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thrawnaka writes...

<<Just out of curiousity(I hope to what ever god/dess that I spelled that right.) I was wondering why Sevarius did gene splicing to make the Mutates? I watched this thing on one of the educational channels and it said that humans have little bits of DNA from every animal in their DNA codes. So, why didn't Sevarius just activate the exsting genes in them? Or, did he by that gene splicing?>>

In reference to your exasperated reply, lemme try to answer this. Humans don't really contain little bits of DNA from all animals. Its more like we share certain bits with other animals due to the fact that we have common ancestors. For example, a gorilla and a human's DNA is something like 99% the same due to the fact that we're so closely related. However, there's still a distinct difference between a gorilla and a human. In DNA, a little bit goes a long way.

To make a long story even longer, in order to get the kind of mutate hybrids Sevarious was shooting for, he would have to swap out some of the distinctly human DNA with say Cat genes for Maggie. So in the end, Sevarious would have had to "splice" in Cat DNA that we don't have.

Hope that made some sort of sense.

Greg responds...

It does to me. Thanks.

Response recorded on August 28, 2003