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Sam writes...

I have a few questions about Demona one of my favorite characters in the show and the one I pity most.

1) How much money does Demona have?
2) Does she know Thailog is still alive by hunters moon?
3) What is her position in Nightstone Unlimited before and after Thailog’s betrayal?
4) What was her real reaction to learning who Angela was?

Greg responds...

1. Quite a bit.

2. I'm not sure she ever took it for granted that he was dead.

3. Dominique Destine was co-C.E.O. with Alexander Thailog.

4. I'll leave that to your imagination ... for now.

Response recorded on March 04, 2022

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Chip writes...

What kind of beverage does Arthur usually order from the Nightstone's Coffee franchise? Inquiring minds want to know.

Greg responds...

Geez. I don't know. My first thought was black coffee. But maybe that makes no sense. Maybe hot chocalate?

Response recorded on March 01, 2017

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Anonymous writes...

Why did Sevarius leave Gen-U-Tech for Nightstone Unlimited? Xanatos didn't want to lose him as a resource and he didn't become more ethical. Did Demona and Sevarius offer him more money? If so, isn't Xanatos rich enough to give Sevarius a raise? Did he decide to limit Sevarius' creative freedom? What happened?

Greg responds...

I'll leave the answer to that to your interpretation.

Response recorded on June 27, 2016

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Greg Bishansky writes...

Are the gargoyles aware that the two owners of Nightstone Unlimited are Demona and Thailog? The Alexander Thailog name could be a giveaway, and did Macbeth tell them Demona's human name after the action died down in "Sanctuary?"

Greg responds...

I don't think that Macbeth knew about Nightstone, and thus it never occurred to him that - once outed - Demona would continue to use her alias.

Response recorded on March 06, 2012

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Greg Bishansky writes...

This is something I've wondered for a while. We know the Hunters came to Manhattan to investigate all the gargoyle sightings. But what exactly led Robyn Canmore to Dominique Destine? Why did it occur to her that this French immigrant CEO was worth investigating? I understand that she's never been seen at night, but how did that get her on Robyn's radar?

I get why Jon decided to impersonate a reporter for his investigation, and the Hunter's Moon deleted scene explained why Jason decided to go "undercover" in the 23rd precinct. But when I zoom back and pretend I don't know who Dominique Destine really is, I wonder what led Robyn there.

Greg responds...

The timing and location of the incorporation of Nightstone Unlimited. (Not to mention the name.)

Response recorded on March 06, 2012

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Anonymous writes...

How does Thailog run Nightstone Unlimited when nobody ever sees him?

Greg responds...

By speaker-phone, memo and e-mail.

Response recorded on February 10, 2012

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Greg Bishansky writes...

You once said that the reason Demona hasn't been back to Nightstone Unlimited since "Hunter's Moon" is because she is lying low, paranoid that "Dominique Destine" has been outed. Robyn Canmore found out, turned out to be a Hunter, and was then taken into custody.

But, and this is something else I was wondering recently. Would Demona have any real interest or even desire to run a corporation? That seems to be Thailog's M.O., considering who educated him.

Demona doesn't seem to me like she would have the patience to deal with all the paperwork, and other responsibilities of a CEO. Not to mention it seems doubtful that she has any business training. I'm assuming Thailog gave her a crash course when they both established the company.

I guess what I am asking is, did Demona have any interest in Nightstone Unlimited at all besides using its resources to finalize Operation Clean Slate?

Greg responds...

Whether or not she's "interested" doesn't change the fact that she sees the advantages of it. Whether or not she actually has the "patience" to do it, doesn't sound like something she'd admit to, even to herself. Whether or not she has the "training" doesn't seem like something she'd consider.

Response recorded on August 04, 2010

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G2009 Radio Play

G2009 Radio Play - Act Three

Act Three.

Norman Osborn was a fool. So obsessed with the power of science, he kept the Crown of Thorns in this vault as if it was just another souvenir â€" albeit an expensive one â€" to hang upon his wall. But with the Crown and the Spear of Destiny together, I now have the power to force all of humanity to its knees.

These are Christian icons, Demona. Not every human being is a Christian.

Not every human being speaks Latin, but that didn’t stop me from using a Latin spell to turn a city-full of humans to stone. The magic I wield is potent beyond measure. Mine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory. No human may resist. No human will be spared. None will be spared who oppose me. Just look at this fool…

Her name is Obsidiana.

Of course it is. For she wears the mystic Obsidian pendant fashioned by human sorcerers. Even that is enough to put her in my thrall. She has relinquished her gargoyle birthright.

