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spence writes...

Hi, Greg! I have a few questions I have been compiling all this time:

1) Will the Ice Family Attack from "Independence Day" be revisited/explained?

2) Will we get flashbacks, a la "City of Stone"?

3) You say you don't like to spoil your own shows, but you revealed here that Marina Sitris would be voicing Queen Be. Wasn't that a big spoiler since she was also voicing L-4? Or were you sandbagging us somehow?

4) Could you give us the titles of the episodes that are in the can?

Greg responds...


2. You mean, ever?

3. I didn't reveal that Marina would be voicing Bee. Unfortunately, much as I love her, MARINA revealed that to my chagrin.

4. Yes, I could.

Response recorded on September 16, 2011

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FinalAvalanche writes...

You mentioned before that the timestamps for "Drop Zone" were fixed, however to date Cartoon Network has never aired the corrected version of the episode in all the times that it has been rerun.

1) On that note, does the hard-to-find Young Justice Season One Volume 1 DVD have the corrected version of "Drop Zone"?

2) Was Red Tornado's incorrect bio from "Welcome to Happy Harbor" ever fixed?

Greg responds...

Are you absolutely SURE about that. Cause we spent a small fortune to fix them. I find it hard to believe they're using the incorrect versions.

1. I sure hope so.

2. We couldn't afford to fix that. Drives me crazy, but there you go.

Response recorded on September 16, 2011

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jw writes...

Does Nekron and the White Life Entity exist on Earth 16?

Who killed Batman's parents on Earh 16?

Greg responds...


2. Joe Chill.

Response recorded on September 16, 2011

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Warrior 93 writes...

1. Do the justice league members know each others secret identities?

2. Does Batman have a dog yet?

3. Who was the first superhero on Earth 16?

4. What other golden age superheroes besides the Justice Society existed on Earth 16?

5. Does Ra’s Al Ghul know Batman secret identity?

6. Does Ra’s Al Ghul uses the Lazarus Pit on Earth 16?

7. Did Clark Kent had any adventures as superboy on Earth 16?

8. So what happened to Earth 16 Chris Kent from countdown?

9. Has anybody from Earth 16 interacted with the other earths of the multiverse or has any knowledge regarding the multiverse?

10. How Lex Luthor did gain his wealth on Earth 16?

11. Is Lex Luthor father named Lionel?

12. Does Lex Luthor have a sister on Earth 16?

13. Has Clark Kent meet the Legion of Super Heroes yet?

14. Are there any other kryptoians besides superman and superboy?

15. Who are the Justice League love interests?

16. Is John Stewart a marine on Earth 16?

17. Does Hal or John power rings have a weakness against yellow?

18. Who were the members of the Justice Society?

19. Was Alan Scott the Green Lantern on Earth 16 and if so could his ring work on wood?

20. Are there any other different types of krptonites besides the green kind if so what are they and what can they do?

21. Why did the Justice Society disband?

22. Were their any superheroes during the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s?

23. What happened to the supervillians during the gap between the justice society and league? Were they still running around or were most of them locked up or killed?

24. Do superheroes on Earth 16 kill some of their bad guys at all?

25. Did Clark and Lex grow up together?

26. Did the Justice Society fight in Europe during World War 2 or were they kept away because of the spear of destiny?

27. Are the Freedom Fighters still around?

28. Were the Justice Society ever asked by the congress to unmask themselves in the 50’s to prove they were not commies?

29. Why didn’t ya’ll used Arkham in the episode terrors?

30. Are there any other power rings besides the Green Lantern Corps rings on Earth 16?

31. Do all the characters that exist on New Earth aka the DCU excluding the recent Wild Storm characters have a counterpart on Earth 16? Such as Static, Jonah Hex, Adam Strange, Kid Devil, Booster Gold, Rip Hunter, Cyborg, Deadman, Zauriel, Ragman and etc?

32. Why was the team fighting Clayface in downtime?

33. How Icicle Jr. did obtain his powers?

34. Does Earth 16 have the Meta-Gene concept?

35. Is the Light kinda of like the Illumanti of conspiracy lore?

36. Did Vandal Savage work with the Nazi’s during World War 2?

37. Why did ya’ll make Vandal Savage black?

38. Is the Light goals are to simply kill all the superheroes and take over the world or is it something more than?

39. Since the League has a U.N charter does that mean certain people in government know their secret identities?

Do other countries besides America have superheroes on Earth 16?

Greg responds...

