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FAQ Index

  1. General Gargoyles Questions
    1. What led Greg to create Gargoyles?
    2. What were some specific inspirations for Gargoyles?
    3. How old are the characters on Gargoyles?
    4. What are the nationalities of some of the human characters?
    5. Why is there so much Shakespeare in Gargoyles?
    6. Would all legends, myths, and tales become part of the Gargoyles universe?
    7. Are answers given in Ask Greg etched in stone?

  2. Goliath & Elisa Maza
    1. Who contributed to the creation of Goliath?
    2. Who named Goliath?
    3. Does Goliath still have feelings for Demona?
    4. Did Elisa know Dracon from before "Deadly Force?" It sure seemed like they had a history...
    5. What is the make and model of Elisa's car?
    6. How does Elisa explain all the guns she loses?
    7. How did Elisa explain her absence during the Avalon World Tour?
    8. Why does Elisa Maza look so much like her voice actor (Salli Richardson)?
    9. What does the rest of the clan think of Goliath and Elisa's relationship?
    10. What's in store for the Goliath-Elisa relationship? Will they get married?
    11. Will Goliath and Elisa ever have children?

  3. Brooklyn & Lexington
    1. Who is Brooklyn's mate, and where does he meet her?
    2. How can Lexington wear a loincloth with his particular kind of wings?

  4. Broadway & Angela
    1. Is Hudson Broadway's father?
    2. What made Greg decide to add Angela to the regular cast?
    3. What does Angela think of Goliath and Elisa's relationship?
    4. Why did Angela get together with Broadway when it seemed like she was in love with Gabriel?
    5. Why did Angela choose Broadway over Brooklyn?
    6. Did Coldstone and Coldfire's possession of Broadway and Angela have anything to do with their relationship?
    7. Do Broadway and Angela have children?
    8. How will Broadway and Angela raise their children?

  5. Hudson & Bronx
    1. Why is Hudson the only member of the clan with a Scottish accent?
    2. What does Hudson think of Goliath and Elisa's relationship?
    3. Was color was Hudson's hair before it went grey?
    4. What's Hudson's favorite television show?
    5. Why did they cover Hudson's stone form in bronze in "Future Tense?"
    6. Will there be an episode that focuses on Bronx?
    7. Will Bronx and Boudicca become mates?
    8. But Bronx is way younger than Boudicca! How could they be mates?
    9. Aren't Bronx and Boudicca related?

  6. Demona & Macbeth
    1. Will Demona and Goliath ever get back together?
    2. Does Demona really still "carry a torch" for Goliath?
    3. Why does Demona hate Elisa so much?
    4. Will Demona ever find love again?
    5. Does Demona know Oberon?
    6. Now that she's human by day, does Demona need to sleep?
    7. Did Demona take a mate or have children between 994 and 1994?
    8. How many gargoyle clans did Demona really know about, besides the Manhattan clan? In "The Reckoning" she said she knew every living gargoyle.
    9. How did Demona and Xanatos meet?
    10. When Demona said Puck served a human in "The Mirror," who was she referring to?
    11. How did Demona learn that Puck was Owen?
    12. Didn't Demona notice the pain on her first transformation to a human in "The Mirror?"
    13. Where did Demona disappear to with the Phoenix Gate after appearing in 975 in "Vows?"
    14. Did Demona recognize Gillecomgain in "City of Stone" Part II?
    15. Why did Demona's eyes light up when she was a human and angry at Macbeth in "High Noon?"
    16. Why did Goliath and Angela think that Demona was dead in "The Reckoning?"
    17. Wouldn't Demona have killed herself when she released the plague in "Hunter's Moon?" After all, wouldn't it kill Macbeth and fulfill the requirements for both of them to die?
    18. In "Future Tense," how could the Xanatos Program have killed Demona?
    19. Can Demona have a child?  How would it be affected by her shift from gargoyle to human?
    20. Why does Demona wear the same clothing she wore back in 994?
    21. What did Demona think of Shakespeare's play Macbeth?
    22. Did Macbeth know Shakespeare? What did he think of Shakespeare's Macbeth?
    23. Did Macbeth know King Arthur? He said himself that he sealed the Scrolls of Merlin...
    24. How could Macbeth take on the gargoyles in hand to hand combat? Gargoyles are way stronger than any human, after all.
    25. Why did the Archmage choose Demona and Macbeth as his pawns?
    26. Did the Weird Sisters engage in any more meddling with Demona and Macbeth between 1057 and 1995?
    27. What are the limits of Demona's and Macbeth's immortality?  How much damage can they take?
    28. Why didn't Macbeth react to the damage being inflicted on human Demona by Elisa in "High Noon?"
    29. Aren't Macbeth and Demona technically married after "Sanctuary?"
    30. Why did the Hunt continue to the present day? Canmore thought Macbeth and Demona were dead.
    31. What is the extent of the sensations that can be felt between Demona and Macbeth via their link? Can they feel other things besides pain?
    32. When did the clan figure out that Demona was immortal? Hudson seemed to know in "The Price," but Goliath and Angela seemed unsure in "The Reckoning."
    33. Where does Macbeth get his money?

