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Matt writes...

My Review For Gargoyles #6, "Reunion"...

- My friend Ryan and I went to pick up our copies of Reunion the day it came out. The store we went to told me they had received 12 copies and when we left only one copy was remaining, which is good. The cover is awesome, one of my favorites so far. I like the dynamic nature of it. All the covers have been gorgeous so far, but this one really pulls you into the action and the story.

- There are a lot of neat little details that I loved in this issue. The fact that it was snowing in New York, Lex's continuing preoccupation with Brentwood's choice, Brook's face when Angela puts her hand on his shoulder (another poor Brooklyn moment), the arrival of the travelers in the laundry pot, Elisa's line about Hawaii, the way Coldstone picks up Bronx, and others.

- The art in this issue was... alright. I think Mr. Purcell did an excellant job on all the human characters (Elisa, Shari, Xanatos, Dawa and Sangpo), but I wasn't impressed by his depiction of the gargoyle characters. The sketches look too rough, like they were unfinished. Some of the faces and poses seemed way off. My friend Ryan said that in the top panel of page 2, Angela looks like a velociraptor. I think Coldstone and Coldsteel were well drawn, but it irked me that some drawings (particularly Gabriel and Iago) were traced right off the GargWiki pictures. Out of the four artists we've seen in the books so far, I'd have to rank Purcell my least favorite. It isn't terrible, it's just I like the style of the others so much more. Charlebois and Hedgecock are my favorites, so I look forward to them taking on the bulk of Gargoyles and Bad Guys issues from here on out.

- Greg, I know you are tired of hearing about the errors, but I wanted to mention my own impressions of them briefly. Ryan and I read the comic together and we both sat there scratching our heads trying to figure out the 12th page. It's funny that the first couple frames seem perfectly fine. Anyway, it's a shame, but with the reprint and trade paperback coming out, it isn't a big deal. I'm more annoyed by the wrong "Vows" ending being on the DVD. As for the title page and Scarab logo errors, I didn't notice that until it was pointed out to me, I feel those are very minor, frustrating for the staff, I'm sure, but minor.

- The story of this issue is one I've been looking forward to for years. I always loved the various Coldstone episodes, and it intrigued me that this story had been written to be in comic form many years ago. That said, it felt very rushed. I'm sure that was somewhat unavoidable, but in a way I feel leaving some things out would've resulted in a more natural pacing. Angela going on about Gabriel seemed jarring. I like that anyone could look and see that Gabriel was Coldstone's son, but having Angela spell it out bothered me a lot. If anyone would talk about biological parentage, it would be her, but still she really seems to not care about the Gargoyle Way here at all. At first, I thought Coldstone was acknowledging Gabriel as his son, and then I caught the quotes around biological. I was thrilled that Coldstone didn't care much about Angela's revelation. It's almost like he didn't understand what she was talking about, which was awesome, probably my favorite part of the story. He sees Gabriel and Angela and the others as his rookery children. All of them.

- Now, obviously Goliath and the others want Coldstone to return to the clan, but Coldstone points out what Goliath should already know. Coldstone is dangerous and unpredictable. And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, in the middle of this explanation, Coldstone pretends the "evil one" takes control to illustrate the point. This seemed extremely rushed and odd. Coldstone didn't even wait for Goliath to try to understand before just assuming he has to take matters into his own hands. He attacks the travelers, throwing them around, shooting at them, and, most alarmingly lifting Elisa off the ground by her neck! This really makes Coldstone look really bad, worse then the so called "evil one". Hes a good guy who is attacking his family to prove a point before trying to show his point with simple conversation. And on top of that, it would be one thing to simply stun them all and send them on their way, but what he did to Elisa could've seriously injured her. I'm not sure whether to blame all this on the rushing of the story or on Coldstone's character or maybe something else was going on, I dunno. It just seemed outrageous. Coldstone tells Dawa that "They would never have left [him] behind." and "[He] had to make them believe the evil one had taken control..." but honestly, he hardly even tried to convince them. I know I'm rambling now, so suffice to say, I hope there was more going on here that we don't know yet. Shari's lines concerning the adventure hints that more was going on before, during or because of this event, so who knows.

- I liked that Coldstone went to Dawa for help in his internal battle. I like that Sangpo correctly sensed that the evil one had not taken control. These were great characters and it'll be fascinating to learn more about them in the future.

- Finally, as for the bookends of this story we have Thailog and Shari and Xanatos and Coldsteel. Suffice to say I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see how their stories will play out. A story for another night indeed...

