailog has some nice taste in decorating, or at least good taste in ordering around someone else to decorate for him.

Page 4: So does Shari only wear her Illuminate pen/necklace when she feels like it, 'cause it's not on her in this comic. I would assume so, since other Illuminate members don't wear theirs all the time either.

Page 5: This is my favorite scene in this comic, the skiff in the big boiling pot. It's funny 'cause you wouldn't expect it, but then how else would Avalon get Goliath & company up in those mountains? And then our heroes go from the heat to the cold…

Page 6: They all look so cute in their coats, especially Bronx. But why's Goliath looking so angry? They haven't been attacked yet. Sangpo needs his eyes checked. Yeti are supposed to be furry things. And they don't have wings. But he realizes this later. I really like how you have Sangpo speaking in a different language, though we read it as English (the first time I read it, I thought they were speaking to each other through their minds psychically). It's a nice touch to make it seem more believable that they're in a different part of the world.

Page 7: Now introducing Master Dawa. Not much here except Dawa stopping the shooting of arrows at the gargoyles, him getting after Sangpo for ordering the shooting, and then his line on how "their souls are fortunate that their bodies are such lousy shots."

Page 8: The gargoyles and Elisa find a cave on this page. That, and Bronx goes after something in the dark cave…

Page 9: You just had to stick a jalapena line in there, huh? (That wasn't a complaint; I like those lines; keep 'em coming!) I might as well mention here that I like the fact that you had Angela in her other outfit that she wore during the Avalon World Tour, and not her new outfit so that it all works out with continuity stuff. Bronx finds what he was looking for in the cave, and, of course, attacks it…

Page 10: Just a fighting page, no dialogue. We do get to see father daughter team work at play here. I like the one red eye, one glowing white eye for the hooded figure. It is a big clue for fans (who didn't already read about it on GargWiki) to know that Coldstone is back.

Page 11: A big picture of Goliath realizing that he is fighting Coldstone.

Page 12: All I have to say is that it happens to the best of us. I was confused a bit, but got the drift of what was going on on this page. Once again, thanks a bunch for putting what you had planned out for this page on GargWiki. It helped me out a lot to see it. It's a warm reunion between Goliath and his rookery brother. Angela gets to meet another rookery father, though I think she seems more interested in biological fathers. I like finding out that Coldstone didn't have to face his "inner demons" alone, and that he gets some help from, what seems to be, a good man named Master Dawa.

There's the first half. I'll get around to the 2nd some time in the near future (I hope).

Thank you for your time and all that you do.


Greg responds...

Thank you too.

Response recorded on November 16, 2007