1. Some do, some don't.


3. I guess it depends on your point of view. Does a pre-Kent Nelson Doctor Fate (i.e. Nabu with a different host body) count? Does Vandal Savage? Does Black Adam? Ra's al Ghul? All of them were heroes to some at one time or another. Otherwise, I'd guess I'd say Doctor Occult and Rose Psychic - though they were never very public about it, followed by the Crimson Avenger, who was the first "Mystery Man" to deubt in 1938.


5. SPOILER REQUEST to be answered in issue #11 of the YJ comic.

6. SPOILER REQUEST to be answered in issue #11 of the YJ comic.

7. Not in costume.

8. Don't know anything about him.

9. Not that I know of.

10. Haven't worked that out at this time.

11. Sure, why not?


13. No.


15. Come on. I'm not just going to write big lists for you here. Frankly, I think you got a little greedy. 39 questions in one post make for a real pain to answer.

16. Not anymore.

17. No.

18. No lists.

19. Yes and yes.


21. Principle.







28. Yes.

29. You haven't even seen it yet. How do you know we didn't?



32. See issue #12 of the YJ Comic.

33. Born with them.




37. And again - you haven't even seen him yet.

38. Here, let me spell out all their goals in this post. Oh, wait. I don't think I will.

39. Certain people in certain governments know certain heroes' identities. But it ain't policy.


Response recorded on September 16, 2011

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Anonymous writes...

1) Kent Nelson was said to be 106 years old, but was he aged by Nabu like in the mainstream DCU, or did he actually live 106 years?

2) How old are Cheshire and Green Arrow?

Greg responds...

1. He lived 106 years.

2. Cheshire is 19. Green Arrow is 32.

Response recorded on September 16, 2011

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Anonymous writes...

Would you be so kind as to list the writers for Young Justice episodes 11-26 of season 1?

Greg responds...

The writers of the first 24 episodes of Season One are "asked and answered" here: http://www.s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/search.php?qid=12521

Kevin Hopps wrote 125. I wrote 126.

Response recorded on September 16, 2011

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Anon writes...

Is Invasion the title of the second season of Young Justice, or is it just the title of the first arc of the second season?

Greg responds...

"YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION" is the title of the entire second season's worth of 20 episodes.

Response recorded on September 16, 2011

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FinalAvalanche writes...

1) Why was Mammoth chosen to be Kobra's champion?
2) Did Mammoth or Shimmer know the kobra venom would make him monstrous in appearance? Are either of them bothered by his new appearance?
3) How old are Mammoth and Shimmer? If they're the same age, who's the older sibling?

Greg responds...

1. Kobra trusted him.

2a. They knew it was a possibility.

2b. No.

3. They are 18-year-old twins.

Response recorded on September 16, 2011

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YJ Update

As we fast approach our RE-PREMIERE, thought I'd give another update...

Episodes 101-109 have aired.
Episode 110, which we previewed officially at Comic-Con will finally air on Cartoon Network this Friday, September 16, 2011 at 6:30pm (or check local listings).
Episodes 111-121 are all in the can, ready to air.
Episode 122 is in post. We'll be mixing the sound next week.
Episode 123 is also in post. We'll be editing/locking the footage this Friday while some of you are watching 110.
Episode 124 is finishing up animation in Korea.
Episode 125 just came back from Korea - EARLY!! (That almost never happens.) We will be calling retakes on the footage shortly.
Episode 126 is finishing up animation in Korea.

Episodes 201-202 have both shipped to Korea for animation.
Episode 203 ships this week.
Episode 204 is in storyboard revisions. Brandon and I still need to give notes on the last act.
Episode 205 is waiting on storyboard notes too.
Episodes 206-207 are in storyboard.
Episode 208's script went final today. We'll record it next week.
Episode 209's script is currently being edited by me.
Episode 210 is in script.
Episode 211's outline is waiting to be edited by me.
Episodes 212-214 are in outline.
Episodes 215-217 we'll be handed out today (9/14) to the writers to go to outline.
Episodes 218-220 we'll be handed out next week to the writers. Beatsheets are completed though.

Issues 0-7 plus the Free Comic Book Day issue have all been released.
Issue 8 is finished and should "hit the stands" this month.
Issue 9 is being inked.
Issue 10 is being pencilled. But the cover is done.
Issue 11's script was turned in by me yesterday. The cover is done.
Issue 12's cover has been pencilled and inked. I know the basic story, but I'm going to begin breaking down the story page-by-page tonight.
Issues 13-14's story is also pretty clear in our heads. Kevin and I will discuss it today so Kevin can proceed to break the issues down page-by-page.

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