- All in all, I have to say that though I liked this story, the art was not my favorite and the story seemed too condensed. The ending leaves us all wanting more though, so I guess thats a good thing. And since Greg claims this story "will have major ramifications in the issues to come", I'll be interested in looking back at this one in a year or two with the advantage of hindsight.

Looking forward to Issue #7 and Bad Guys #1!!! Thanks again to the staff!

Greg responds...

Not sure what to make of the fact that your "favorite part of the story" comes directly out of something you're suggesting I should have trimmed out...

Response recorded on November 13, 2007

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Jurgan writes...

Been working non-stop lately, but I did get a chance to read issue 6, and now that I've got a little time off, I'm going to try to drop a review.

Good news, first: when I went to my usual comics store, which has always stocked several of each issue, on the afternoon of release day, they were sold out. I know your question is always "will you order more?" so you'll be happy to know that I heard the employee say, "we need to up our orders for Gargoyles." At least, I'm pretty sure he said that, though I don't know if they ordered any more of issue 6 than the two copies I ordered (I keep one in plastic, mainly so that if I'm reading one on the bus or I loan it to a friend and lose it, I'll always have a complete set that never leaves my house). The upshot for me was that, by the time I got to reading it a week later, I already knew about the production errors and wasn't as confused by them. It did throw me a bit when I saw Coldstone and Goliath fighting and talking, but then I remembered talk about errors and figured it out. And I've seen similar errors before- my Death of Jean DeWolff paperback had two pages in reverse order, so it jumps from Daredevil fighting a mob, to Spider-man (with a hyphen!) and Daredevil talking on a roof, to Spider-man swinging into the mob to save Daredevil. Anyway, the point is that I thought the errors were a bit confusing, but nothing so bad that I couldn't figure them out. So, 'nuff said on that issue.

Reunion was a rather down issue in a number of ways. Since it was a flashback, we already knew how things would ultimately turn out, so it didn't advance the plot much (although there were some hints about future developments). It felt more like a highlights reel than an actual complete story- the travelers had barely arrived when they were on their way out again. Still, there were certainly some good things in it:

I was a bit confused right at the beginning why Angela said Goliath was "healing." Wouldn't stone sleep cure him instantly? Was Thailog's wound that bad that it took days to recover?

I'm very amused by Thailog's emperor get-up. He's barely touched the wine, though. But I also like how Shari is pretending to be subject to him. She seems to enjoy the game of being his servant, knowing that at any moment she can switch to her master role. Also, artwise (I rarely have much to say about art), I like the very dark eyeliner Shari wears. Some people thought that was another mistake, but I have no problem with her looking different from day to day. One of the advantages of comics over cartoons- methinks Elisa's buying a whole new wardrobe.

Shari starts telling the story, but opens with the line "who can say if it be true." This raises an interesting question- how reliable is Shari as a narrator? I enjoy the device of the unreliable narrator, but I can't tell if it's being employed here. So, can you tell us: is what we see in the flashback literally what happened to the travelers, or is it a distorted version of the story told by Shari?

The laundry room arrival was rather silly, but clever at the same time. I can't decide whether I like it or not.

I love Bronx's vest.

Master Dawa's kind of fun. Far too many sage characters only speak in vague, portentous platitudes. It's nice when they know how to crack a joke or two, as in "their bodies are such lousy shots."

The action sequence in the cave is excellent, with a great sense of motion. And I can hear Frank Welker's barks in my head. And then, jalapena. This word should stay around forever, and now you don't have to worry about the art crew's objections (I've never understood what it was about that word that was so objectionable, anyway).

Goliath and Angela may not look very Yetiish, but in his white fur get-up, Coldstone actually does. The next action scene is also pretty good, though not quite up to the first.

The conversation scenes are nice, and Goliath gets his first chance to tell someone about the eggs surviving. I love his little grin. I also like Bronx asleep by the fire.

Angela's talk about Gabriel being his "biological" son was a little odd to me. I thought that once Goliath acknowledged her as his daughter, her talk of biology had ended. I assumed Gabriel's heritage would be an issue obvious to us, the viewers, but never made explicit to the characters, just like Hudson/Broadway.

So, you managed to slip a quick recap of Coldstone's situation in. Probably for the best, as Coldstone's story was always one of the more confusing elements of the series for me. I didn't figure it out until my second run with the series in college, five years after it went off the air. I also like that Coldstone is learning monastic meditation techniques, or something, to control Iago. I'm not sure how that will matter in the long run.