  7. Family Xanatos & Owen/Puck
    1. How long did Xanatos and Owen know about the Clock Tower being the clan's home?
    2. How was Xanatos able to learn about Iago and Desdemona? How did he find Coldstone in the Himalayas?
    3. Does Xanatos give up his scheming ways for good after reaching a peace with Goliath's clan?
    4. How does Xanatos control the wings, laser, and tail of his Steel Clan exoframe?
    5. Where did the name "Xanatos" come from?
    6. Why does David Xanatos look so much like his voice actor (Jonathan Frakes)?
    7. What's that blue patch around Fox's eye?
    8. Does Owen have a love life? If so, do we know his romantic interest?
    9. What is Owen Burnett's middle name?
    10. When Owen dies, won't Puck die too?
    11. Is Puck Oberon and Titania's biological child?

  8. The Pack & Other Villains
    1. What are the real names of the members of the Pack?
    2. What made Greg decide that Wolf was a descendant of Hakon?
    3. Who forms the Ultra-Pack? Who leads it?
    4. Who would be the mysterious new "fifth member" who joins the Ultra-Pack?
    5. Did Thailog survive the fire in "The Reckoning?"
    6. How did Sevarius survive the sinking sub in "Monsters?"

  9. Coldstone, Coldfire, Coldsteel
    1. Where did the names Othello, Desdemona, and Iago come from for the three gargoyle souls inside Coldstone?
    2. Why did Desdemona split into three in "High Noon?"
    3. Is the "healing" ability of the Coldsteel and Coldfire robots related to the Matrix?
    4. Could they clone Coldstone?
    5. When did Iago (later Coldsteel) deceive Coldstone (as seen in flashback in "Legion")?

  10. Medieval Characters
    1. What did the Captain of the Guard mean when he said that the people of Wyvern were "not my kind?"
    2. Is Hakon really gone?
    3. Is the Magus really dead?
    4. Why did Duncan become the Hunter?

  11. Manhattan Characters
    1. What Native American tribe is Peter Maza from? Is he Sioux, Navajo, or Hopi?
    2. What does Peter Maza do for a living?
    3. Where did the name for Elisa's cat Cagney come from? Is it a male or female cat?
    4. What's Officer Morgan's full name?
    5. Is Brendan Margot's husband or boyfriend?
    6. What is the nature of Renard's illness? How much longer did he have to live?
    7. Does Halcyon Renard know Anastasia is Titania?
    8. Where did the idea for Vinnie and Mr. Carter (the pie-gun) come from?
    9. Does Maria Chavez really have a daughter (as seen in "Future Tense")?

  12. Labyrinth Clan
    1. What kind of cat was each of the Labyrinth Clan mutated into?
    2. How did Maggie get to New York City? Why did she wind up homeless?
    3. Why did the mutates' appearance change between "Metamorphosis" and "The Cage?"
    4. Exactly how much Demona-gargoyle and how much Elisa-human went into Delilah?
    5. Would Delilah have any connection to Macbeth and Demona's link thanks to Demona's DNA?

