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graysongirl1211 writes...

hey! i know you must hear this a lot, but i'm insanely excited for Young Justice! I can't wait! And i have to say, i found your responses to people asking for spoilers very ammusing. i was just wondering about a few things though, and i'm gonna try to ask questions that aren't spoiler-ish.

1. of all the (announced) main charecters on the show, which is your favorite?

2. what's your take on all of the fan forums? personally, i find them equally ammusing and annoying, seeing as people are trying to guess everything from the one little trailer. Do you find some of the guesses ammusing? annoying? plain old crazy?

3. if you were a superhero, what powers or skills would you want to have?

4. when can we expect a trailer featuring some or any of the voice overs?

5. lastly, i have a feeling that you won't answer this question, but i know people keep asking (and guessing) about who Artemis is. I know you won't speicify who (i hope you wouldn't anyway) but has anyone guessed right?

well, once again i can't wait for Young Justice to come out! thanks for taking the time to answer the hundreds of questions you're flooded with!

Greg responds...

1. Don't have one. Like 'em all.

2. I lurk occasionally, but I try not to get too obsessive. Some comments are great. Others are more frustrating. But I've tried to be more mature about it in recent years than I was when my work and the internet first intersected, and I posted and responded to every little criticism.

3. If I was a super-hero, I wouldn't tell you.

4. New York Comic Con.

5. No comment.

Response recorded on September 29, 2010