And then there's another great fight. Tell Purcell that he does some of the best action sequences in the book so far. I know Hedgecock's working hard, but Purcell should be on your short list of fill-ins. So far, 5 and 6 definitely have the best artwork. Unlike some, I've enjoyed almost all of the art we've seen so far, even if there've been a few problems (I didn't care for some of the goofy extras in #4, and there were a few Hedgecock panels that were ridiculously out-of-proportion). However, Karine and Purcell are the ones whose art really looks like the Gargoyles we grew up with. Anyway.

Coldstone's "neck-snapping" comment was downright disturbing. There's something you never would have pulled off on television. The funny thing is, while it does seem a bit over-the-top, it works when we realize who's really in control. Othello's trying to impersonate his evil brother, but he's a hammy actor and plays it too broadly. Maybe I'm reading too much into his few lines as "Iago," but that's what it seems to me. If only I could hear Michael Dorn do this one.

Speaking of Othello, I was impressed by his character in this issue. I've never been too fond of the guy. He strikes me as a moral coward who's willing to compromise his integrity and take the easy way out until cajoled into doing the right thing, in both "High Noon" and "Posession," and perhaps other places as well (a big part of his relationship with Desdemona seems to be that she acts as his conscience). So it was nice to see him take action immediately to protect his family, even though he surely would have preferred to return with them. Of course, it's a very status quo choice- Coldstone had already left the clan, and nothing seems to have changed in this issue. Or has it? There are some hints.

I've never heard of Shambahla. I ran across suggestion that it's another name for Shangri-La- is that right? The travelers left with apparently nothing accomplished, but Avalon did not send them back. Having them leave unconscious was probably the only solution, since they would not have gone voluntarily without him (well, Elisa might have, but Goliath can be pretty stubborn).

"A story for another night." Sounds very similar to the Weird Sisters' pronouncement. In their case, though, they were talking about themselves. Shari's story is certainly one we'd like to hear sooner or later. The comment room denizens have a great theory about her which I wish I'd thought of myself (then again, I came up with the reigning theory on Number 1's identity, so I shouldn't be too jealous). A little bit I liked was Thailog referring to Iago as his "uncle." It shows how un-gargoyle he is mentally, since any gargoyle would refer to Othello as one of his rookery fathers. And then Shari suggests that Goliath may not have failed- and Thailog freaks out. We've seen Thailog angry before, but I don't think we've ever seen him completely lose his composure like this. He seems genuinely afraid at this point. Shari's an incredibly captivating character, and I can't wait to see more of her. Her talk about "fruit" suggests something big is brewing, and the possibility that there's more going on here than meets the eye saves this issue from the doldrums of mediocrity.

Scarab returns, and Xanatos meets with Coldsteel. Wonder what that's about...

All in all, this wasn't a bad issue, but it strikes me as a bit of a dud. It was nice to fill in some gaps, but there was nothing really surprising or significant about the Himalayas adventure. However, if this pays off in the next story arc, and the pay off is good enough, I may change my tune. I wonder how this would have worked as an episode of the TV show. It would have to be framed quite a bit differently. Here, we're willing to see a sort of mundane story because we sense that it's still significant. As part of the World Tour, though, it wouldn't be very satisfying to see an episode in which nothing significant appears to take place- the gang show up, get chased away, and leave. I assume the plot would have been expanded quite a bit- maybe adding in an external threat so that there could be a sense of closure to the episode.

This issue also brings to mind two of the bigger disappointments in Gargoyles. One was the other untold World Tour story, showing how Xanatos took advantage of Goliath's absence. The other is the end of Legion. While a decent episode on the whole, Legion always feels weak to me because of its ending. The Xanatos tag was that he stole a computer virus, but compared to the stunners immediately preceding in Leader of the Pack and Metamorphosis, it's not that impressive. Even worse, though, was that there was never any follow-up to this virus that Xanatos thought was so valuable- you'd think he would have found some use for it eventually. A rare moment of waste in the Gargoyles universe. So I'm making a formal request that we find out what Xanatos used that virus for. I can think of possible uses in the next story arc, but those are ideas, so I'll keep them to myself (of course, you've already written the next story arc, but something down the road might be similar to what I'm thinking, so...). If you've already got plans, I don't want to know specifics (not that you'd give them anyway). I'm happy hanging on for the ride. Just letting you know that that's something I've always been curious about.

All in all, a decent issue, but nothing too spectacular. The weakest issue of the book so far, due to the fact that it currently seems like mostly filler. 2.5/4 stars (note that this is by Gargoyles standards- compared to other comics, it'd probably get 3 or 3.5). If it's redeemed by future issues and takes on greater significance, as I suspect it will, my opinion may improve a good bit. Thanks for listening.

