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Grant writes...

For YJ, are there going to be any more original characters created from whole cloth like Aqualad?

Greg responds...

Nothing, including Aqualad, was created from whole cloth. But, yes, there are going to be some original characters, though by the time they appear in the series, they may or may not have already appeared in comics.

Response recorded on September 30, 2010

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graysongirl1211 writes...

hey! i know you must hear this a lot, but i'm insanely excited for Young Justice! I can't wait! And i have to say, i found your responses to people asking for spoilers very ammusing. i was just wondering about a few things though, and i'm gonna try to ask questions that aren't spoiler-ish.

1. of all the (announced) main charecters on the show, which is your favorite?

2. what's your take on all of the fan forums? personally, i find them equally ammusing and annoying, seeing as people are trying to guess everything from the one little trailer. Do you find some of the guesses ammusing? annoying? plain old crazy?

3. if you were a superhero, what powers or skills would you want to have?

4. when can we expect a trailer featuring some or any of the voice overs?

5. lastly, i have a feeling that you won't answer this question, but i know people keep asking (and guessing) about who Artemis is. I know you won't speicify who (i hope you wouldn't anyway) but has anyone guessed right?

well, once again i can't wait for Young Justice to come out! thanks for taking the time to answer the hundreds of questions you're flooded with!

Greg responds...

1. Don't have one. Like 'em all.

2. I lurk occasionally, but I try not to get too obsessive. Some comments are great. Others are more frustrating. But I've tried to be more mature about it in recent years than I was when my work and the internet first intersected, and I posted and responded to every little criticism.

3. If I was a super-hero, I wouldn't tell you.

4. New York Comic Con.

5. No comment.

Response recorded on September 29, 2010

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Alan Gavinchki writes...

Hey Greg
When you look at the Spectacular Spider-Man, you realize there are a lot of important villains. Which do you consider the main villain of the whole show. I thought of some possibilities.
1. Tombstone because he is a crimelord and was the first to want to kill Spidey.
2. Hammerhead because he is Tombstone's assistant and made the most appearances out of any villain.
3. Green Goblin because he is Harry's dad and he made supervillains for Tombstone and wanted to take over his enterprise. He did once and he made Spidey's life turn upside down.
4. Doc Ock because he was a victim of the Goblin and was the leader of the first Sinister Six and organized the second one. Him alone during the Master Planner and Gang War saga would make him the main bad guy.
5. Venom because he was once Pete's best friend and he possessed the same suit Spidey had. Afterall he was the one who pointed out that Peter loved Gwen. He also revealed his identity to Jameson!
I hope one of these villains I chosed are correct for their major role.

R.I.P. Spectacular Spidey

Greg responds...

I'm not sure I understand why I'd need to pick just one?

Response recorded on September 29, 2010

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Matt writes...

Hey Greg. So in "Vows", Demona tries to convince herself to "...rule the gargoyles. Rule the world!" using the Gate. In "Hunter's Moon" she talks about taking her "rightful place" after the humans are all destroyed. And in "Tyrants" she plans to destroy both human forces "leaving the fate of Scotland to {her}". There are probably other examples of this sort of talk, but I think it is clear that destroying humanity is not Demona's only goal. She doesn't just want revenge, but power as well.

Now on to my question. Something occured to me the last time I watched "Enter Macbeth". Macbeth says to Goliath: "It's not you I'm after. You're just a pawn. I want your queen." Naturally, Goliath is puzzled by this statement. But so am I. Macbeth has had a lot of contact with gargoyles afterall. In the same episode he even told Elisa that he "knows all about these creatures". He spent decades dealing with Demona and her clan and he even wrote a book about gargoyles. So, I'm wondering where he got this 'queen' terminology. Gargoyle language is a pretty sparse subject and the only real terms we have ever known about are "Leader" and "Second". So my question is given Demona's particular motivations as I mentioned above, did she call herself a queen during the Demona-Macbeth Alliance or am I just reading into all of this too much?

Thanks Greg!

Greg responds...

Maybe reading a tad too much into it. I doubt Demona ever used the term "Queen". But her version of being "Leader" is.... not too inclusive. You're not wrong about that.

Response recorded on September 29, 2010

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Algernon writes...

Hey again Greg,
Being an Irishman myself, I've always always wondered. Presumably Rory Dugan and his father live somewhere in Ulster but on which side of the border? Are they in Northern Ireland or the Republic? I tried looking for some subtle hints in "Hound of Ulster" but I couldn't find anything definitive.

Greg responds...


Response recorded on September 29, 2010

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Harlan Phoenix writes...


WORD UP: There be spoilers in this review. So everyone should read with caution. Also, go buy Mecha Nation.

SUMMARY: After a superheroic battle that didn't go too great, the identity of the "Second Wave", five teens with superpowered robotic forms, seems closer to being compromised. As the kids try to live out their high school lives as normal, they're more than a little worried about the new teacher who seems a little...alien.