  13. The Third Race
    1. What makes some members of the Third Race death gods and such?
    2. Why did Oberon banish his Children from Avalon?
    3. Why does Titania wear so little? As a queen, shouldn't she have a little more dignity?
    4. How could Titania's Mirror be in Oberon's Palace if Demona smashed it?
    5. Have Oberon and Titania had any children? Have we seen them in the show?
    6. What are the names of the Weird Sisters, and which one is which?
    7. Are the Weird Sisters connected to other female trinities in myth?
    8. If the Third Race is bound by Oberon's Law of non-interference, how did the Weird Sisters get away with using Demona and Macbeth as they did?
    9. What exactly are/were the Weird Sisters' goals?
    10. How did Odin lose his eye?
    11. How could Odin have tried to steal the Eye of Odin when Puck could only take something that was given to him?
    12. Why didn't Sleipnir (Odin's horse) have eight legs like he does in Norse myth?
    13. Why did Raven want Queen Florence Island all to himself?
    14. Did Molly/Banshee have any actual feelings for Rory/Cu Chulainn?
    15. Who's Nought?
    16. Who is Queen Mab?
    17. What are the true forms of the Children of Oberon?
    18. Is the Judeo-Christian-Muslim God a member of the Third Race?
    19. Did Ragnarok (the end of the Norse gods) occur in the Gargoyles universe?
    20. What were the ancestors of the Third Race like?
    21. Are the Third Race truly immortal?
    22. When a member of the Third Race takes mortal shape, how much of their powers can they tap into?

  14. Avalon & the Avalon World Tour
    1. What does the night sky look like from Avalon?
    2. Who leads the Avalon clan? Do they even have a leader?
    3. What were some of the names of the other members of the Avalon clan?
    4. How many gargoyle beasts are on Avalon?
    5. Are Coldstone and Coldfire Gabriel's parents?
    6. Does the Trio have any blood relatives in the Avalon clan?
    7. If baby gargoyles feed on breast milk, how did the Magus, Katherine, and Tom feed the Avalon clan as infants?
    8. Why did Greg have the Avalon World Tour?
    9. Why did everyone during the Avalon World Tour speak English?
    10. If names are not a gargoyle custom, why did so many of the clans during the Avalon World Tour have them?
    11. Did Goliath and company return to Avalon after every adventure during the World Tour?
    12. What happened to the skiff used by Goliath, Angela, Elisa, and Bronx?
    13. If Earth was destroyed, what would happen to Avalon?

  15. World Tour Characters & International Clans
    1. What was the inspiration for the New Olympians?
    2. Was Cu Chulainn's "Hound of Ulster" a gargoyle beast?
    3. What are the 14 gargoyle clans that would exist in "Gargoyles 2198?"
    4. Don't the Guatemalan clan get tired, considering they never sleep? Do the pendants affect their aging rate?
    5. What happened to Jade and Turquesa?
    6. Where did Yama's name come from?
    7. Who is Sora?
    8. Where in Korea is the Korean clan located?

  16. Episodic Details
    1. Why was the "Awakening" five-parter edited like it was for the home video release ("The Heroes Awaken")?
    2. So did anything happen in "Temptation" that we didn't see on-screen?
    3. In "Temptation," Elisa ordered Goliath to act for the rest of his life as if he were not under a spell. Does that mean Goliath is now resistant to all spells?
    4. What is "Deadly Force?"
    5. Why don't they air "Deadly Force" on Toon Disney?
    6. How did Munch's painting "The Scream" wind up in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in "The Edge?" It's supposed to be in the Nasjonalgalleriet in Oslo.
    7. If the Archmage didn't die in his fall in "Long Way to Morning," then what caused that sound of something hitting bottom?
    8. Why did they have the helicopter in "Her Brother's Keeper?" What happened to it afterwards?
    9. Wasn't Xanatos leaving an awful lot to chance in his plan in "Metamorphosis?"
    10. In "The Mirror," Elisa's reflection in Titania's Mirror freezes for a second. Is that intentional or was it an animation error?
    11. Why does the transformed Fox briefly see Elisa as her human self, and then attack her in "Eye of the Beholder?"
    12. What's with the two endings of "Vows?"
    13. Where did Demona's clan in "City of Stone" come from?
    14. Why didn't anyone from outside New York notice the effects of Demona's stone-at-night spell in "City of  Stone?"
    15. What if you were affected by Demona's spell in "City of Stone" but not in range to see the sky "burn?"
    16. Didn't Brendan and Margot get destroyed as statues by Demona during "City of Stone?"
    17. What was the inspiration for the Cauldron of Life in "The Price?"
    18. What was cut out of "Avalon" Part II?
    19. Why are the hatchling members of the Avalon clan running around in the sunlight in the flashback in "Avalon" Part III?
    20. What happened to the people and animals Jackal killed in "Grief" while he was the avatar of Anubis?
    21. Why is the episode "The Hound of Ulster" so inconsistent with the Cu Chulainn legends?
    22. What's the source of the Panther Queen legend from "Mark of the Panther?"
    23. How did Anansi survive his destruction in "Mark of the Panther?"
    24. What was that stone dragon in the episode "Pendragon?"
    25. What would have happened to Goliath if Jackal had carved his face in "The Green?"
    26. What happened to the Mayan sun amulet from "The Green?"
    27. What was the source of the episode title "Ill Met by Moonlight?"
    28. Was that young lady with the picture of Maria Chavez in "Future Tense" Maria's daughter?
    29. Who is that guy in the trenchcoat who walks offscreen just before Odin greets Oberon in "The Gathering" Part I?
    30. Why weren't the Xanatoses, Halcyon Renard, and Preston Vogel affected by Oberon's sleep spell in "The Gathering?"
    31. How could Oberon have tossed Xanatos in "The Gathering" Part II when he was in his iron armor? How could Titania have paralyzed him?
    32. Where did Demona get that battle-suit in "The Reckoning?"
    33. What happened to the vial with the plague from "Hunter's Moon" Part III?
    34. When Goliath stroked Elisa's hair in "Hunter's Moon" Part III, was that a kiss equivalent? (See FAQ XVII.2) Did Elisa realize that?
    35. I've heard of some scenes that were cut from "Hunter's Moon." What were they?
    36. I've heard of a scene that was cut out of "The Journey." What was it?