Greg responds...

The M in Spider-Man is capitalized after the hyphen.

Response recorded on November 12, 2007

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Blaise writes...


Okay, Greg, since you brought it up in an earlier response...

In your original version of the "World Tour Travellers meet Coldstone" story:

1) What exactly happened with the "mountain climbers?"

2) What exactly was the "'Twilight Zone' kicker?"

You know me, I'm just curious.

Greg responds...

1. The mountain climbers run into a fur-covered Coldstone and think he's a yeti.

2. May use it somewhere else someday, so I'll hold my peace on this one.

Response recorded on November 08, 2007

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Blaise writes...



I was unable to afford it until Saturday the 13th, by which time it had sold out of my local store. They assured me that they would have more by Tuesday the 16th. In the interim, I checked out "Ask Greg" and discovered the "page-16-art-for-12" error. In a way this was a blessing in disguise as it caused me to modify my plans--instead of buying two issues, I would now buy one copy of the misprint (keep it as a collector's item) and then purchase two corrected copies when they came out.
Of course, possibly because they WERE going back to the printers on this, my comic shop didn't get new issues on the 16th...or at any other time of the following week. They wound up overnighting a copy (the last one) from their Valley Branch because they're cool like that.

--I LOVED the first page of Angela. She looks good there. I just wish Purcell were more consistent with her. Overall, I liked his work--I found it a solid art style. However, he seems to have difficulty when it comes to Angela's face. The middle of the three horizontal panels on page 2 looks especially weird; more like the rictus grin of a corpse. I thought the middle panel on page 14 looked a bit off, too. It's a pity, because I rather enjoyed the rest of it.
--I love Lex's rather bitter "--all except Brentwood" in response to Angela's statement that "the clones have chosen good over evil." You can tell he's still upset by that.
--Nice to know Maggie's all right and Goliath is healing. Also we receive confirmation that their days of just hiding out in the castle are now over. Of course, this new development will undoubtedly bring its own problems.
--Brooklyn's still not too comfortable around the lovebirds. Did anyone else notice that while she was holding hands with Broadway she had her other hand on Brooklyn's shoulder? No wonder he took off in such a hurry.
--I laughed out loud at page 3. Behold: "Alexander (Thailog) the Great!" Okay, okay, so Alexander wasn't a Roman, but COME ON! It's too perfect! I loved the ice swan and Thailog's "leisure attire" (white and red seems to be his favorite motif). And Shari feeding him grapes…I guess he figures if he's got to have a #9 as his "Executive Assistant" he might as well enjoy it.
--Shari's definitely an interesting character. I look forward to learning more about her.
--The skiff showing up in the giant laundry tub would be the second time I laughed out loud. I mean seriously, how else do you beat a swimming pool for a unique body of water? I loved Elisa's asking to skip this particular adventure and see if Avalon needed them someplace else…like Hawaii. The cut to her "Guess not" was a great follow-up.
--The Gargoyles mistaken for Yeti is kind of funny, though I agree with Master Dawa; Sangpo should not be so hasty in his actions or judgments. Dawa gets some of the best lines, of course, but since others have already noted them, I shall not repeat them. Suffice to say, he has been presented as an interesting character and I look forward to seeing more of him.
--I loved the top panel of page 7, specifically, Goliath carrying Elisa. Don't ask me why, it just struck me.
--"Jalapena"...of course. Should I really be surprised?
--Cloak or no cloak, I figured that was Coldstone.
--The page 12 mistake was pretty obvious, especially the first and last panels. Having seen the REAL page 12, thanks to the efforts of you, Greg, as well as Greg X. and SLG, I have to say I really like Coldstone's expression in the last panel. I don't remember when I've ever seen him look that happy.
--I really liked the "pan in" on Coldstone's red eye for the quickie back-story on the Cold Trio. It especially manages to definitively explain what Coldstone is, and it sets up Coldsteel for his later appearance. "Unspeakably evil," eh? Interesting.
--Oddly enough, I suspected Coldstone was faking his possession from the beginning. In the past, his switches between personalities have always been a little more...well, obvious. Here it happened too quickly. There were some times, however, when he made me doubt. That one line, "I wonder if in this century human necks make the same noise when they snap" was especially chilling.
--Angela broke his arm-cannon! I wonder when and how he fixed it. Also, he has one HECK of a stun attack. Haven't seen him use that one before. It is a little odd for it to be coming out of his eye (at least, that's what it looks like), but it's still visually impressive.
--Coldstone's actually quite poignant in this last bit on page 21. I like his sad expression and the close-up of Angela when Coldstone mentions his children's safety (which to me reinforces the idea of "Rookery Parentage"). On that note, I'm a bit surprised by how quickly and easily Gabriel's parentage was revealed.
--They wake up on the shores of Shambalah (leaving me with a Three Dog Night song stuck in my head) and then Shari (and through her, YOU, Greg) cuts us off. DAMMIT! And just how the heck does she know this story anyway?
--Thailog enjoys a cup of wine and a maniacal laugh. Strange how he refers to Coldstone as his "uncle." Just another indicator of how Thailog doesn't really think like a gargoyle, I guess. Then Shari has to tease him (and us) with a few tantalizing hints leaving Thailog in a towering rage as he turns to stone. Why do I have an image of a cat sitting just outside the reach of a dog's chain? Illuminatus or not, she better not test the strength of that chain too much.
--I, too, am intrigued that Thailog's clothes did not turn to stone with him. I guess he really is more at home in battle armor.
--Hey, we finally see the Scarab Corporation's name (or at least most of it) in a canon story!
--This was my (censored) reaction to Coldsteel's appearance in the final page: "HOLY FREAKING SHOOT!" Oh, Xanatos is up to something. Gotta say, though, he doesn't look too happy to see Coldsteel.

