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Todd Jensen writes...

My review of the latest "Spectacular Spider-Man".

Another enjoyable episode. Parts that especially stood out to me:

We see more of the consequences of the Lizard story (and now Eddie Brock's got even more reason to be angry with Peter - and this time with Spidey as well).

Although I'd heard that Chameleon would be showing up in this episode, I was still surprised when he pulled off the Dr. Connors disguise. And then when he shed the Norman Osborn disguise, as well.

J. Jonah Jameson in great form as usual. Telling Peter to get out of his office in seventeen words, shouting "Spiderman's not a fraud!" and then feeling amazed that he just said that, and printing the retraction - on page 42, in a small font!

Even though I knew from last week's episode that Harry Osborn had been sent away, I was still surprised to see Mary Jane replacing him in the opening credits. (Though, knowing your enjoyment of making changes as the story progresses, I shouldn't have been.)

The influence of the alien symbiote on Spidey was well-done, especially his justifications for keeping it. (The kind of justifications that wind up getting used for paving material on a certain road.) I'm looking forward to seeing where things go from here.

Fresh embarrassment for Peter - now seeing his alter ego being defended by Flash Thompson!

And we get a reference to the upside-down kiss (I've never seen any of the Spiderman movies, but I've still heard of it; it's one of those things you have to be aware of unless you become a hermit).

Another fine job, as ever.

Greg responds...

Thank you.

Response recorded on June 25, 2008

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Anonymous writes...


I enjoyed it. Venom, being one of my favorite spidey villains, made a strong entry into the series here, as it slowly absorbed Spiderman, turning him into a badass. Really looking forward to more Venom action.

Nice moment at the end with Black Cat. Definite echos of a certain infamous alleyway scene from the 2002 film. Thanks for that throwback, Greg.

Chameleon also made a strong showing, with his frequent impersonations (Dr. Connors, Spidey, Norman) that make it obvious where he got his name from. Kudos.

So Mason makes his first appearance. Forgive me for asking (I'm not AS MUCH of a Spider-man fan as other people here seem to be.) but who was the dark-haired guy working with Chameleon? His name escapes me. :(

Is this the season finale? There was no promo for the next episode. If it was, thanks for a great first season. If not, I still can't wait for more.

So, either way, great job on this episode and the series in particular.

End review.

See you at the Gathering next month.

Greg responds...

Quentin Beck.

Response recorded on June 24, 2008

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Greg Bishansky writes...

... And so it begins, the Venom arc. I'll admit right off the bat, this is not a story arc I've been looking forward to. But, I'll save my ramble on Venom and everything that I think is wrong with him as a character and a concept for my review of the season finale, when Venom actually appears.

Peter is such a geek, alien life is discovered and no one seems to care. Not Aunt May, but she's got other things on her mind. Good to see him and Eddie on speaking terms again, but honestly, can you blame Martha Connors for not wanting him there? I can't.

Nice change to the title sequence. Harry's out and Mary Jane is in. That's funny considering that she did not even appear in the episode itself.

And here we have our favorite feline, the Black Cat. Tricia Helfer did an awesome, purrfect job with that character. Oh. My. God. What have I done? Did I just type "purrfect?" Yes, I did. I hate myself for doing that, as I genuinely think puns are the lowest, least funny form of humor there is. But, I can't help myself here, because Cat was indeed purrfect. Argh, I'm doing it again!

The Black Cat has always been one of my favorite characters in the Spider-Mythos. So, I've been anticipating her almost as much as I was anticipating the Green Goblin. I think she was done purrfectly here (Ugh, I'm still doing it?), from her moves to her lines.

Speaking of those lines...

"My kitty sense is purring."
"Try not to get your goop in my hair." .... and I thought Mary Jane and Rand's line about being randy was pushing S&P. How did that get on the air?

Yes, I like Black Cat better than Catwoman and I always have. There, I said it.

Loved Steve Blum as the Chameleon. It's also refreshing to see a more old school take on him, as opposed to him just being a standard, Mystique-like shape shifter. I suppose he could eventually become one, but I'm glad he's not starting out that way. "So, which captain of industry are you going to masquerade as this time?" ... hmm, I know I should be focusing on this episode, so, I'll just do that. La di dah. Oh, what the hell, I can't resist... when he shows up at the party later as Norman Osborn, my mind went back to last week's episode where for a brief time the Green Goblin and "Norman Osborn" were face to face and I shouted "I KNEW IT!" so loud, I think I woke up the neighbors. The Goblin mystery is definitely not over... but, enough of that, I've now indulged myself. Back to "Persona."

Eddie Brock now hates both Peter and Spider-Man. Too birds, one stone. So far, this has been the best depiction of Eddie Brock I have seen yet, but... I am still apprehensive about the whole Venom story. As I've said before, Venom is a character I've never liked. I'm going to give the character and concept another chance in this universe, but I am remaining skeptical.

Chameleon disguised as Spider-Man cracked me up with his faux Spider-Wit. "My amazing insect sense is tingling." And I loved how Jameson just knew that the real Spidey was real, yet was still slandering him. Daran Norris is great.

And now we meet Mayor Waters. Okay, first thing I want to know is, was she in the comics? I don't recall her, and Marvel always preferred to depict the real Mayor of New York (Giuliani appeared as mayor several times in the 90s comics). She also reminds me of Senator Hillary Clinton, and with that, I'll refrain from going any further. Best not to bring politics into this review.