I have relinquished nothing.

Demona waves the Spear of Destiny, and Electro rises and blasts Goliath back into the wall.


Yes, I’m surprised you’re unaffected… since you reek of humanity. The stink of your human whore is in your hair, on your lips, everywhere. And nothing in this world will give me more pleasure, Goliath, than watching your detective on her knees to me, as she draws her service revolver and thanks me with tears of joy in her eyes… before gratefully blowing out her own brains.

(coldly furious)
That will never be.

No? My power expands with every second. I doubt she’s far away.

You will not harm Elisa.

Goliath advances on Demona. Electro blasts away, but Goliath will not be stopped…

No one ever said you weren’t persistent, Goliath. But what do you hope to gain?

(through gritted teeth)
I will turn these forces back upon you.

Impossible. I am the last true gargoyle left on this world. The Crown’s magicks cannot touch me.

So you believe. But I am not the only one who reeks of humanity. Am I… Dominique?!

Goliath grasps the crown. The thorns bite into his hands, drawing blood. They struggle for control of the immense power…

<roaring to the heavens>


Goliath’s intervention â€" and his complete immunity to the Crown’s effects â€" creates the smallest of fluctuation in Demona’s control. In a haze, Spider-Man lifts his arm…


He shoots off a web, yanking the bloody crown from Demona’s head.


There is a massive explosion of mystic energy and light! Demona, Goliath and Electro collapse.



The Spear… the Crown…

Gone. I think they… blew up. Calypso’s gone too. But I’m betting that’s just a talent of hers. And I’d guess she’s taken Kraven and the pussycat with her.

<unconscious moan>

But the Big Bad’s still here…

Leaving behind, as always, nothing but a handful of thorns…

Goliath, Spider-Man and Demona sit. Jonah, Elisa, Matt and George STAND.

While Goliath helps Obsidiana, Spidey webs up Demona, Electro and Ock. In the outer vault, Zafiro and the Trio recover, finding only an unconscious and de-venomed Eddie Brock. Outside, the bad guys have all been beaten. Goblin and Vulture, their tech badly damaged, barely manage to fly away. Carnage and Jupiter are once again Cletus and John.

706. JONAH
I’m here, Johnny. Your old Pop’s here…

707. ELISA

708. MATT
Call an ambulance, Elisa. Old Man Dracon said something about seeing a light. Then he collapsed. A stroke or something. I’ve been giving him C.P.R.

709. ELISA
Matt… Matt! You can stop. Stop. He’s gone.

You’re gargoyles are flying off, Detective.

711. MATT
(breathing hard)
Really? Not sure I see ‘em myself. But is that Spidey web-slinging away?

You think? I must have missed him?

Margot STANDS.

Are you all blind?! They’re right over there!

Oh, give it a rest, Margot…

Elisa, Matt, George, Margot and Jonah sit. Peter, May, Harry and Gwen STAND.

Back at the bus…

716. PETER
I’m back. And not a single decent picture to show for my efforts.

717. MAY
Well, you tried your best, Peter. I’m sure Mr. Jameson will appreciate that.

718. PETER
Oh, yeah. He’s a sweetheart that way.

Emily Osborn watches as her son finally emerges from the bathroom.

720. GWEN

721. HARRY
Hey, Gwen. I feel much better.

Harry, Gwen, Peter and May sit. Jonah and Robbie STAND.

Later that night, at The Bugle…

723. JONAH
Whaddayou mean I can’t publish it?! How else can I make them all pay for what they did to Johnny!

You can’t publish because the authorities refuse to comment. We have no pictures or statements to corroborate a story that includes gargoyles, a dead Green Goblin and everything except the kitchen sink. No one will believe it. I was there, and I don’t believe it! Print this, Jonah, and The Bugle becomes the next Daily Tattler.

725. JONAH
Ms. Brant, call the bomb squad. BECAUSE I’M ABOUT TO EXPLODE!!

Jonah and Robbie sit. Gwen, Peter, Kong, Curt, Harry, EMILY OSBORN and Mary Jane STAND.

Later still, aboard OsCorp’s private jet en route to Miami…

727. GWEN
I still can’t believe we ran into you in the airport parking lot, Doctor Connors.

728. PETER
Yeah, and we’re so sorry you got mugged.

729. KONG
Dude, they took your shoes?! That’s hilarious! <laughs>

730. CURT
Yes, well, I just really appreciate the ride back to Florida…

731. HARRY
Anytime, Doctor C. Anytime.

732. EMILY
Harry, could I have a moment… in your father’s office?

733. HARRY
Uh, sure, Mom.

Curt, Kong and Gwen sit.