Overall: Is it at the same level of the last three comics? Well, maybe not. But it's well done, it filled in a bit of a story we've only heard about for a decade, and it whetted my appetite for the next story arc. You go, Greg!

Greg responds...

You too, friend. Glad you liked it.

Response recorded on November 08, 2007

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Rachel N. writes...

Hello, Greg.

I just got Issue #6 of the comic this week, and I liked the story and the artwork overall. It's great that we learn about this "lost" chapter in the Avalon World Tour, and that Angela had the chance to meet Coldstone...I liked how she surmised that he must be Gabriel's biological father. Anyway, another really good issue of the "Clan Building" storyline, and I look forward to both Issue #7 and the first issue of "Bad Guys".

That having been said, I also want to say Thank You for keeping us fans informed and "in the loop" by telling us about the work being done on the comics...and yes, that includes the printing errors that occur. I certainly appreciate the fact that you feel the need to share such info with us so that we're not left "in the dark" so to speak. Having been an employee in a printing shop for the past 3 years, I can very much sympathize with your situation regarding the production errors in Issue #6, as I have seen how easily mistakes can be made in the process of printing multiple-page items like booklets, ad journals, newsletters, etc. So printing a comic book can't be all that different. Of course, that's why I've learned how important proofs and mock-ups are in the printing process.

So, again, you have my complete understanding and empathy on that front. Good luck with all the upcoming comics...I will certainly continue to purchase them no matter what.

Greg responds...

Thank you.

Response recorded on November 08, 2007

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the ArchBishop Franken-Chokey esq. Da Vth Bringer ov DOOM! writes...


I'm wondering what the word (if any) is on the season two volume two DVDs? Also, why I saw someone selling issue 6 of the comic book on eBay the other day & SLG doesn't show it on their site.



Greg responds...

There's no new word on the DVDs.

Perhaps the reason SLG doesn't have #6 on its site is because it's reprinting the issue. But I'm not sure.

Response recorded on November 06, 2007

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Avalon1178 writes...

Just finished reading issue #6 of the Clan Building comic series. I'm sure this has been said by many gargoyle fans out there but THANKS for reviving the series through comics! Its so awesome there are really no words for me to describe it! Reading through issues 1-6 is like watching the episodes all over again. They all come to life much like the animation. Some comments on Issue #6 though. I noticed this one doesn't have a title (it wasn't printed anywhere). Was this an error? Also, it looks like there were two pages that are identical but different captions (one page where it starts off with Coldstone saying "BROTHER", and the other starts off with Coldstone saying "...I'd like that!). Is this intentional?

Greg responds...


Check the Ask Greg archives under "Clan-Building #6: Reunion".

Response recorded on November 05, 2007

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Charisma82 writes...

Here's the 2nd half of my ramble on the Gargoyles comic book #5.

Gargoyles: Clan-Building
Part Five: Bash

Part 2 Pages 13-24

Page 13: This is where we get to know more about Quincy Hemings (nice name; is it anyone you know or did you make it up?) and why he is meeting Xanatos. I like how he and Xanatos "shoot the breeze" while talking about past presidents that Quincy has known. Then Xanatos is given an envelope containing his first real assignment for the Illuminati. What will it be? Well, I don't really know… I guess we'll find out in another comic book, 'cause we don't find out in this one.

