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Stephen R. Sobotka, Jr. writes...

Greetings Greg! (Thanks for signing my Guest book on my site!)

Hmm... First a question, then the contests:

If the purpose of the Hill of the Sleeping King was to maintain Arthur Pendragon's health and age until the time of Britain's greatest need (esentially a "stasis chamber" of some sort), wouldn't the hill also be working on the Magus, since he fell on the cairn there after defeating the Weird Sisters?

Now, the contests:

Arthurian Survivors:

1. King Arthur
2. The Lady of The Lake
3. Merlin
4. Morgana le Fay
5. Lancelot
6. Galahad
7. Gwenyvere
8. Nimue

The 14 Clans

1. Scotland
2. England
3. Ishimura/Japan
4. Guatemala Rain Forest
5. Isle of Avalon
6. Manhattan/New York
7. New Olympus Island

8. India
9. Egypt/Africa
10. Amazon Rain Forest
11. Ireland
12. Ozark Mountain Range
13. Orbital Colony/Earth
14. Australia

Hope I get at least some of them right. :) Thanks for talking to us Greg! See you in the CR!

Maintain and Check Six!

Greg responds...

Hey Stephen.

As to the Arthurian survivors -- Sorry, try again.

As to the clans, you need to submit them on a SEPARATE POST to even get a response. (I gave that admonition on the first day -- so NO SLACK.)

Response recorded on August 17, 1999

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Arianna writes...

Hi, Greg. I think I'll take a shot at the Arthurian survivors.

2.Lady of the Lake
5.Morgana le Fay

Greg responds...

Sorry, Arianna, try again.

Response recorded on August 17, 1999

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Airwalker writes...

Arthurian Survivor Guesses:

King Arthur
Lady of the Lake
Morgana Le Fey
The Green Knight
Blanchefleur (Percival's Wife)

Greg responds...

Sorry, Airwalker try again.

Response recorded on August 17, 1999

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Todd Jensen writes...

Yipes! *Eight* Arthurian survivors? This guessing game just got a little harder! :) But here are my eight guesses (and sorry for not including my original guesses from yesterday in a separate post; that was before you laid down the new rules for the guessing game).

1. King Arthur
2. The Lady of the Lake
3. Merlin
4. Sir Percival
5. Morgan le Fay
6. Guinevere
7. Nimue
8. The Grail Damsel

Greg responds...

Sorry, Todd try again.

And by the way, AND THIS GOES FOR EVERYONE -- Don't hedge your bets. Be specific or your answer won't count.

Response recorded on August 17, 1999

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Aris Katsaris writes...

The eight Arthurian survivors list:
1. Arthur 2.Lady of the Lake 3.Merlin 4.Perceval 5.Blanchfleur 6.Morgana 7.Green Knight 8.Blaise

Greg responds...

Sorry, Aris. Try again.

Response recorded on August 17, 1999

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The Arthurian Contest...

Officially restarting the contest...

In the Gargoyles Universe, there are eight survivors from the days of King Arthur. (I know I once said seven, but I forgot someone. Which isn't like me.)

Here are the rules. You have to name all eight correctly. Partially correct answers will receive no partial credit. I won't say you got three right and five wrong or whatever. I won't provide any hints at all beyond the following two names:

1. King Arthur
2. The Lady of the Lake

You have six more to guess. Remember, I'm looking for their Arthurian names. Yes, I've mentioned that Duval is one of the survivors, but listing him doesn't count, i.e. it doesn't count as a guess as to who Duval is, who the survivor is.

The winner will get a prize, I think. Nothing of any worth, but something. (Maybe a xerox of my recording script for Pendragon, complete with all my scribblings. That sort of thing seems to go over fairly well.)

You can guess as many times as you like. But always post it as a separate "question" to ASK GREG. Don't lump it in with other questions. And don't make multiple guesses on the same post. Just eight names. First to give me all eight correct in one post, wins.

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Lawrence Stome writes...

Hello greg this is my first time I been in asked you quistions so here they are

1) If the Timedancer series was ever made what would Brooklyn's mate look like?

2) If Pendragon was made would Author and Griff find any other Gargoyle Clans when they were looking for Merlin? And also would would Griff ever get a mate. Would she be in Griff's Clan or another?

3) Would Coldstone and Coldfire ever find out thst they have a son on Avolon?

4) In the episode Awakning part 2 Owen said that the locile claim that casle Wyvern is haunted. Was it haunted by the Massacreed Clan members?

Greg responds...

Hey Lawrence, welcome...
1. I'm not an artist. So although, I have some vague ideas, I intentionally don't want to nail that down until either (a) the time came for collaboration with an artist or (b) it became clear that the medium where the character was going to be introduced was purely a prose one.

2. Maybe, yes and I'm not sure what you mean.

3. Yes.

4. Mostly by Hakon and the Captain.

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Todd Jensen writes...