Pete, help.

735. PETER
What’s wrong?

Tiny. Cute enough, but it’s like talking to a tree stump.

737. PETER
Tried to warn you.

Just say we’ll spend the week as a threesome, okay, Tiger.

739. PETER

Not that kind of threesome.

Mary Jane and Peter sit.

Meanwhile, Harry follows his mother Emily into the jet’s private office.

742. EMILY
I know you were playing at being the Goblin, Harry.

743. HARRY
What?! Mom, that’s crazy! I was in the bathroom…

744. EMILY
Don’t lie to me, baby. You hired the worst chauffer in the city to delay our progress. You had a secret hatch installed in the bus bathroom, so you could slip in and out undetected. And you left a pre-recorded “vomit tape” with voice recognition software. All very impressive for a sixteen-year-old. But you need to understand… the Green Goblin is not what your father wanted for you.

745. HARRY
I have no idea what Dad wanted for me…

746. EMILY
Then let him tell you…

She slips a DVD into the computer and Norman Osborn appears on screen…


Harry, my son. If you are watching this, then I am dead. And I have instructions…

Norman, Emily and Harry sit. Big Man, Blackie and SHARI STAND.

Meanwhile at the Big Man’s office, he and Blackie Gaxton are visited by Shari, a young woman wearing a pendant depicting an eye atop a pyramid…

750. BIG MAN


752. SHARI
Nine. Any problems?

753. BIG MAN
Not particularly. Ms. Destine was ready to believe I could find Dracon and the others useful.

And that faux Goblin was happy to believe I’d been fooled into thinking he was the real thing.

Blackie removes his false face, revealing that he is actually the Chameleon in disguise.

Just as he was happy to believe I was the real Blackie Gaxton. But I’m still not sure why the Society wanted all this…?

757. SHARI
Isn’t it enough to know the Illuminati appreciates your efforts?

CHAMELEON and Big Man sit. THAILOG, BRENTWOOD, Homunculus #1, Homunculus #2 And Homunculus #3 STAND.

Shari leaves Lincoln’s office and pulls out her cellphone…

759. SHARI
Dial Nightstone Unlimited.

Alexander Thailog.

761. SHARI
The Spear? The Crown?

Waiting for you to send to Duval.

Brentwood capture little robot. Use it to control other little robots. When bright light shine, robots take spear and crown.

764. SHARI

What should we do with the Homunculi?

766. SHARI
Set them free. Maybe they’ll get their own series some day.

Free, free, set them free…

On basic cable and DVD…

Jazz hands!

Homunculus #3, Homunculus #2, Homunculus #1, Shari, Thailog and Brentwood sit. Elisa and Goliath STAND.

At the castle, Elisa’s cell rings.

771. ELISA
Maza… Yeah, Captain Stacy said you might call. Sure, he’s right here.

She hands the phone to Goliath, who doesn’t quite know how to hold it. She takes it back and puts the call on speaker.


Spider-Man STANDS.

Hey, Goliath. It’s your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

You protect your… neighborhood.

Just like you do the super-hero thing without the tights.

Spider-Man, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Hey, I was just gonna say that. You saw that movie too?


780. ELISA
God, I love you… <kiss>

Elisa, Goliath and Spider-Man sit. Kafka STANDS.

And finally â€" yes, finally â€" we end where we began. In the offices of Dr. Ashley Kafka at Ravencroft. She’s on the phone to her Board of Directors.

782. KAFKA
After all that tsuris, little has changed. Otto and Eddie are still disassociative. Max still needs a cure, and John still wants power. Cletus? He just keeps repeating, “I got a taste now,” over and over. Yes, we lost Dominic, I’m afraid. But we do have a new patient…

Dominique STANDS.

…Dominique Destine.

Just wait until the sun goes down…

Dominique and Kafka sit.

The End.


NEXT: I finally get back to answering questions...

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Greg Bishansky writes...

Just a silly little question. Obviously, Thailog makes his residence in the Nightstone building. So far we've seen a throne room, and we've seen a jacuzzi. Thailog is quite the hedonist, isn't he? Doesn't surprise me, he always came off as one to me. My question is, are these new? New as in, since "Hunters Moon"? Or were they there when Demona was running the place, if so, did she make use of them? The throne doesn't seem her style, she's never come across as all that much of a hedonist to me.

Greg responds...

Keep in mind that the building was largely outfitted while Demona was in prison in the Labyrinth.