Page 14: Brandon mumbling to himself. Why doesn't that surprise me? He seems the type to go around mumbling about his problems and what he wishes he might have said in certain situations. It's a good thing he went by that window, or else he might not have seen that Goliath needed medical attention. I wonder how it worked when he was trying to find a doctor. Did he already know Dr. Sato was a doctor, or did he just rush into the party and start yelling out for a doctor? If he did that, I think there would be more people outside with Dr. Sato when he shows up to help Goliath, since people would be curious as to who was injured. So does that mean that Brandon knows the doctor (personally)? Oh, and I really like the big shot here, getting to see all the gargoyles fighting from up above.

Page 15: Hudson and Bronx finally show up. Would Thailog have come back at a later date if they hadn't shown up, seeing as he's collecting everyone's blood? I like Thailog's line (he has a lot of good lines in this comic) when he says, "Please, Hudson. You now I am the party!" Go Bronx! Way to try to take out the main bad guy, like you usually do.

Page 16: Now what is Delilah doing in one of Xanatos' laboratory rooms? I find this very odd. I have no clue as to why she'd be down there, except that maybe Owen told her to wait there. But I really don't think that could be the reason. So this question will haunt me until I figure it out… or until I go to the next page and forget about it. But still. Her DNA is partly from Demona. And that worries me just a little bit…

Page 17: More fighting, until Delilah shows up. Now I am wondering, had Thailog planned to go to the castle to take the gargoyles' blood right after he took his clones, or was it because Delilah was there that he decided to move his plans forward and attack that night, too? Well, whatever it was, he got what he came for. I guess that's all that matters.

Page 18: Wow, Delilah has really started to think more for herself. And she's coming along nicely with her speaking. The other clones still speak poorly, like they did in "Reckoning", but she has improved a lot. And I'm very glad that she stood up to the gargoyles, letting them know that she wasn't going to be used any more.

Page 19: And after Delilah stands up to the gargoyles, she stands up to Thailog too. She's on a roll! And I'm glad she included the other clones in the decision as well. I really like her character a lot more now that she has her "free will" worked out.

Page 20: Okay, I laughed so hard when I read Lexington's line, "Dude, you're really making me look bad." And Brentwood's expression when Lex says this to him is great too. Of course Goliath has his few inspiring words to the villain before he leaves, and Thailog has a great exit line before he goes, as usual.

Page 21: Entering now is Dr. Sato. Elisa is really giving out the orders now. And Dr. Sato is mystified, not knowing if he can help a gargoyle (and I'm not talking about the sense that he doesn't want to help him 'cause he's a gargoyle, but the fact that he doesn't know how to help since he's never worked on a gargoyle before; guess that never came up in doctor classes at his school).

Page 22: Owen is as calm as ever. Goliath and Elisa finally have their "I love you" moment. It wasn't that big of a moment for me, as some of the other moments in the comic were, but it was nice to see that there is hope for their relationship yet. I had a feeling that Elisa would show her true feelings once she saw Goliath in his current condition. And then, this was the 2nd big laugh I got out of this comic, Brooklyn's line after he sees Broadway and Angela holding hands and his clone with Delilah, "Oh, you gotta be kiddin' me…" Poor guy. But still, a really funny line, nonetheless.

Page 23: Okay, all those buildings look pretty normal, and then we see this huge, elaborate one on the corner of the block. What would be funny is if Thailog was really in the normal looking building next to the great looking one, with Sevarius complaining about why they couldn't have the great looking one. Anyways, here we finally find out what the real reason was for Thailog going to the castle and confronting Goliath and his clan. He was after their blood. One can only imagine what Thailog and Sevarius have planned for their DNA. Those two make a really scary pair of villains. And who are we about to add to this mix? Why, who other than…

Page 24: …Shari! So that's the mystery girl's name. So did she know Thailog's plan all along, and that's why she was down in the Labyrinth? Have we finally found someone who can play one of the ultimate players (Thailog) in the Gargoyle's universe? Perhaps. I suppose we'll find out later on in the comics. It's interesting to find out that they are both Illuminate. I wasn't all too surprised to find out Thailog was part of the society, but it was interesting to find out Shari is. I have to say that I just watched the Radio Play of this comic on You Tube, and the reaction from the crowd when they find out that these two characters were Illuminate was great. Everyone seemed surprised, which it's nice to get surprises every now and again. And I also have to say that I really liked the Radio Play performance. Everyone did great jobs, and I hope that the Radio Plays will continue to be put on You Tube from future Gatherings. It was a real treat to watch, seeing as I couldn't be there.

