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Dave writes...

Hey Gregg, I'm new to this site, and I was just wondering... is there something I missed about Gargoyles? I mean, I know of Gargoyles, and The Goliath Chronicles, but was there some other Gargoyle show that aired after?

What lies ahead for Gargoyles? Do you plan on bringing them back to the air at some point? I'd really like to see some new Gargoyles cartoons....

Thank you.

Greg responds...

There were proposed spin-offs, sequels and prequels, including

Gargoyles: The Dark Ages
The New Olympians
Bad Guys
Gargoyles 2198

plus plenty ideas just to continue the "Gargoyles" series itself.

I haven't been able to convince Disney to do any of these things.

But who knows?

"Firefly" was dead. It sold a TON of DVDs and now they're making a movie, "Serenity". "Family Guy" was dead. It sold a TON of DVDs and now they're making new episodes.

Up until this year, the best single way you could help relaunch the show in some way, shape or form was by attending the Gathering, our annual convention. That's still true. So if you haven't heard, check out this year's con at their website:


The good folks at Walt Disney Home Entertainment took notice of the fandom, largely thanks to these conventions. They'll be attending this year with a video crew to tape footage of the con to put on the Gargoyles DVD, to be released later THIS year (2004!).

The DVD will contain all 13 episodes of the series' first season, complete and uncut. It will also have a commentary track and other extras (in addition to the con footage) that are still being discussed.

If you want to see the 2nd Season on DVD, and if you want to see Disney make more Garg Universe materials, there's no better way to get them to take notice than by buying the DVD. If the fans demonstrate an audience with disposable income, Disney will respond. It's not far-fetched. It's happened before.

Response recorded on July 02, 2004

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Anonymous writes...

I thought Oberon stated that Puck could use his magic to teach Alex or protect Alex. Since Alex was captured in 2198, couldn't Puck use his magic to save him?

Greg responds...

Saving and protecting are two different things. Also Alex is taken away from Earth, the source of Puck's power.

Response recorded on June 17, 2004

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matt writes...

about to leave for the Gathering 2002!!! woohooo!!!

1. to the best of your knowledge, would any of Broadway and Angela's three offspring have skin or hair coloring that their parents don't have? like perhaps a grandparents coloring or something?

2. will the Eyrie Building be epuipped with a rookery or was the original Wyvern Rookery transplanted with the castle?

3. how many eggs will be laid in the Manhatten Clan's rookery in 2008? will it just be Broadway and Angela's first egg or will there be others? will there be any beast eggs?

Greg responds...

Just a few short months until the Gathering 2004!!! woohooo!!!

1. I'm intentionally not nailing that down in my imagination so that I can feel comfortable giving the artist free reign. But it's certainly possible.

2. Both.

3. I don't care to reveal all that now.

Response recorded on April 29, 2004

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Wesley Nichols writes...

How many gargoyles are a part of the Manhattan clan by 2198?

Greg responds...

Not going to pin down that number at this time.

Response recorded on April 15, 2004

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Silverbolt writes...

Hi Greg.

I 2 have a question about the Delilah of 2198. If Delilah is a decendant of the first Delilah.

1. Who was Delilah's mate.

2. How and when did Delilah escape from her stone sleep virus type thingie?

3. Is the original Delilah still around during 2198?

Greg responds...

1. Not telling.

2. I don't consider that canon.

3. No.

Response recorded on March 09, 2004

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George writes...

Is Gargoyles 2198 a lot like the original gargoyles episodes. like haveing a few gargoyles (main charactors)or does it consist of no really main characters but 14 differnt clans showen every once and awhile

Greg responds...

Much more the former than the latter. You can read the development in the ASK GREG Archives.

Response recorded on February 11, 2004

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Cristian Alvernaz writes...

Just got finished reading your ramblings on the Gargs episodes. WOW is all I can say, reading those has rekindled what I love about this wonderful show you've given us. I know some of these are a little over due, but they were going thru my mind as I was reading here we go.

UPGRADE- This episode actually kept me up at night the first time I saw it. I, like Dingo, was disgusted emotionally of they wy the pack treated their bodies. Wolf was just physically changed, but Jackal and Hayena were down right freaky, there was very little left that was actually human (I'm guessing Jackal's head and Hayena's torso & head). a reocurring mental image was the garbage bags containing their bodies callously tossed into the GEN-U-TECH dump. Really freaky stuff.Yes, I always had considered Brok the second in command.