Response recorded on January 21, 2008

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

January 21st...

Goliath, Hudson and Demona turn to stone mid-battle. When the sun sets, Goliath awakens healed. Demona is forced to flee.

Elisa Maza and the gargoyles arrive in Paris during the day. Elisa starts to call her parents, but when she spots Macbeth and Demona together, she follows them to Macbeth's Chateau. Then she follows Demona to Notre Dame Cathedral, where she loses her trail. After sundown, she rejoins the gargoyles and fills them in. Goliath attempts to confront Demona at the Cathedral and is surprised to find her allied (and apparently in love) with Thailog. Angela overhears their confrontation and realizes that Demona is her biological mother. Goliath and his friends depart. Demona informs Thailog that she has successfully set up their new international corporation: Nightstone Unlimited, owned and operated by Dominique Destine and "Alexander" Thailog.

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Charisma82 writes...

Here's the 2nd half of my ramble on the Gargoyles comic book #5.

Gargoyles: Clan-Building
Part Five: Bash

Part 2 Pages 13-24

Page 13: This is where we get to know more about Quincy Hemings (nice name; is it anyone you know or did you make it up?) and why he is meeting Xanatos. I like how he and Xanatos "shoot the breeze" while talking about past presidents that Quincy has known. Then Xanatos is given an envelope containing his first real assignment for the Illuminati. What will it be? Well, I don't really know… I guess we'll find out in another comic book, 'cause we don't find out in this one.

Page 14: Brandon mumbling to himself. Why doesn't that surprise me? He seems the type to go around mumbling about his problems and what he wishes he might have said in certain situations. It's a good thing he went by that window, or else he might not have seen that Goliath needed medical attention. I wonder how it worked when he was trying to find a doctor. Did he already know Dr. Sato was a doctor, or did he just rush into the party and start yelling out for a doctor? If he did that, I think there would be more people outside with Dr. Sato when he shows up to help Goliath, since people would be curious as to who was injured. So does that mean that Brandon knows the doctor (personally)? Oh, and I really like the big shot here, getting to see all the gargoyles fighting from up above.

Page 15: Hudson and Bronx finally show up. Would Thailog have come back at a later date if they hadn't shown up, seeing as he's collecting everyone's blood? I like Thailog's line (he has a lot of good lines in this comic) when he says, "Please, Hudson. You now I am the party!" Go Bronx! Way to try to take out the main bad guy, like you usually do.

Page 16: Now what is Delilah doing in one of Xanatos' laboratory rooms? I find this very odd. I have no clue as to why she'd be down there, except that maybe Owen told her to wait there. But I really don't think that could be the reason. So this question will haunt me until I figure it out… or until I go to the next page and forget about it. But still. Her DNA is partly from Demona. And that worries me just a little bit…

Page 17: More fighting, until Delilah shows up. Now I am wondering, had Thailog planned to go to the castle to take the gargoyles' blood right after he took his clones, or was it because Delilah was there that he decided to move his plans forward and attack that night, too? Well, whatever it was, he got what he came for. I guess that's all that matters.

Page 18: Wow, Delilah has really started to think more for herself. And she's coming along nicely with her speaking. The other clones still speak poorly, like they did in "Reckoning", but she has improved a lot. And I'm very glad that she stood up to the gargoyles, letting them know that she wasn't going to be used any more.

Page 19: And after Delilah stands up to the gargoyles, she stands up to Thailog too. She's on a roll! And I'm glad she included the other clones in the decision as well. I really like her character a lot more now that she has her "free will" worked out.

Page 20: Okay, I laughed so hard when I read Lexington's line, "Dude, you're really making me look bad." And Brentwood's expression when Lex says this to him is great too. Of course Goliath has his few inspiring words to the villain before he leaves, and Thailog has a great exit line before he goes, as usual.

Page 21: Entering now is Dr. Sato. Elisa is really giving out the orders now. And Dr. Sato is mystified, not knowing if he can help a gargoyle (and I'm not talking about the sense that he doesn't want to help him 'cause he's a gargoyle, but the fact that he doesn't know how to help since he's never worked on a gargoyle before; guess that never came up in doctor classes at his school).

Page 22: Owen is as calm as ever. Goliath and Elisa finally have their "I love you" moment. It wasn't that big of a moment for me, as some of the other moments in the comic were, but it was nice to see that there is hope for their relationship yet. I had a feeling that Elisa would show her true feelings once she saw Goliath in his current condition. And then, this was the 2nd big laugh I got out of this comic, Brooklyn's line after he sees Broadway and Angela holding hands and his clone with Delilah, "Oh, you gotta be kiddin' me…" Poor guy. But still, a really funny line, nonetheless.