  17. Gargoyle Culture
    1. What led to the decision that gargoyles do not traditionally use names?
    2. Why don't gargoyles (generally) kiss?
    3. What are the gargoyles' spiritual beliefs?
    4. What kind of funeral customs do the gargoyles have?

  18. Gargoyles Science & Magic
    1. What are gargoyles classified as, biologically? Are physically unusual clans (such as the London clan) different classes of animal?
    2. Why do certain sets of gargoyles have appearances so different from most other gargoyles (such as the London clan or Zafiro)?
    3. Why are there both gargoyles and gargoyle beasts?
    4. What's the relation between gargoyle beasts and gargoyles?
    5. Are there any kind of gargoyle beasts that aren't dog-like?
    6. Can gargoyle beasts have wings?
    7. Are there aquatic gargoyles?
    8. How does stone sleep work?
    9. How is it possible that stone sleep is a natural biological process?
    10. Why do gargoyles' clothes and personal property turn to stone with them?
    11. What happens to a gargoyle when he is damaged (but not smashed) in stone sleep?
    12. What effect would the 6-month-day/6-month-night at the polar regions have on a gargoyle's stone sleep cycle?
    13. Why do gargoyle males have white glowing eyes and gargoyles females have red glowing eyes?
    14. How often do gargoyle breeding seasons occur? How many eggs can a female lay at one time? How long does it take gargoyle eggs to hatch? How many children can a female have in their lifetime?
    15. What controls the frequency of gargoyle breeding seasons?
    16. When is the next gargoyle breeding season to take place?
    17. Do gargoyles only engage in mating activities for breeding purposes?
    18. How long does a female gargoyle's pregnancy last?
    19. If gargoyles usually don't know who their relatives are, what keeps them from becoming inbred?
    20. Do gargoyle eggs turn to stone by day?
    21. Can there be twins among gargoyles?
    22. Are newborn gargoyles more self-sufficient than newborn humans?
    23. Do gargoyle babies nurse?
    24. What happens to a gargoyle's body when they die?
    25. Do gargoyles have hollow bones?
    26. Do gargoyles need to eat?  Can they survive entirely on the sunlight they absorb during the day?
    27. Can gargoyles get sick?
    28. How likely are gargoyles to be obese?
    29. What effect does smoking have on gargoyles?
    30. Do gargoyles need to shave?
    31. Why are the clone gargoyles' colorations so different?
    32. What makes some languages (like Hebrew and Latin) more magical than others?
    33. How do gargoyles eliminate wastes?

  19. Gargoyles, Aliens & the Intergalactic War
    1. Is Nokkar immortal or very long-lived?
    2. How many races are involved in the intergalactic war Nokkar was fighting in? What are the races?
    3. Which alien race is older, the Space-Spawn or Nokkar's race?
    4. Since Nokkar thought the gargoyles were evil aliens, does that mean that gargoyles are aliens, or at least that some aliens resemble gargoyles?
    5. Which race is winning the galactic war in 2198?