Well, there's the ramble. I'm glad I finally got to write it. I think that this comic has been my favorite one so far since the comics have come out. Thanks for doing such a great job on all of them.

Thank you for your time and all that you do.


Greg responds...

THe "huge elaborate" building is Nightstone Unlimited.

Response recorded on November 02, 2007

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Charisma82 writes...

Hey! Okay, I have to say that waiting for comic book #5 was VERY hard to do. I had so many temptations to find out what had really happened before getting the comic, but I did not give into them. First, I couldn't get the comic book when it came out because of certain reasons, and was hoping to get it for my birthday in late August. It turns out my sister tried to get it for me online, but the seller never came through with the comic book. Then I found out that the radio play is on You Tube. I watched it up to the point where comic book 5 starts, and it was very hard to stop it. On top of all that, I had to pass by every ramble done on #5 that is on Ask Greg & I couldn't look at any of the characters in the comic book on GargWiki or else I'd find out what happened (and I LOVE to go there and just look around). Finally, the 6th one comes out and I am finally able to get both of them. I order both online at the same time, but what happens? The 6th one gets here before the 5th one! I have had to stare at that 6th one, waiting for the 5th one, 'cause I don't want to spoil anything for me. AHHH!!! I think the worst part of it is being out of the loop here at Ask Greg, not being able to read at my leisure all the recent posts on here. But I now have the 5th one and I can't begin to express my joy seeing as I've waited around 5 months for it! I'll stop rambling on about my difficulties now, and get to the good stuff. So here it is, after much anticipation, the first half of my ramble on Gargoyles #5: Bash.

Gargoyles: Clan-Building
Part Five: Bash

Part 1 Pages 1-12

Page 1: Here we have a shot of Xanatos' place, castle and all. We get to see Sir Ian again, and he's talking to some new faces at the party, or more like old, familiar faces to Gargoyle fans. I really like that teaser, putting Finella and Mary in there (or two women who look exactly like them). I can't wait to find out why they were there, if the story is told either later in this series or, more likely, in Timedancer. Then in the bottom of the page we see Dr. Sato. I can't believe it! What is really funny about seeing him here is that about 2 months before this comic book came out, I wrote here to Ask Greg about Dr. Sato. I had been reading some of your rambles on different shows, was reading the one on Deadly Force, read that you really liked this character, and decided to write to you and see why you liked him (since there wasn't anything about him in the archives at the time). I also asked if he would have some kind of cameo appearance in any of the comics. I had no idea he'd be in the next comic coming out, 'cause he's a character we only see once in the series. How ironic is that?

Page 2: Morgan is finally coming out with what he's been thinking all night on this page. We also see Angela spying on Elisa, still thinking of her father. It's funny that she is judging Elisa on getting a date, but has nothing to say about Goliath bringing Delilah.

Page 3: Thailog being Thailog here. Still makes sarcastic remarks even when the only one smart enough to get the jokes there is dying. It's like he likes to hear himself make these puns, but really, in this scene, who is getting them but him? The clones don't even know if they want free will, so they're not likely to get it, and Goliath is concentrating on dying. I find it very humorous and very much like Thailog to be doing this.

Page 4: So Thailog got in the word "Bash". That's good, seeing as that is the name of the comic. Not much else going on here except Goliath colliding with a wall (which is ruining the castle; Owen won't be happy with that) and Thailog talking about his other 2 "fathers".

Page 5: It's not often we get to hear Xanatos sound genuinely surprised, but we do get to see it on this page. We also learn how many people are in the Illuminate and how their ranking order works.

Page 6: Margot is really being a pain in the… yeah, anyway, I really don't see why Brandon sticks around the woman. There must be some good explanation, just one I'm not seeing. And I LOVED Brooklyn's entrance, with his super-goyle costume, with the big "G" on it (hey, he has something in common with the kid running around in the Labyrinth!). Sadly for him, Angela wasn't there to see his grand entrance. She is much too busy with finding her father stabbed in the gut.

Page 7: So Angela, Broadway, & Lex finally find where the real party is happening. I find it funny that Angela thought that Thailog's voice was her father's. I don't know the tone Thailog used when he said her name, but I guess it wasn't too evil, like I thought it would be, or else Angela wouldn't have asked if it was Goliath. I like Lex's response to Angela blowing up with anger. He quickly gets out of her way. And then, Angela and her language. Wow. I didn't see that one coming. And of course Thailog is quick to tell her (with daggers in tow) "Language…"

Page 8: Wow, there's a lot of slashing with blood going on here with Thailog. There's no way that this episode could've been put on TV with all the blood and stuff. I guess that's one advantage of having a comic book now. Going back and reading this through a second time, I can see now why Thailog was wondering where the other gargoyles were and why he kept changing knives. Interesting bit of info I didn't get the first time though.

