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Charisma82 writes...

Here's the 2nd half of my ramble on the Gargoyles comic book #5.

Gargoyles: Clan-Building
Part Five: Bash

Part 2 Pages 13-24

Page 13: This is where we get to know more about Quincy Hemings (nice name; is it anyone you know or did you make it up?) and why he is meeting Xanatos. I like how he and Xanatos "shoot the breeze" while talking about past presidents that Quincy has known. Then Xanatos is given an envelope containing his first real assignment for the Illuminati. What will it be? Well, I don't really know… I guess we'll find out in another comic book, 'cause we don't find out in this one.

Page 14: Brandon mumbling to himself. Why doesn't that surprise me? He seems the type to go around mumbling about his problems and what he wishes he might have said in certain situations. It's a good thing he went by that window, or else he might not have seen that Goliath needed medical attention. I wonder how it worked when he was trying to find a doctor. Did he already know Dr. Sato was a doctor, or did he just rush into the party and start yelling out for a doctor? If he did that, I think there would be more people outside with Dr. Sato when he shows up to help Goliath, since people would be curious as to who was injured. So does that mean that Brandon knows the doctor (personally)? Oh, and I really like the big shot here, getting to see all the gargoyles fighting from up above.

Page 15: Hudson and Bronx finally show up. Would Thailog have come back at a later date if they hadn't shown up, seeing as he's collecting everyone's blood? I like Thailog's line (he has a lot of good lines in this comic) when he says, "Please, Hudson. You now I am the party!" Go Bronx! Way to try to take out the main bad guy, like you usually do.

Page 16: Now what is Delilah doing in one of Xanatos' laboratory rooms? I find this very odd. I have no clue as to why she'd be down there, except that maybe Owen told her to wait there. But I really don't think that could be the reason. So this question will haunt me until I figure it out… or until I go to the next page and forget about it. But still. Her DNA is partly from Demona. And that worries me just a little bit…

Page 17: More fighting, until Delilah shows up. Now I am wondering, had Thailog planned to go to the castle to take the gargoyles' blood right after he took his clones, or was it because Delilah was there that he decided to move his plans forward and attack that night, too? Well, whatever it was, he got what he came for. I guess that's all that matters.

Page 18: Wow, Delilah has really started to think more for herself. And she's coming along nicely with her speaking. The other clones still speak poorly, like they did in "Reckoning", but she has improved a lot. And I'm very glad that she stood up to the gargoyles, letting them know that she wasn't going to be used any more.

Page 19: And after Delilah stands up to the gargoyles, she stands up to Thailog too. She's on a roll! And I'm glad she included the other clones in the decision as well. I really like her character a lot more now that she has her "free will" worked out.

Page 20: Okay, I laughed so hard when I read Lexington's line, "Dude, you're really making me look bad." And Brentwood's expression when Lex says this to him is great too. Of course Goliath has his few inspiring words to the villain before he leaves, and Thailog has a great exit line before he goes, as usual.

Page 21: Entering now is Dr. Sato. Elisa is really giving out the orders now. And Dr. Sato is mystified, not knowing if he can help a gargoyle (and I'm not talking about the sense that he doesn't want to help him 'cause he's a gargoyle, but the fact that he doesn't know how to help since he's never worked on a gargoyle before; guess that never came up in doctor classes at his school).

Page 22: Owen is as calm as ever. Goliath and Elisa finally have their "I love you" moment. It wasn't that big of a moment for me, as some of the other moments in the comic were, but it was nice to see that there is hope for their relationship yet. I had a feeling that Elisa would show her true feelings once she saw Goliath in his current condition. And then, this was the 2nd big laugh I got out of this comic, Brooklyn's line after he sees Broadway and Angela holding hands and his clone with Delilah, "Oh, you gotta be kiddin' me…" Poor guy. But still, a really funny line, nonetheless.

Page 23: Okay, all those buildings look pretty normal, and then we see this huge, elaborate one on the corner of the block. What would be funny is if Thailog was really in the normal looking building next to the great looking one, with Sevarius complaining about why they couldn't have the great looking one. Anyways, here we finally find out what the real reason was for Thailog going to the castle and confronting Goliath and his clan. He was after their blood. One can only imagine what Thailog and Sevarius have planned for their DNA. Those two make a really scary pair of villains. And who are we about to add to this mix? Why, who other than…

Page 24: …Shari! So that's the mystery girl's name. So did she know Thailog's plan all along, and that's why she was down in the Labyrinth? Have we finally found someone who can play one of the ultimate players (Thailog) in the Gargoyle's universe? Perhaps. I suppose we'll find out later on in the comics. It's interesting to find out that they are both Illuminate. I wasn't all too surprised to find out Thailog was part of the society, but it was interesting to find out Shari is. I have to say that I just watched the Radio Play of this comic on You Tube, and the reaction from the crowd when they find out that these two characters were Illuminate was great. Everyone seemed surprised, which it's nice to get surprises every now and again. And I also have to say that I really liked the Radio Play performance. Everyone did great jobs, and I hope that the Radio Plays will continue to be put on You Tube from future Gatherings. It was a real treat to watch, seeing as I couldn't be there.

Well, there's the ramble. I'm glad I finally got to write it. I think that this comic has been my favorite one so far since the comics have come out. Thanks for doing such a great job on all of them.

Thank you for your time and all that you do.


Greg responds...

THe "huge elaborate" building is Nightstone Unlimited.

Response recorded on November 02, 2007