I thought that I'd better clarify an earlier question/remark that I made about Duval. I asked you earlier as to whether Duval being both Fisher King and head of the Illuminati wasn't something of a conflict of interest; you pointed out, rightly, that unless one knows what Duval's goals are (which haven't been revealed to us) that can hardly be labeled as such. You were correct about that; I hadn't used the most accurate terms for it. So I thought that I'd better clarify my question here a little more (I'm giving it separately from my other questions, just in case it gets interpreted as an idea, although I'm working hard on not making it so).

What puzzles me about Duval's double role as Fisher King and head of the Illuminati is this. The Illuminati have been involved in a lot of unscrupulous activity (deals with organized crime, running the Hotel Cabal, funding Castaway in his unholy war upon the gargoyles, and general controlling the world behind the scenes). Duval, as their leader, must bear much of the responsibility for this. But he's also apparently still the Fisher King, guardian of the Holy Grail, and I'm puzzled as to how he can still be able to fill on that role after everything that he must have done as the head of the Illuminati, which surely must have been a lot worse than - say - committing adultery with Queen Guinevere (and everyone who's read Malory knows what the Grail's attitude was towards that). That's what I don't understand. I'm not expecting any real answer to this (I know that you'd want to keep your plans about Duval and his role as Fisher King secret for now in case you ever get to do more "Gargoyles") but I did want to make it clear what puzzled me so much about Duval's dual role.

Greg responds...

I understand your confusion, Todd. Maybe this will help: Everything has its price.

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Todd Jensen writes...

Phew! Nice to have this thing back! Now for some questions that I've been waiting a long time to ask.

1. In "The Journey", during his recruitment speech, Castaway, while playing upon the fears of the citizens in his audience, lists two specific ones: that the gargoyles might attack them while they sleep and that they might kidnap their children. Recently, I found myself realizing something about these fears. Gargoyles obviously fear humans attacking them while they are in their stone sleep, and Demona believed in "The Reckoning" that Princess Katharine and the Magus had kidnapped the eggs. So, were you deliberately going for a notion of "humans and gargoyles fear each other for parallel reasons" when you wrote this scene, or am I just reading too much into it?

2. My new guesses for the 7 Arthurian survivors:

a. King Arthur
b. Merlin
c. The Lady of the Lake (so far, the obvious ones :)
d. Sir Percival
e. The Grail Damsel (since she's got a different name in practically every version of the Arthurian/Grail legends, I figured I'd better just put down her position to make it clearer whom I meant)
f. Morgan le Fay
g. Nimue

3. One of the most intriguing aspects of the gargoyles in the series, to me, was their initial lack of personal names, something that worked particularly well with me since it made them seem even more "their own unique culture" (I particularly liked the scene where Hudson was asking why humans have to name everything in "Awakening Part Three"). What inspired you and the other members of the production team to come up with this idea?

Greg responds...

Hey Todd,

1. I don't think you're reading too much in, but you need to keep in mind that I was breathing gargoyles at the time. It filled my thoughts. Whether I was conscious of those specifics parallels, doesn't answer whether they were intentional or not. Does that help?

2. We're up to eight now. Plus guesses need to be on their own post. Note: it's best to be as specific as possible. Bet hedging is no way to win a silly contest.

3. Originally, desperation. We had a hell of a time getting names approved. Coming up with a rationale for waiting until the twentieth century to name most of our characters was an inspiration I was grateful my boss went for. Fortunately, he saw that it solved all our problems. Gave us young characters with names that had a more contemporary, yet fun feel. Allowed Goliath to stand out from the crowd more. Made Demona's name less silly and more chilling. Etc. Making Gargoyles a unique culture was the solution to a difficult problem. One of the many things, that just made the show feel "right".

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Entity writes...

Glad you're back, Mr. Weisman! Here are a few questions I've pondered over:

1) If the series had ever shown Merlin, how do you envision his physical appearence? Would he have been along the lines of the white-bearded Disney version from "Sword in the Stone", or the younger, clean-shaven version from "Excalibur" or "Merlin" (the mini-series)?

2) I heard somewhere that you'd written an early screenplay for the GARGOYLES theatrical movie, which was basically "Awakenings" cleaned up around the edges, but that it was rejected on account of being "too cartoonish". Would you be able (and willing) to share with us that screenplay?

3) You mentioned that "Hunter's Moon" was originally going to be a video release (which would explain why so much of Part 1 seemed like a reintroduction to the series). If it had been released on video as planned, would it have been longer than only one hour (3 twenty-minute episodes)? I ask because that seems kind of short for a video, and because out of all the other chapters of the series, "Hunter's Moon" is the only one for which you've revealed full-fledged scenes that didn't make it into the final cut.

Greg responds...

Hi Entity,
1. Not telling this now. Had very specific plans though.

2. Michael Reaves and I wrote a pitch and then a treatment (actually two), not a screenplay. And it would be irresponsible to share it at this point, since the movie is still in development at Touchstone Pictures.

3. The decision not to make it a video came before the script (and maybe before the final draft outline) was written. It would have been at least a bit longer... we certainly wouldn't have had to cut the Jason/Elisa clock tower scene. But beyond that, it's too hypothetical a question for me to answer. We never were given the opportunity to explore that avenue in any real way.

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