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Anonymous writes...

I also have a few questions regarding Merlin.

1) You've said that he is capable of both mortal and Fae magic, but never both at the same time. So does he have a preferance, ie. one form of magic that he would use even if the other form could accomplish the same task?

2. Is either form easier for him (I know neither are "easy" per se), or come more naturally to him?

3a. Are the Scrolls of Merlin filled with mortal or Fae magic, or both?
3b. Are the Scrolls themselves considered Fae artifacts (like the Eye of Odin)?

4. In some legends Merlin's powers don't work well, or sontimes not at all, when over a large body of water - does this apply to Merlin in the Garg universe?

Greg responds...

1. Eh.

2. It's situational.

3a. Neither. They were protected by a magic spell, that's all. Otherwise, they're simply a history text.

3b. No.

4. No Spoilers.

Response recorded on September 12, 2014