I liked seeing Quentin Beck and Phineas Mason as the Chameleon Goon Squad. Looking forward to them popping up again. Beck looks kine of like Moe. Wait... Bowl Cut Beck. Balding Mason and no hair Chameleon... no, too easy. ;)

The symbiote itself was well done. I like how it subtly took over Peter's costume, and seems to be playing evil Jiminy Cricket on his shoulder. Peter is going to go dark, and I'm hoping for some wacky malicious hijincks and no dancing and strutting in the streets.

Finally, the infamous upside down kiss between Spidey and Black Cat. Purrfect... I promise you, and I promise myself, I will never do that again.

Greg responds...

Mayor Waters name (though not her gender) does come from a Spider-Man comic set in the future.

Response recorded on June 24, 2008

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ColdFusion writes...

Just watched "Persona" and I have to say, I'm ecstatic about there being such an intelligently-done show on a channel block that calls itself "for kids" @_@
The attention to detail was perfect. They actually showed all of Chameleon's tricks instead of being lazy and letting us assume he can fake things... Showed several instances where he had to 'prove' he was the real deal.. people suspected his height.. and best of all, when his goon pressed a button on his watch, he actually had to DO something with that button to make his boat arrive.. he slid it to the left a bit. That right there is what TV for any demographic is sorely lacking right now. I actually have faith that maybe entertainment is de-retardifying as we speak :D
Keep up the excellent work.

Greg responds...

Thanks. I'm big on attention to detail, myself.

Response recorded on June 24, 2008

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Anonymous writes...

will there be a new gargoyles dvd

Greg responds...

I hope so.

Response recorded on June 24, 2008

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gargoylemaster writes...

in the episode the stone city when demona thinks of her past and she had a diferent clan. where did she find them and what happen to the rest of their clan. THANKS

Greg responds...

She scoured up survivors from around Scotland. They were massacred by Canmore's forces.

Response recorded on June 24, 2008

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As many of you know, perhaps my favorite television series of all time is HILL STREET BLUES. A couple years ago, the first season was put out on DVD. There was no marketing that I noticed... but there was a bit of publicity. A year later the second season came out. This time no marketing and no publicity. Also, I'm GUESSING, not much in terms of sales -- as the third season isn't on the schedule. I've signed up at Amazon to be notified if-and-when it is released...


I bring this up, since it allows me to do a few things:

1. SPREAD THE WORD! I encourage you all to buy the first two seasons of Hill Street Blues. This was one of the truly seminal shows in television history, brilliantly written and acted and directed and a HUGE, HUGE influence on Gargoyles. Like Gargoyles it created a tapestry, a world of characters. Very much worth your time and disposable income.

2. CREATE A REALITY CHECK. For those of you who STILL seem to feel Disney is doing something unusual (let alone nefarious) in its treatment of Gargoyles, this is one of just many, many, many examples that demonstrates it's not. We can all sturm and drang about how business should be done, with marketing and publicity galore for every product, with a guarantee that once a company starts a project they must finish it (whether or not the economics justify it), etc. But the gnashing of teeth doesn't change the reality. Companies -- even companies as huge as Disney have LIMITED resources and must deal with the notion of OPPORTUNITY COST. So one company takes a flier on a Gargoyles DVD set, another takes one on Hill St. Both do fairly well in their first season releases, despite limited or no marketing and limited or no publicity. Both fair poorly in their second release. Both don't seem to rate a third release. It's sad. But it's life.

3. ENCOURAGE YOU TO SPREAD THE WORD! The best thing any one of you can do to help get the next release of ANY show you love -- short of spending your own money -- is to help us Spread the Word! About the DVDS, the comics, the Gathering. Oh, and about Hill Street Blues. (See, I practice what I preach!)

With that in mind, I depart in less than 48 hours for Chicago and my 12th Annual Gathering, followed immediately by a trip to Minneapolis for ConVergence (http://www.convergence-con.org/). I won't have internet access while I'm gone, but when I return I'll post my conjournalx2. I encourage all of you who are attending the Gathering to post/cut&paste their conjorunals, diaries etc. here to ASK GREG. It creates a central place where I can refer ignorant PTB-types. Also, if you see me at either con, please come up and say hello. I am notoriously bad with names, and I admit (with some embarrassment) that it often takes me two or three conventions to really nail a name down. But I do want to meet you, and I do want to get to know you. I'm not much at small talk, but I can talk about animation and comics and pop culture in general ad nauseum (just ask my wife).

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alex31 writes...

is eliza like a surrogate mother to the trio?

Greg responds...

More like a big sister.

Response recorded on June 20, 2008

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Enterprise writes...

I know you been asked this before but dose disney have a say so or the rights in weather a film could be made out of this spectaculer series

Greg responds...

Are we talking about Spider-Man or Gargoyles?

Gargoyles - Of course.

Spectacular Spider-Man - None at all.

Response recorded on June 20, 2008

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Shadow Wing writes...

Okay, I just picked up Bad Guys 2 yesterday. Loved what you've done so far, and I just have a couple comments (holding back the flood for when the whole six issues are out):

1) You weren't the first person to make the Tengu-Gargoyle connection.

2) LOVED the inside joke on the post-it on the cover. Was that your idea or Guler's? Also, I could only read the second line...what did the first say?

Greg responds...

1. How do you know when I made the connection?

2. Guler's. I don't know what any of it says.

Response recorded on June 20, 2008

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