Page 9: Yes! It's Robbins again! I didn't think we'd see him again for a while. I thought after the last comic, you'd leave us in the air for a while about what Robbins thinks of Hudson and if he knew he was a gargoyle or not. But no, we get to see it here, which was a big, but great surprise for me, since Robbins is one of my favorite characters. I knew the way Robbins was talking to Hudson in issue #4 that something was up with him, and figured that he knew about Hudson's secret. In fact, that's what I wrote in my last review, and I'm really thrilled to see I was actually right about it. I'm really glad that Hudson no longer has to pretend any longer and that Robbins knows the truth. I love how they finally shake hands. I think this was one of the best parts in this comic book.

Page 10: It was really funny to hear Hollywood say "Gar-girl" in reference to Angela. I also love Angela's look as she fights in her Dorthy outfit. That's one side of Dorthy Kansas never thought they'd see.

Page 11: Again with the free will thing. Thailog's response to it is great. "Why does everyone insist on pitching free will to my minions?" Funny, funny (scary) Thailog.

Page 12: And now arriving to the party is Brooklyn and a distraught Elisa. Brooklyn has another nice entrance (using his already used "forgery" line from the episode "Reckoning") until we see that Thailog has no problem in taking him out. Elisa's short speech on her being part of the clan as Goliath dies is a nice touch. And then Thailog knifes her. I didn't quite expect him to do that, seeing as she wasn't fighting him (and I didn't know that he was collecting their blood the first time I read this) and he had never wanted to attack her before out of the blue like that (unless she was in his way). I guess I just assumed that he was doing it to make Goliath even madder than he already was. But still, I wasn't expecting that.

So there you have it. The first half of my review on comic book #5: Bash. Hope you liked it, and I'll get right on to the next half soon enough.

Thank you for your time and all that you do.


Greg responds...

Thanks for your perserverance!

Response recorded on November 02, 2007

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Phoenician writes...

Hey, Greg! I may be a week or two late, but here's my review of 'Clan Building: Chapter VI - Reunion!"

First off, I got the comic the first Saturday after it came out, and I'm positive the only reason I was able to still find a copy was that I asked my comic shop to hold one for me the previous Tuesday. That, and the clerk said, "Last copy, buddy!" I then asked if they were going to be carrying Bad Guys #1, and he said not to worry, they would have it when it comes out (I was so happy from this wonderful news I forgot to ask if they were ordering more of #6 . . . sorry!)

Anyways, won't go into everything, since it's mostly all been said, but here's what I enjoyed:

-LOVED the cover, we don't get many shots of Bronx, so it's pretty cool.
-Again another shot of the Eyrie Building, I may be a geek about it, but you can't deny it's beauty.
-Snow in New York again, the year's slowly quickly coming to a close, now that Halloween's over!
-Lexington still miffed about Brentwood . . . eh, can't blame him really for that.
-Thailog in a toga . . . I like it, in retrospect it kinda makes his battle armor more "Roman-y" as well.
-#9 Shari . . . though she's 'serving' Thailog, it's clear she's the one in control (more-so at the end).
-The return of the skiff!!! It feels like seeing an old friend.
-Nice continuity on returning to Angela's one piece wardrobe during the flashback.
-Elisa in a cloak . . . this is a rare sight to see (and appreciate!)
-Even MORE rare is a third-quarter moon when the World Travelers flee the Monastary. Any idea if that's in sync with the timeline?
-Hmm, Bronx was even growling when Coldstone "shifted" personalities, so I guess he fell for it too ('course it's mostly tone . . . he DID fall for Demona's smooth talk in City of Stone)
-Xanatos wearing a trenchcoat billowing in the wind . . . one of his cooler poses.

I am curious about one thing -- Are Thailog and Shari still at Nightstone Unlimited, or in a new setting altogether?

Finally, I actually think it's pretty in-character in how Othello tricked the World Travelers. other have previously said it was overly violent, but then again, Othello's back-story hints that he can lose his temper pretty easily, with just the right amount of pushing. Sure, this time he was acting as Iago (who is definitely violent) this time around, but I think it fits with his character.

Anyways, thanks again for another great story - some questions were answered, with a few new ones creeping up! Can't wait for 'The Rock' and the first Bad Guys!!

Greg responds...

I'm TRYING to get the moons in sync with reality. Trying.

Thailog & Shari are at Nightstone.

Response recorded on October 31, 2007

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