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Animation Fascination Podcast

Did another podcast with Mark and Tom at Animation Fascination. We talk Gargoyles, Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice, Rain of the Ghosts and Spirits of Ash and Foam. Here's the link:


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Just a Nerd. writes...

I just realized the flaw of my last question #2. Wonder Woman and Hawkwoman were off world. I am an idiot. ;P

So, new question. Would WW and HW have attended if they were actually on Earth?

Thanks for answering Again, sorry for the derpiness.

Greg responds...


Response recorded on September 16, 2014

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Just a Nerd writes...

Rewatching Satisfaction, specifically the shower for Rachel. Took notes (yes, I took notes on a TV show when I refuse to in school.) Female Leaguers and Teammates who are missing: Sgt Marvel, Troia, Artemis, Aquagirl, Wonder Woman, and Hawkwoman.

Obviously, at this point, Artemis is 'dead', and Tula is actually dead.

1. You've previously stated that Mary Bromfield and Donna Troy didn't attend for production reasons. Is there an in-universe explanation?
2. Wonder Woman and Hawkwoman were also not in attendance. Are there production and/or in-universe reasons for this? (One could argue it was a strictly-Team party, but WW and HW would have gotten to know Rocket after she joined the League.)
3. Is there any connection between my obsession with everything you've ever done and my inability to get a girlfriend? :)

Greg responds...

1. Yes. (Both excuses are a bit feeble, to be honest.) But I can't reveal why each didn't attend without revealing SPOILERS about their stories, so...

2. They were on Rimbor. (I thought you were taking notes.)

3. I hope not.

Response recorded on September 16, 2014

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Tyler Reznik writes...

Hello again, Mr. Weisman. I make my glorious return to the realm of Ask Greg (bwa ha ha ha ha), by asking a few questions about Young Justice's version of Deathstroke (who is one of my favourite DC villains).

1) Has Deathstroke ever served in any branch of the military? If so, what was his rank?

2) In the comics, Slade was given superhuman abilities (healing factor, enhanced speed, strength, etc.). Is this true for Earth-16's version as well?

3) Sportsmaster was on a first-name basis with Slade. How long have they known each other?

4) Does Slade have a wife or children?

5) How did Deathstroke lose his eye?

Thanks for taking my question, and have a good day.

Greg responds...

1. Probably.

1a. I'd have to research that.

2. I think not.

3. Long.



Response recorded on September 16, 2014

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JC writes...

I'm honestly not trying to have an "ah ha! Gotcha" moment here (although it may seem like it after I ask my questions), as I am honestly curious and a little confused.

You've said that Odin was able to circumvent Oberon's rule of not stealing Avalonian artifacts from mortals because he felt that it belonged to him.
My question is:

1) Why does he believe the Eye still belongs to him after he gave it up willingly (i.e. not stolen from him)?

To put it in "mortal perspective," if a woman gives up her baby for adoption, and for whatever reason the adoptive family decides to give the baby to someone else, and the birth mother takes the baby back, thats kidnapping (i.e. theft)...even if the birth mother feels justified, reasoning that this new family isn't who she agreed to give the baby to and doesn't like how they are raising the child, if the authorities caught her, she would be punished the same as if she hadn't given birth to the baby - as she gave up all rights to the child in the first place.

Now, in Odin's case, Oberon is the authority and Odin was able to "bend" Oberon's law because he "felt" justified:

2) Does Oberon agree with Odin, that he is the rightful owner dispite having given it away a long time ago?

If so:
3) Why? Does he not see contractual agreements with mortals binding?

If not:
4) Was Odin punished for breaking the law or forgiven? (If this is a story for another day, I'll understand if you do not feel like answering this one).

Greg responds...

1. Reversion clause.

I'm not sure I don't believe that extenuating circumstances would negate your analogy. Plus, if you gave your baby up to adoption to someone specific, I'd lay odds that in many adoption contracts, there may in fact be a clause that gives the birth parents the option of getting the child back instead of it going to an unapproved third party. But in any case, Odin is a god (from his point of view). He sure as hell wouldn't think much of your analogy.

2. I don't think Oberon knows or cares. But I tend to think he wouldn't think much of your analogy either.

3. What contract with what mortal are you referring to? Mimir was not a mortal.

4. See above.

Response recorded on September 16, 2014

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Anonymous writes...

And another couple of questions, this time regarding Matrix.

1. You've said that Matrix assimilated Dingo's armor upon merging with him. Could he have taken the form of the armor and be an exact copy or did he have to assimlate it to have all if its capabilities - and does this apply to all technology?

2) Is the Master Matrix in the future the same "being" as Matrix, a portion of it, a seperate being based ob it's technology, or is this a big-fat "spoiler request"?

Greg responds...

1. He needs to take something apart to figure out how it works.

2. No spoilers.

Response recorded on September 12, 2014

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Anonymous writes...

I also have a few questions regarding Merlin.

1) You've said that he is capable of both mortal and Fae magic, but never both at the same time. So does he have a preferance, ie. one form of magic that he would use even if the other form could accomplish the same task?

2. Is either form easier for him (I know neither are "easy" per se), or come more naturally to him?

3a. Are the Scrolls of Merlin filled with mortal or Fae magic, or both?
3b. Are the Scrolls themselves considered Fae artifacts (like the Eye of Odin)?

4. In some legends Merlin's powers don't work well, or sontimes not at all, when over a large body of water - does this apply to Merlin in the Garg universe?

Greg responds...

1. Eh.

2. It's situational.

3a. Neither. They were protected by a magic spell, that's all. Otherwise, they're simply a history text.

3b. No.

4. No Spoilers.

Response recorded on September 12, 2014

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Anonymous writes...

I have a few questions regarding Banshee/Molly.

1a. Is the plate that covers her mouth made of iron?
1b. If not, how does it restrict her powers?
1c. Also, if it's not iron, why did Oberon put it there instead of "decreeing" her powers not work (like the restrictions on mortal interferance)?

2. Why is the plate still there when she becomes Molly if all of her magic is lost in that form anyway?

3. Is the plate a temporary punishment or permanant - meaning it cannot be removed, even by Oberon himself?

Greg responds...

1a. No.

1b. Oberon's power does the trick.

1c. Whim?

2. Huh? When does that happen?

3. Oberon can clearly remove it. Listen to his dialogue.

Response recorded on September 10, 2014

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Leaguer writes...

What are the religions of Asami Koizumi, Tye Longshadow, Virgil Hawkins, Roy Harper (Arsenal), and Eduardo Dorado, Jr.?

Greg responds...

Ed is Catholic, I'm sure, by background - if not in practice. The rest I'd have to research, and I'll admit I haven't.

Response recorded on September 10, 2014

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Anonymous writes...

Sorry if this has already been asked, I couldn't find anything on this.

1. What's J'onn's relationship with Garfield? Does gar call him Uncle J'onn?

2. How did J'onn react to him? Was he happy, upset, (doubt he was) or worried?

Please answer, I'd like to know about this

Greg responds...

1. Yep.

2. He was sympathetic.

Response recorded on September 10, 2014

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