HIGH NOON- A personal fav. As was intended, I got that feeling of "whoah, THREE villains!" and continue to feel that way every time I see it, maybe just cause we didn't see Coldstone all that often, and he's one of my favorite characters. Comming off of City of Stone I was baffled as to why Demona and Macbeth were working together, but I came to the conclusion that they were under the control of the Weird Sisters. The "comming battle" line at the end intrigued me, my friend ws baffled by it, even beyon watching Avalon he was expecting some monstrous epic brawl, I feel the line referred directly to their machinations with the Archmage. I feel the toy of Coldstone helps to establish more the re-animated stone cause his actual skin was all cracked, a truly morbid thought indeed! I still the CS toy was the best one released followed by Bronx.

CITY OF STONE- Great episode, but I was put off by the first showing of Macbeth feeling Demona's pain. I didn't gather it, honestly ,I thought it was an animation error the first time. After re-watching it I'm like "ahhhh I get it now , those smart guy have thought of everything!" Also, I took note of Owen recognising the wrong spell, tho it took some time for the payoff, I did catch it.

The Mirror- Another fav. what can I say, it was perfect, I love it when the Gargs use their "extra" limbs for other things, like Demona's tail poking Puck and Goliath's wing in HighNoon. The only thing that was odd to me was when Demona, holding Puck with her wings, hovers into the subway. Upon re-watching I hear the sound effect of Puck hovering her , but I didn't catch this the first time.

Vows- I wish the animation was a liitle better in depicting the difference of older characters than it was, I mena Hudson had the obvious eye thing , y.Demona didn't have the arm jewelry and was thinner, and Goliath was only thinner and happier sounding. No biggie tho. I love how time travel was handled on the show, it always made perfect sence to me, leaving me explaining it to my friends (one of them STILL doesn't understnd how Gryff showed up!) Xanatos was awesome in this one! Fox's dress was reaaalllllyy low cut in the back, that's probably why their clothes were react to as such, she was real close to flashing some behind (not that I'd complain!

EYE OF THE BEHOLDER- I missed this one and cought it next re-run. Was it just me or was the animation during Act2 diferent from Acts 1&3? I liked Xanatos' variation of the armor. I was also shocked that you were able to get away with Fox not wearing anything, really interesting ;]. Of course watching this one in re-run I was spoiled to the notion that the Eye of Odin was important by the Avalon arc, but I would've noticed it anyway, the Edge was my bros' all time fav episode.

Keep em' coming and I'll keep enjoying them. now, because I'm kinda lazy, is Gargoyles 2198 merely an idea that is being pitched around or is it something more? Thanks alot!

Greg responds...

G2198 is just an idea in my head, largely. I haven't even pitched it since 1996 (when it was set in 2158 and called Gargoyles Future Tense).

Response recorded on February 10, 2004

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Kitai writes...

Hello, Mr. Weisman,

I am curious about the Delilah of Gargoyles 2198. You mentioned she is a descendant of the Delilah clone in the original series. How many generations removed is she from the original Delilah? Is she more or even less human than the first Delilah (given the first is around 90% Gargoyle, as you aforementioned)? That's all. Thanks!

Greg responds...

Legitimate questions, but ones that I'm not answering at this time.

Response recorded on February 04, 2004

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Vashkoda writes...

Hi Greg. Looking over your G2198 responses, I picked up on something a little confusing.

You say that Samson, Delilah and Zafiro all learn Bushido in Ishimura. Then you say that Nick also goes to Ishimura to join the Order of the Guardian, and is trained in the way of the Gargoyle Warrior. I'm a little confused as to whether both groups are essentially doing the same thing--are the gargoyles *also* part of the Order of the Guardian? And yet you've referred to Nick several times as just "Guardian", as if he were the only one. So if you could please clarify this for me...

1a) Are Delilah, Samson and Zafiro also part of the Order of the Guardian? b) If not, are any gargoyles part of this Order? c) Is Delilah, Samson, and Zafiro's training in Ishimura completely separate from Nick's training? d) If so, were they able to meet in Ishiura, or do they only get introduced to each other later?

