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matt writes...

when cloning a gargoyle, is there any way to predict how the coloring will differ, is there any order to it or is it completly random coloring? i mean does Lex's parent or grandparent have the same coloring as Lex's clone or what?

Greg responds...

The color differences, according to Sevarius, are a result of the forced growing procedure. If you clone a garg and allow it to age normally, the coloring should be the same.

I believe that the color changes are predictable. They tend toward the photo-negative, I think.

Response recorded on September 12, 2003

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Anonymous writes...

Why do the space-spawn require ships if they have molecular transporters?

Greg responds...

Transporters are very innefficient energy-wise. And they only work at the speed of light. They are impractical over great distances.

Response recorded on August 29, 2003

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thrawnaka writes...

<<Just out of curiousity(I hope to what ever god/dess that I spelled that right.) I was wondering why Sevarius did gene splicing to make the Mutates? I watched this thing on one of the educational channels and it said that humans have little bits of DNA from every animal in their DNA codes. So, why didn't Sevarius just activate the exsting genes in them? Or, did he by that gene splicing?>>

In reference to your exasperated reply, lemme try to answer this. Humans don't really contain little bits of DNA from all animals. Its more like we share certain bits with other animals due to the fact that we have common ancestors. For example, a gorilla and a human's DNA is something like 99% the same due to the fact that we're so closely related. However, there's still a distinct difference between a gorilla and a human. In DNA, a little bit goes a long way.

To make a long story even longer, in order to get the kind of mutate hybrids Sevarious was shooting for, he would have to swap out some of the distinctly human DNA with say Cat genes for Maggie. So in the end, Sevarious would have had to "splice" in Cat DNA that we don't have.

Hope that made some sort of sense.

Greg responds...

It does to me. Thanks.

Response recorded on August 28, 2003

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jjwspider writes...

>> Hey Greg,

Just out of curiousity(I hope to what ever god/dess that I spelled that right.) I was wondering why Sevarius did gene splicing to make the Mutates? I watched this thing on one of the educational channels and it said that humans have little bits of DNA from every animal in their DNA codes. So, why didn't Sevarius just activate the exsting genes in them? Or, did he by that gene splicing?

Well off to homework, "yeah".

Greg responds...


Anyone with a scientific background want to field this? Come up with an explanation that justifies what we put into the show?

Be my guest. <<

I believe that the reasoning here would be that as humans we contain DNA that is very similar to the DNA found in amimals (like proteins that have the same structure) but we don't contain the DNA of every animal per se. It may look like we do but that is just because of similarity of structure or similar proteins in our bodies. Sevarius spliced animal DNA to the mutates based upon which section of the animals DNA controlled a certain trait. But putting these DNA samples into their systems they eventually became grafted onto their own DNA structures, mutating the DNA, and causing their appearances to change in order to resemble their now changed genetic code.

I hope that helps Greg!

-Joe Wagner

Greg responds...

It does. Thanks, Joe. See, gang, the fans are always your first and best resource.

Response recorded on August 22, 2003

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Anonymous writes...

1.Would you consider the golem to be an AI since it is artificial?
2.If you could rank the AIs of the Gargoyles Universe from most advanced to least advanced where does the Golem fit?

Greg responds...

1. Uh, I suppose... but certainly not in the sense that the term is generally used.

2. I'm not sure we yet have any true AI's aside from Matrix.

Does even Coyote 4.0 qualify? He's certainly sophisticated by robotic standards, but is he truly artificially intelligent?

Would you categorize Coldfire & Coldsteel as A.I.'s when it is the sorcerous possession of gargoyle souls that engenders their intelligence?

Am I missing anyone?

So far all I've got is Matrix, who, yes, is more advanced than Golem, if you even want to put Golem on that scale, which I don't.

Response recorded on June 12, 2003

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Joe C. writes...

I have a question about all the flying technology. Where are the fuel reservoirs on all these flying machines and armor? Also, the jet exhausts on jet packs you had on the show would obviously let out a lot of heat. What was to protect the people wearing these?

Greg responds...

Artistic license?

Either that or Advanced Technology. As I'm not a mechanical engineer, I'm not sure which.

Look, how about you write me back and tell me how it works. Assume it does work, and then give me an answer how.

Then we'll both be happy.

Response recorded on June 09, 2003

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matt writes...

1. can a clone (like Thailog) be cloned? i see no reason why not, but i thought i'd ask...

2. if a clone was cloned would their coloring return to usual (i.e. Thailog's clone has Goliaths coloring) or would the coloring be entirely new (Goliath, Thailog and his clone all have different skin tones)?

Greg responds...

I'm going to be out of town next week, so this week I'm going to try to answer two questions a day to make up for it. You can splurge now or ration them out to your heart's content to get you through the gap.

1. I see no reason why not, however Dolly the sheep has demonstrated that cloning is not a tremendously effective way to reproduce. Even assuming that Sevarius' methods are more effective, a clone of a clone starts to sound a bit like a xerox of a xerox. Eventually, the copies are too weak to be useful.

2. Well, the change in coloring wasn't a result of the cloning but of the rapid forced aging. But assuming the clone of the clone was also rapid forced aged, than I assume the coloring would alter. A rapid aged clone of Thailog, might not look exactly like Goliath, but he might be close.

Response recorded on March 17, 2003

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Galvatron writes...

I'm curious do humans have anti-gravity technology in 2198?

Greg responds...

I don't know.

Response recorded on February 18, 2003

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theSquiggyOne writes...

How many versions of the Steel Clan has Xantos created besides the first batch and the batch in the Edge with electric defenses and advanced AI?

Greg responds...

There have only been two models of Steel Clan Robot.

The original model, commissioned by Xanatos, seen in "Awakening, Part V" and "The Edge" and "Double Jeopardy" and "The Price", etc.

And the Iron Clan Robot model, commissioned by Owen Burnett, specifically to battle Oberon and/or Titania, as seen in "The Gathering, Part II". These are larger, and their chassis are made from iron as opposed to steal, but most of the other tech specs are the same.

The so-called "Advanced AI" model that I assume you're referring to from "The Edge" was not a robot at all. But a suit of armor (red in color) that Xanatos wore. Though from the outside it looked like a red version of the robots, it in fact was obviously constructed very differently. I'm not saying they didn't use any of the robot tech on the suit, since they obviously did, but it also required a separate develpoment phase.

Response recorded on February 06, 2003

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Anonymous writes...

In the 2198 contest you said that gargoyles were experimented upon, but we never saw any gargoyle getting experimented upon or were you saving this for the third season?

Greg responds...

Well, one could argue that the creation of the clones counted as experimentation on Gargoyles, but, yes, I did have further plans.

Response recorded on April 23, 2002

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