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spence writes...

Hi, Greg! I have a few questions I have been compiling all this time:

1) Will the Ice Family Attack from "Independence Day" be revisited/explained?

2) Will we get flashbacks, a la "City of Stone"?

3) You say you don't like to spoil your own shows, but you revealed here that Marina Sitris would be voicing Queen Be. Wasn't that a big spoiler since she was also voicing L-4? Or were you sandbagging us somehow?

4) Could you give us the titles of the episodes that are in the can?

Greg responds...


2. You mean, ever?

3. I didn't reveal that Marina would be voicing Bee. Unfortunately, much as I love her, MARINA revealed that to my chagrin.

4. Yes, I could.

Response recorded on September 16, 2011