2a) I'm assuming that because it's an "Order", there must be more than one member, but because you've referred to him simply as "Guardian" (perhaps as in "the one and only"), *is* Nick the only one? b) If not, as a very rough estimate, how many would you say there are in 2198 before the invasion? ...a handful, dozens, hundreds?

3a) Is Ishimura the only training area of this Order, or is it one of many? b) If Ishimura is the only place the Order trains initiates, why was that particular location chosen?

4a) I admit I haven't done the math, nor am I sure of the life expectancy of a human living on Avalon, but is Thom, the original Guardian, still alive in 2198? b) If he is alive, does he help lead or train those in the Order? c) Is the purpose of the future Guardian(s) the same as the purpose of the first Guardian? (Thom)

Greg responds...

1. There are two "academic" tracks in Ishimura. One for Gargoyles and one for humans, though they have many classes that overlap. Any and all gargoyles are admitted to the program in Ishimura, but the admissions process for Humans is very stiff. I picture lawsuits over the inequity. But the reasoning is that they are teaching skills that in theory can be used against them, so they need to be very careful about who gets these skills. Since (a) the admission process is difficult and (b) the course work is difficult, very few humans graduate to Guardian status. Nick is not the only Guardian, but they aren't a dime a dozen. Frankly, I doubt Nick met Samson for the first time in Ishimura, because I would think that the Maza family and the Manhattan clan would still be pretty tight. Samson probably met Nick more or less immediately after he was born.

2. Less than a hundred.

3. Ishimura has a long tradition of teaching Bushido to humans. In a global environment, it made sense to locate the school of the Gargoyle Nation in that location. Avalon was much less practical.

4. The purpose is the same, and Tom is the clear inspiration for the Order. I'm not going to reveal whether or not he's alive. Mathematically, it is possible. Assuming Tom spent nearly all of his remaining life on Avalon, he'd be biologically 62 in 2198. (As opposed to biologically 54 in 1996.) But that's no guarantee of survival.

Response recorded on January 20, 2004

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Zarok writes...

Hi Greg
I have a few questions regarding gargoyles 2198…

1) You once said that CGI would be ideal for 2198, care to elaborate. Do you feel that certain visual aspects would be best represent in GCI or do you figure people will naturally equate aliens and such with CGI.
2) A lot of the plot lines in 2198 seems to depend on the viewer being familiar with the original Gargoyles series and would be near incomprehensible to a new viewer. I mean how would you explain stuff like the Owen/Puck and Alexander IV relationship without regurgitating a complex and confusing back-story. (I know it doesn't seem confusing when you actually watch the show but it's not the sort of thing you can relate in a few minutes of exposition). So have you given any thought on how you would bring a new viewer up to speed?

Greg responds...

1. The subject matter of the show, being more science fiction driven than fantasy, suggests to me that the things that are relatively easy in CGI animation -- as opposed to the things that are difficult and therefore expensive in both dollars and man-hours -- would be high-lighted more than in the old series. I'd be happy to do 2198 in either CGI or cell or a combo. Frankly, whatever I could get. But to the extent the show has been developed, it was developed so that CGI would be an economically feasible option.

2. Yes. Mostly, by taking nothing for granted. Let me use Owen as an example. New viewers meet Owen for the first time, perhaps in a scene talking to Alexander. They don't know about Puck. They don't need to know about Puck. He's simply Xanatos' advisor. (Does this scenario sound familiar to anyone?) After Xanatos' abduction from Earth, Owen can't change into Puck. Since he can't change he doesn't. Since he can't and doesn't, he doesn't talk about it, because it's a non-issue. So no new viewers are confused. Sure the old viewers know that this guy is Puck, but hopefully they'll understand why he cannot change (i.e. he can only change to teach or protect Alex. He's already failed in the latter and Alex isn't around for the former, so he cannot change). Their (inside) knowledge hopefully enhances their viewing pleasure. They understand Owen's frustration and its ramifications more. But there's nothing to distract the audience that is new to the Gargoyles Universe -- until we are ready to reveal things anew.

Does that help?

Response recorded on January 16, 2004

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