  20. Gargoyles Universe Cosmology
    1. What are the origins of the sentient races of Earth?
    2. Where exactly do the New Olympians fit into the three races of Earth?
    3. I don't understand how time travel works in the Gargoyles universe. Can Greg explain it to me?
    4. Do alternate timelines/realities exist in the Gargoyles Universe?

  21. Marvel's Gargoyles Comic
    1. What was Greg's involvement with Marvel's Gargoyles comic?
    2. Why was the Marvel comic cancelled?
    3. Are the Gargoyles comic books canon?

  22. The Goliath Chronicles
    1. Why wasn't Greg involved with The Goliath Chronicles?
    2. Did Greg have any influence on The Goliath Chronicles?
    3. How would Greg deal with The Goliath Chronicles if Gargoyles returned?
    4. Should I ask Greg questions about The Goliath Chronicles?

  23. Behind the Scenes & Production
    1. Who was on the creative staff for Gargoyles?
    2. How did the Gargoyles staff create such a detailed, complex, and well-planned universe?
    3. Is there any part of Gargoyles Greg would have done differently?
    4. What age group did they aim Gargoyles at?
    5. Did Greg have anything to do with character designs or colors?
    6. Where did the "caped wings" idea come from?
    7. Are there any blueprints for the layout of the buildings in the series?
    8. Why do the characters wear the same clothes throughout the series?
    9. Why didn't we see any gargoyle beasts at Castle Wyvern besides Bronx?
    10. What's the story behind "Jalapeña?"
    11. Were there ever any Standards & Practices problems with Gargoyles? Did anyone ever complain about the series' content?
    12. Why were there so many Star Trek actors on Gargoyles?
    13. Who were all of the Star Trek actors that played on Gargoyles, and what roles did they play?
    14. Why didn't Patrick Stewart ever voice any roles on Gargoyles?
    15. Considering all the other Star Trek actors you used in Gargoyles, was John DeLancie ever considered for a role?
    16. Did Greg ever do any cameo voice acting in Gargoyles?
    17. What's this original comedy development I've heard about?
    18. Were there any episodes of Gargoyles that didn't get made?

  24. Bringing Gargoyles Back
    1. Is Gargoyles off the air?
    2. Why was Gargoyles cancelled? Wasn't it fairly successful?
    3. How can we get Gargoyles back on the air?
    4. Would Disney ever consider selling the rights to Gargoyles?
    5. If another company besides Disney bought the rights to Gargoyles, and they offered to let Greg work on it, would he accept?
    6. In what ways can we best get revenge on Disney over giving Gargoyles the axe?
    7. How would Greg compensate for the gap between the end of the old Gargoyles series (more or less set at the time when it aired, 1994-1996) and any new modern-day series that appears?
    8. If Gargoyles returned, would they be able to get the old voice actors back?
    9. If given complete freedom in a new Gargoyles series (such as one appearing on cable rather than in syndication), would Greg do a "more adult" version of the show?
    10. Does Greg think Gargoyles could work as a CGI series?
    11. What's this about a Gargoyles movie?
    12. Will Gargoyles be released on DVD?

  25. Gargoyles Spin-Offs
    1. What's Greg's "Master Plan" for Gargoyles?
    2. Which of the Gargoyles spin-offs came closest to being made?
    3. What are "Future Tense" (the spin-off) and "Gargoyles 2158?"

  26. "Bad Guys"
    1. Can we see the "Bad Guys" leica reel?
    2. Who is the Director? What does he look like?
    3. Where is the Redemption Squad headquartered?
    4. Who would be some of the antagonists in the "Bad Guys" spin-off?
    5. How would Fang escape the Labyrinth to join the Redemption Squad?

  27. "Dark Ages"
    1. How would Greg have dealt with the lack of names for the gargoyles in the "Dark Ages" spin-off?
    2. What relationship would Demona and Desdemona have in the "Dark Ages" spin-off?
    3. Who would be some of the antagonists in the "Dark Ages" spin-off?
    4. Who's Robbie?
    5. Who's Hippolyta?
    6. What is "Once Upon A Time There Were Three Brothers?"

  28. "Pendragon"
    1. Who are the eight people who survived from the time of King Arthur to the present day?
    2. Which female Arthurian survivor would accompany Arthur on his quest to find Merlin?
    3. Does Arthur eventually seek out the Holy Grail?
    4. Did King Arthur have any adventures between "Avalon" Part III and "Pendragon?"