Page 23: Okay, all those buildings look pretty normal, and then we see this huge, elaborate one on the corner of the block. What would be funny is if Thailog was really in the normal looking building next to the great looking one, with Sevarius complaining about why they couldn't have the great looking one. Anyways, here we finally find out what the real reason was for Thailog going to the castle and confronting Goliath and his clan. He was after their blood. One can only imagine what Thailog and Sevarius have planned for their DNA. Those two make a really scary pair of villains. And who are we about to add to this mix? Why, who other than…

Page 24: …Shari! So that's the mystery girl's name. So did she know Thailog's plan all along, and that's why she was down in the Labyrinth? Have we finally found someone who can play one of the ultimate players (Thailog) in the Gargoyle's universe? Perhaps. I suppose we'll find out later on in the comics. It's interesting to find out that they are both Illuminate. I wasn't all too surprised to find out Thailog was part of the society, but it was interesting to find out Shari is. I have to say that I just watched the Radio Play of this comic on You Tube, and the reaction from the crowd when they find out that these two characters were Illuminate was great. Everyone seemed surprised, which it's nice to get surprises every now and again. And I also have to say that I really liked the Radio Play performance. Everyone did great jobs, and I hope that the Radio Plays will continue to be put on You Tube from future Gatherings. It was a real treat to watch, seeing as I couldn't be there.

Well, there's the ramble. I'm glad I finally got to write it. I think that this comic has been my favorite one so far since the comics have come out. Thanks for doing such a great job on all of them.

Thank you for your time and all that you do.


Greg responds...

THe "huge elaborate" building is Nightstone Unlimited.

Response recorded on November 02, 2007

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Matt writes...

Hey Greg,

Well, there seems to be some confusion over what exactly is going on at Nightstone Unlimited. Maybe some of the confusion is intentional on your part to keep us guessing, but the fact that you were clarifying some facts at the GargWiki suggest to me that we are all not on the same page. So, in an attempt to figure out whats up, I have some questions. I'll totally understand if you won't/can't answer some/all of these. I wouldn't want to you to reveal anything before you are ready.

1. Okay, in "Hunter's Moon" it seemed pretty obvious that Ms. Destine was running Nightstone. No one was sure if Mr. Thailog had survived the Coney Island fire yet, so there is no issue here, I guess. My question is does Demona know as of "Invitation Only" that Thailog is alive? If so, when/how did she find out?

2. Was Nightstone Unlimited ALWAYS Thailog's and Demona only took it over when he was assumed dead?

3. Has Demona returned to Nightstone since "Hunter's Moon"?

4. Is Sevarius an employee of Nightstone now, or is he just doing occasional contract jobs for Thailog?

5. Has Sevarius heard from Demona since "Hunter's Moon"?

6. Is there anything else you feel like telling us about the whole Thailog/Demona Nightstone situation? Did Thailog and Demona have a prenup or something? The transition from their business to her business to his business is just kinda hard to figure out.

Thanks Greg!

Greg responds...

1. No comment.

2. Nightstone Unlimited belonged to both of them. Dominique never had Alexander Thailog declared deceased. Since no one ever saw the reclusive tycoon anyway, there didn't seem to be any point.

3. No.

4. He's pulling in a salary.

5. Not that he's mentioned.

6. There's no transition, really. They jointly held/hold title. He vanished for a time, and she took sole control. Now she's vanished, and he's taken sole control. As for what the future holds... well, that would be telling.

Response recorded on November 01, 2007

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

October 23rd...

Just before dawn, Elisa and the gargoyles rescue a subway train full of passengers (including Brendan and Margot) from a street gang. That morning, Captain Chavez temporarily reassigns Elisa to the dayshift and partners her with Detective Jason Conover. Elisa and Jason are immediately attracted to each other. Together, they prevent thieves from stealing containers of D/I-7 from a Xanatos warehouse. That evening, Dominique Destine hires Robyn Corey as her personal assistant at Nightstone Unlimited and discovers that the thieves she hired failed to acquire the D/I-7. That night, Matt questions Xanatos about the D/I-7 and learns it is a potent but theoretically harmless disinfectant. After Matt leaves, WVRN reporter Jon Carter questions Xanatos about the gargoyles. Meanwhile, Elisa tells the gargoyles about her day with Jason. She asks for their help, and they agree to watch over the two locations where the D/I-7 is stored.