REVIEW: So, I'll admit upfront that this was pretty goddamn rad. I'm actually kind of upset that this property has had to sit dormant for so long because even this one issue shows what kind of potential this really has. It's a LOT of fun.

I'm not gonna give a play by play of what happened in the story. Rather, I'm just going to explain how much I liked a bunch of out of context things that will make people buy this so they know what I'm talking about.

So I'll do that.


-I adore The Factory. I don't care if we've barely seen them; I sincerely believe they're among the better villains you've written (and you've written numerous characters who hold honorable titles as great villains, most notably David Xanatos and Demona but more personally my all time favorite Thailog). So this is saying something. But The Factory accomplishes two villainous extremes in the span of one comic book issue and does so with an inner genius. We start with a battle atop the bowling alley that ends in a First Wave Tag that could compromise the identities of the Second Wave with little effort. And then we see the "mysterious" Professor Gear, who is more than a little blatantly not human. But that, in of itself, is kind of genius: the public doesn't know about Mecha Sapiens, so at most the students are just going to mock Gear outside of class. The few people who'd actually take this weirdo seriously and not joke about him are probably the Second Wave. The Factory used Saturday morning 80's villainy as a PROACTIVE STEALTH MECHANISM. THAT IS WONDERFUL AND I LOVE YOU.
-I like that Marcus is pretty upfront about his geek pride. I always thought that was a tad more realistic than the shy nerd. I know I never hid my sexynerdiness.
-I love that Ray isn't the Broadway homage I idiotically assumed he would be; the little we see of him show he's pretty different from the big lug.
-My favorite character, so far (besides Professor Gear, who is a God among men) has to be Susie/Fahrenheit. She'll fight crime with the rest of the Second Wave, but she doesn't really seem to actually SPEND TIME with them. Don't answer this question, but how exactly does she go about getting grouped into fighting with the rest? WHY would she? There's a lot about her I want to know.
-The chalk drawings are cute.
-As is Kevin's lab partner. She's nerdydorable. I bet she's a robot.
-A nerdydorable robot.
-Sexuality plays a big part in this story, and I like that you're fairly classy with it. It ranges from the admittedly blatant but fun (a buncha kids pent up for not "metalling out" in days...WHAT COULD THIS MEAN?!) to the much more subtle (Using Romeo and Juliet as part of a free will/fate discussion-I LOVE Romeo and Juliet, largely because it is essentially a story of two impulsive, hormonal teenagers doing things and making stuff go nuts as a result. It's a very classy, subtle allusion that both sets up what I assume is a main, existential plight of a Mecha-Sapien but also very concisely serves as a push/foreshadow for the most sexual undercurrent of the story's theme). It's an element of teenage sexuality that manages to actually serve a point and not just be there for the sake of being there. Stuff like this is one of many reasons why you're my favorite writer. Well done.
-On the opposite side of the spectrum, I adore the art. Campo and de Payevsky did a great job. Looks like it'd really lend well to animation.
-Just saying.
-Zehra's family life should prove pretty interesting. I immediately liked it because it'd seem like the opposite of what you'd expect, but with a bit of reflection I realized I liked it because it actually makes perfect sense even in theory.
-I'm amused that the character profiles mention that Marcus is a fan of Dragonball. X-Men and Star Trek make sense as mainstays of their genre, but I would've expected Dragonball to be replaced by something either a little more current (Bleach, Naruto) or something a bit more franchise-y and bluntly sci fi (Gundam). I'm not really a fan of Dragonball (or any of those other shows I rattled off, though Gundam's alright), but I liked this little detail. It has a fascinating nuance.
-I like the normal guy (the blond kid who was bowling) and his significance or lack there of intrigues me.

OVERALL OPINION: This was a really cool start, and I like this comic a lot. I wish this property a lot of prosperity in the future and I sure as hell know I'm going to count myself in as a fan. Thank you for this.


1. So the title intrigues me. "Androidology-First Bell." Spectacular Spider-Man, also run by you and Mr. Cook, used similar academic titles for both arc names and individual story names. But, as I understand it, that evolved out of the marching orders that required arc based storytelling. My question: was the academic title scheme something that evolved out of the Mecha-Nation development and was fitted onto Spectacular Spider-Man when you saw that it seemed to fit, or was Mecha Nation's faux-academic titles borrowed from Spectacular Spider-Man?

2. Does...Kizoic have any kind of standards and practices department? I mean, the themes regarding sexuality are subtle enough that I could see that not being a big deal. But I thought Kizoic was an all ages line and...there're a few damns in here. Not to mention the blond kid's reference to certain substances.

Thanks again for a great comic and I look forward to it continuing!

Greg responds...

1. I know this may sound ... astounding... but I didn't connect "Androidology" up with what we did on Spider-Man until your post. We developed this story AGES ago. The title was slightly different, but basically set. Androidology is the title of the entire three-issue mini-series. Then each issue has a subtitle. Since everything's set in and around a high school, the titles are all school related. That's coming from a slightly different place than the thematic titles of Spider-Man, but the end result, I guess, isn't that different.

