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Marvelman writes...

At what point will Outsider be considered to be in-production? The writing is considered to be pre-production, right? I know you are now recording the voices. Is that part of the production phase?

Greg responds...

It depends how you're defining your terms. Broadly speaking, Young Justice: Outsiders is in production and has been for over a year.

But if you're going to divide the broad term "Producton" into it's three main components, i.e. Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production, then:

Writing, voice recording, storyboard, design, direction are all elements of pre-production, and are all done here in Burbank.

Overseas animation is the actual production, done in Seoul, South Korea.

Editing, retakes, music, sound effects, visual effects, foley, sound mixing and on-lining are all elements of Post, which is also done here in Burbank.

Young Justice: Outsiders is very deep into Pre-Production, and pretty darn deep into Production, and beyond the shallow end in Post-Production, as well.

In any case, we're still right on schedule.

Response recorded on April 16, 2018

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Peter writes...

Hey! Young Justice is my life. As of the time I'm sending this, Pride Month is almost over. I read over lots of the asks and replies you get on here and a fair amount are about something LGBT related, whether its about something thats akin to Fanfiction or borderline homophobic. I'm sure you might have come to dread those types of questions, but mines is a bit different.

I don't want you to think that I'm requesting this, i guess at the end of the day i am, but i mean so in the most respectful way possible. Please... If there's ever a time when you might include LGBT content or anything like it in YJ, please don't let it be queerbaiting. Its such a horrible thing to do to us. I don't think I'd be able to handle it from my favorite show. I don't think you'd ever let that happen, and i don't even think we'd get LGBT relationships in the show, but i just had to say it. For myself, just in case.

Greg responds...

I had to look up queerbaiting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queerbaiting

Some of the examples given on the wikipedia page seem unfair to me. (Though I'm happy to grant that as a straight male, I'm coming at this from a very different point of view.) For example, calling Holmes and Watson queerbaiting actually seems outrageous to me. Creators need to be able to present two male or two female best friends in a close but non-sexual relationship without being accused of trying to "bait" anyone.

I'm not going to address anything related to YJ, since that would involve spoilers, but I will bring up some Gargoyles stuff, as an example.

In our minds, Lexington is gay. But in those mid-nineties days when the series was originally on the air, there was absolutely no way Disney would let us objectively show this. Nevertheless, we strove to write the character to be consistent with his orientation. We thought we were doing the best possible alternative. So were we queerbaiting? And what would the alternative have been? Not depicting any LGBTQ characters at all?

I, personally, don't have the clout to make (successful) ultimatums to my employers. I could, of course, have insisted on being allowed to show Lexington kiss a guy. But if I had insisted that it's the kiss or I walk, Disney would have shrugged and waved goodbye to me. And my replacement would likely - if only to reassure his or her bosses - have made Lex objectively STRAIGHT. Is that better for anyone?

This kind of thing is simply a reality of the industry. It is getting better. There are plenty of series we can point to that demonstrate that. And I like to think I'm trying to help make things better still. But I'm going to - for my own mental health - reject the notion of queerbaiting almost entirely.

Maybe I'm not yet 'woke' enough. That's certainly possible. But I'm going to consistently push to depict what I can, to suggest what I cannot and to not for one second shy away from depicting two same sex characters having a close but platonic relationship, because (for example) one or both might be heterosexual. Because I write characters. I don't write agendas-masquerading-as-characters. I have agendas, but I don't write characters who are nothing but. I try to keep my characters consistent and true to themselves. But I'm not baiting anyone. And I'm certainly not trying to trick anyone with this sort of thing. Quite the reverse. I'm simply trying to do the best I can under occasionally hostile conditions.

Sorry if that's disappointing. But it's the best 2018 Greg Weisman can give you.

Response recorded on April 11, 2018

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Greg Jr writes...

What is a normal day working on YJ3 like?
from morning to evening (Details please)

Greg responds...

There's really no such thing as a "normal" day. There are tons of (I suppose) normal tasks that need getting done, but it's not like I consistently write in the morning, record voices over lunch and review animatics in the afternoon on a daily basis.

If you're asking what ALL needs to get done, well, there's a TON that needs to get done. Keep in mind that we're on a sliding schedule, where multiple episodes are being worked on in various stages, all at one time.

So, for example, TODAY, as I write this, I had a meeting first thing in the morning to look at color backgrounds for episode 317. This was followed by Brandon and I reviewing the storyboard for episode 323. We were interrupted, so Brandon could give notes on an animation test for 310. Next we're going over to the WB Ranch to meet with our bosses (something we do every other Thursday), then we'll come back and try to finish reviewing the 323 storyboard.

