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XIV. Avalon & the Avalon World Tour

1. What does the night sky look like from Avalon?

Like Earth's night sky, but from a unique point of view.

2. Who leads the Avalon clan? Do they even have a leader?

Gabriel is the leader. Angela was his second until she left, at which time Ophelia took her place.

3. What were some of the names of the other members of the Avalon clan?

Greg's answers:

There's Raphael, Uriel, Michael and Azrael.

(I'm quite sure that Katharine would have gone through all the Archangel names she could think of -- including the name Archangel itself.)

[Later, he adds...] Plus some variations like Angela.

But they had more gargs than angels.

So we get Ophelia, etc.

Anyway, I don't plan on tying my hand by naming a bunch of characters I haven't yet explored.

4. How many gargoyle beasts are on Avalon?

Three. One is Boudicca. The others are one male and one other female.

5. Are Coldstone and Coldfire Gabriel's parents?


6. Does the Trio have any blood relatives in the Avalon clan?

Possibly. It hasn't been confirmed.

7. If baby gargoyles feed on breast milk, how did the Magus, Katherine, and Tom feed the Avalon clan as infants?

Avalon somehow provided.

8. Why did Greg have the Avalon World Tour?

Primarily, it was a necessary expansion of the size and scope of the Gargoyles Universe, beyond Manhattan and Scotland. (Besides, in this compiler's opinion, many of them were pretty darn cool stories.)

9. Why did everyone during the Avalon World Tour speak English?

Greg's answers:

Yeah. The language thing. Well, you got me. [...] As to the World Tour, that is less problematic, so it surprises me that you had more of a problem with it. We toyed with the idea of using sub-titles and dealing with the language barrier in four episodes: "Golem", "Bushido", "Eye of the Storm" and "The Green". Some of us felt the episodes would be enriched by the inclusion, but others disagreed. Particularly my bosses, who pointed out that the youngest members of our audience didn't know how to read and would be missing out on any subtitled dialogue. I felt we could make things clear enough for that percentage of the audience, but there were other arguments that did weigh in very strong for me.

1) It would bog down the stories, wasting precious screen time on problems of objective communication.
2) It would involve substantially more work for my writers, story editors, board artists, film editors, post supervisors etc. Not that we hid from hard work, but we were on a very tight schedule, and this issue didn't seem to merit the extra effort.
3) English, in the modern world, is such a universal language, it doesn't at all bother me that the citizens of Ishimura, Prague, Guatemala and Norway spoke it.

I didn't much like that they spoke it among themselves, however. So even after we had decided against dealing with this (our Gaelic decision, perhaps setting a precedent), we revisited the problem after we did the voice recording of "Bushido". Frank Paur, who had initially felt that we shouldn't deal with the language barrier, changed his mind. He didn't mind that Kai spoke English, but he didn't want Kai (or anyone else) to start speaking English until he heard Goliath and/or Elisa and/or Angela speaking English. At which point, Kai (and the others) would start speaking English out of courtesy. I agreed that that would make the episode better. Problem was, we had already held the voice recording. Rerecording would have doubled that episode's voice expenses. I was prepared to do this and make up the money somewhere else, but my bosses still weren't to thrilled with the idea and said no.

[Later, regarding the New Olympians and their English-speaking...] As I've mentioned before, the use of other languages on the World Tour was something I was talked out of. I regret that now. I think we need to assume that the New Olympians had studied English via radio and television transmissions. And that they had the language programmed into some kind of translation devise.

10. If names are not a gargoyle custom, why did so many of the clans during the Avalon World Tour have them?

Naming is addictive.

11. Did Goliath and company return to Avalon after every adventure during the World Tour?


12. What happened to the skiff used by Goliath, Angela, Elisa, and Bronx?

As King Arthur's skiff did when he arrived in London, it sank when they arrived in Manhattan.

13. If Earth was destroyed, what would happen to Avalon?

It'd be gone.

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