2. Well, this book was written before Kizoic existed. But I'm my own standards and practices guy. Working in kids programming as long as I have, I try to do what I think is right for a general audience that's kid safe but fun for adults too.

I'm glad you liked Mecha-Nation! Thanks for buying it!!

Response recorded on September 29, 2010

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New York Comic Con

This just confirmed. Brandon Vietti and I will be at New York Comic Con for a signing, presentation of new footage and a Q&A about Young Justice. Stop by. We have some exciting stuff to show you!


2:00â€"3:00 p.m. Young Justice Signing at the DC Comics booth #2243

3:45â€"4:45 p.m. Young Justice Video Presentation and Q&A â€" Join the league! Fans were given their first glimpse of Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis this past July at Comic-Con International: San Diego. But this panel will offer far more than just a glimpse, as producers Brandon Vietti (Batman: Under the Red Hood) and Greg Weisman (Gargoyles) answer questions from fans and show footage from this highly anticipated series. A one-hour special event of Young Justice will premiere in November 2010 on Cartoon Network, and the series begins in 2011. Young Justice is produced by Warner Bros. Animation and is based upon characters from DC Comics. Room 1A14


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Vaevictis Asmadi writes...

Thanks for your response to my religion comment. You said that in some Bible passages, the Hebrew God is depicted in a way that you called "geotheistic." What do you mean by this? That in some passages the deity is represented, not as the supreme God of the whole universe, but just the supreme deity of a particular region or human group?

Greg responds...

Exactly. There are without a doubt passages in the Old Testament at least where the existence of other gods is not questioned. Just their potency relative to the God of the Hebrews. Egypt has gods in some passages of Exodus. They're just weak and impotent relative to the God of Moses.

I studied this once upon a time. But it's been a LONG time. (And hell, I just turned another year older.) So I can no longer quote chapter and verse. But I know it's in there.

Response recorded on September 29, 2010

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Anthony Tini writes...


From one Dexter fan to another, what did you think of the Season 4 finale? Does being a writer and involved in the creative process of creating entertaining television give you an edge to kind of guess or see events like that coming? Personally, I did NOT see it coming and I very surprised and bothered by it. It took me a long time to finally fall asleep after watching that final scene. It was fantastic and probably one of the best scenes I've ever seen on TV. I'm purposefully not mentioning details for those who have yet to see it.

At the time of this question, the first episode of Season 5 has premiered, but I have yet to watch it. By the time you get to this question I hope to have watched it. If you've seen it, I'd love to hear your thoughts about it, where you think the season will go, and your hopes for future seasons. Speaking of the Dexter premiere, good luck with yours! Take care.

- Tony

Greg responds...

Dexter aside, I often astound my kids by being able to predict what is to come on series. (I always pause the playback and ASK if they want me to tell them my theory. Usually, they say yes.) Often, my guesswork is a combination of story savvy and casting savvy. For an easy example, take the classic Murder, She Wrote template. Only one regular character and a handful of occasional recurring friends of hers. The rest of who you're seeing on screen is guest cast. The guests usually include some great character actors and some newbies in the mix. But there are almost always two stars (of varying degrees of magnitude). That's the eyeroll for me. Because inevitably one star is killed in either the Teaser or the first act. And the other star is always the killer. Because that's the thing with stars. They either want the one great scene that leads to their death -- but also means they don't have to work many scenes for the money. Or they want to be the killer, i.e the most significant character in the episode (not counting Jessica Fletcher). Few series were as casting blatant as Murder She Wrote was, but to some extent casting is still a tremendous indicator of what's to come on nearly every kind of series.

I don't just use casting either, of course. I know story. I know how writers think. Which does NOT mean I can't be surprised. But I think I'm a bit harder to surprise than the average joe or joan. I don't mind, generally. It's the ride for me, and if the ride is good...

Of course, none of that has much to do with Dexter and/or last season's season finale. I think I had a feeling of dread at the very least. Maybe a notion. But I don't remember, and even if I had a clear sense of what was going to happen, it didn't mitigate the horror of what came. My daughter and I needed a palette cleansing episode of The Office afterwards before bed.

I have seen the Dexter season premiere. But I hesitate to make any predictions. Trying just to enjoy the ride.

Response recorded on September 29, 2010

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Emily writes...

I imagine that you had to read alot of comics when making shows like Young Justice or Spiderman. So did you get those comics for free from the Marvel and DC saying you needed them to help with the shows or did you have to go out and buy?

Greg responds...

Mostly, I went out and bought. Alan Burnette had a backlog of Young Justice comics he lent me, i.e. a bunch of individual issues, not always consecutive. Maybe a couple other things here and there. But mostly, I'm outlaying on my dime to do the research.

Response recorded on September 29, 2010

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