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Anonymous writes...


I enjoyed it. Venom, being one of my favorite spidey villains, made a strong entry into the series here, as it slowly absorbed Spiderman, turning him into a badass. Really looking forward to more Venom action.

Nice moment at the end with Black Cat. Definite echos of a certain infamous alleyway scene from the 2002 film. Thanks for that throwback, Greg.

Chameleon also made a strong showing, with his frequent impersonations (Dr. Connors, Spidey, Norman) that make it obvious where he got his name from. Kudos.

So Mason makes his first appearance. Forgive me for asking (I'm not AS MUCH of a Spider-man fan as other people here seem to be.) but who was the dark-haired guy working with Chameleon? His name escapes me. :(

Is this the season finale? There was no promo for the next episode. If it was, thanks for a great first season. If not, I still can't wait for more.

So, either way, great job on this episode and the series in particular.

End review.

See you at the Gathering next month.

Greg responds...

Quentin Beck.

Response recorded on June 24, 2008