Contrast that with yesterday and tomorrow...

Yesterday, Brandon and I spent most of the day locking the animatic for episode 320. But in the middle of the day, we spent about an hour on the first pass picture edit of episode 307. We got through less than half of the episode.

Tomorrow, which could change, we're scheduled to review Ink & Paint on episode 316, then finish editing 307. I have lunch plans with a young writer. Then Brandon and I come back and call retakes on 307. Then we'll give storyboard notes on 323 to the episode's director.

At the moment we have exactly ZERO episodes in the can, i.e. completely finished and ready for air. ZERO.

All the writing is done, however, and nearly all the recording. (We have three straggler actors we need to pick up who were out of town when we last recorded the cast.) About eleven episodes are still in some stage of preproduction, and seven are in post-production. The remaining (middle) eight are in the process of being animated in Seoul.

Hope that more or less answers your question.

Response recorded on April 05, 2018

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ClarkeC writes...

Hey Greg, i have a question which hopefully won't be misconstrued as a spoiler request. You mention way back when that Cartoon Network wasn't ready to display openly LGBT characters in cartoons. However with Legend of Korra and later Star vs. the forces of Evil, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe and whatnot being more open with LGBT elements in series with a young demographic:
1. Do you think that Cartoon Network would be more open to having openly LGBT characters on Young Justice.
2. And in your opinion will cartoons in general start displaying more LGBT characters/themes?
Thanks in advance..

Greg responds...

1. I honestly don't know. It's kind of a moot point vis-a-vis Young Justice, as season three won't be on Cartoon Network.

2. I think so. I hope so.

Response recorded on March 16, 2018

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Wally West writes...

Hey Greg.
Just wanted everyone to know that it's the 20th June 2017 right now as I'm writing this, and even tho the final episode of Invasion came out back in 2013, technically the date of the final episode was set on 20th June 2016. We all know what happened one year ago today.
Thanks for bringing back my favourite show Greg, I hope you enjoy working on it as much as I enjoyed watching it. Thanks

Greg responds...

I do.

Response recorded on March 08, 2018

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A+WW President writes...

The A+WW club would like you to read the following and please note you do not have to respond but a responce will be welcomed if brought forth: My name is Mikk president of the A+WW club. This is a club devoted to Artemis's and Wally's love life together. My girls have voted to write this to you and to keep Wally and Artemis together. My girls are from more than ten different schools and different grades. All we're asking is that you keep Wally and Artemis together. Please email the responce to walrussavestheday@gmail.com and follow us on twitter @ParisisAandW. Thank you for reading.

The A+WW club thanks you,

Greg responds...

I don't respond by email to Ask Greg questions or requests. If I started doing it for one person, I'd have to do it for everyone - and I'd soon be overwhelmed.

Beyond that, I didn't see a question. So I'm not sure how to answer.

Response recorded on December 14, 2017

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Kim Lee writes...

Did you always planed to name young justice season 3 as Outsiders?

Greg responds...

Always? I guess not. When we started, we didn't even know that subsequent seasons would have subtitles like Invasion and Outsiders.

Response recorded on November 15, 2017

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No one inparticular writes...

1)How irritating does it get for both you and Brandon when people don't give him the credit he deserves for YJ?
2)I can't wait to see what you both have in store for us in season 3! And so excited for it!

Greg responds...

1. It annoys me quite a bit, and I try to always correct any impression that it isn't a team effort. I can only imagine that it must grate on him even more.

2. Thanks. Can't wait for everyone to see it.

Response recorded on November 14, 2017

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Anonymous writes...

Hi, I was wondering if Beast Boy was 13 at the start of Team Year Six or if he was in the same boat as Bart with the whole assuming he lives to the end of Year Six, that he will have turned 13 during it?

Greg responds...

I think it's safe to say now, given what we revealed at SDCC this past summer, that Garfield survived to age 14 by the end of Team Year Six.

Response recorded on October 02, 2017

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Selleck writes...

Are there members of the young justice team you had plan to be on the team in season 3 that you can not no longer be on the team in season 3 of young justice?

Greg responds...

There are - to date - no restrictions on what DC characters we can use. Our plans have not changed substantially from what they were, though details here and there have (of course) been nailed down, and - occasionally for our own purposes - altered.

As to who's on the Team and whether any of those specifics have changed - NO SPOILERS.

Response recorded on September 20, 2017

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