  29. "Gargoyles 2198"
    1. What are the Results to the 2198 contest? or, Can I see the plan for "Gargoyles 2198?"
    2. What's the behind-the-scenes story on the "Gargoyles 2198" spin-off?
    3. What changed between "Gargoyles 2158" and "Gargoyles 2198?"
    4. Will Macbeth appear in "Gargoyles 2198?"
    5. Is the "Gargoyles 2198" spin-off's "Alexander Fox Xanatos IV" the same as the original Alexander Fox Xanatos?
    6. In "Gargoyles 2198," would we have seen specific members of the Space-Spawn?

  30. "TimeDancer"
    1. Why is Brooklyn the star of the "TimeDancer" spin-off?
    2. When would Brooklyn leave on his "TimeDancer" journey?
    3. What times and places would Brooklyn visit during "TimeDancer?"
    4. Who would be some of the recurring antagonists in the "TimeDancer" spin-off?
    5. Why doesn't Brooklyn take control of the Phoenix Gate to go home during the "TimeDancer" spin-off?
    6. Is Fu-Dog a puppy when he meets Brooklyn?
    7. What would Katana and Brooklyn's relationship be like?
    8. Where did the Phoenix Gate come from?
    9. Where did the idea for the Phoenix Gate come from?
    10. What would happen to the Phoenix Gate after "TimeDancer?"
    11. What is the spell to activate the Phoenix Gate?
    12. What are the limits of the Phoenix Gate, in terms of where and when it can go?

  31. Gargoyles Merchandise & Media
    1. Where can I get Gargoyles videos, episodes, files, pictures, and merchandise?
    2. Where can I get a soundtrack for Gargoyles?
    3. What did Greg think of the Gargoyles action figures?

  32. Gargoyles Miscellany
    1. How could the Manhattan clan speak modern English when that wasn't a language in 10th-century Scotland?
    2. When did all the members of the Wyvern/Manhattan clan learn to read?
    3. Who's that one gargoyle (bald with half a metal breastplate) who showed up as a member of the Wyvern clan, Demona's outcast Scottish clan, and the Avalon clan?
    4. When the Emir was first mentioned in "The Edge," was the Gargoyles staff really planning that far ahead about him?
    5. Are there homosexual gargoyles?
    6. Who is Fiona?
    7. What's this about a real Xanatos Enterprises? Did the show inspire the name or vice versa?
    8. What's The Gargoyles Encyclopedia?
    9. If given the opportunity, would Greg be willing to do crossovers between Gargoyles and other universes?
    10. What's this about a Captain Atom/Gargoyles crossover?
    11. Who is Greg's favorite character on Gargoyles?
    12. Which Gargoyles character does Greg think is most like himself?
    13. What is Greg's favorite episode of Gargoyles?
    14. Can Greg connect me with other Gargoyles fans?
    15. Does Greg have any part in or know about The Gargoyles Saga (TGS)?
    16. Who should play Macbeth in a Gargoyles live-action movie?
    17. Can we trust close captioning to interpret hard-to-understand dialogue?

  33. Non-Gargoyles Material
    1. What else has Greg worked on?
    2. What was Greg's involvement with Men In Black: The Series?
    3. What was Greg's involvement with Roswell Conspiracies? Can he answer my questions about it?
    4. What was Greg's involvement with the Starship Troopers series?
    5. What was Greg's involvement with Max Steel? Is he still involved in it?
    6. Can you give me episode titles and synopses for Season 1 of Max Steel?
    7. Why do all the episodes of Max Steel begin with the letter S?
    8. What is Max Steel's family background?

  34. About Greg Weisman
    1. What's Greg Weisman's birthday?
    2. What inspired Greg to become a writer?
    3. What's Greg's background as a writer?
    4. What led Greg to go into animation?
    5. What other animated series does Greg like?
    6. Why did Greg give up on comic books in 1996?
    7. What is Greg's favorite Shakespeare play?
    8. Why is Edmund your favorite Shakespeare character?
    9. Does Greg read fan fiction? What does he think of it?
    10. Does Greg like hypothetical questions?
    11. Can Greg e-mail me my answer?
    12. How do I break into the television writing business?
    13. Does Greg have any advice for aspiring voice actors?
    14. What does Greg think of questions that try to trip him up?


The responses provided are either direct quotes or a summarized version of responses provided by Gargoyles series co-creator Greg Wesiman. It is about as official a response to these questions as you will ever get.

Compiled by JEB and Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky

version 1.2b - 7/7/2002 (available in ZIP format (143kb))

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