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II. Goliath & Elisa Maza

1. Who contributed to the creation of Goliath?

Greg's answer:

[...] a lot of people were involved in Goliath's creation.

First and foremost, Greg Guler, who created the basic design that our current Goliath is based on. Frank Paur chose to streamline that design so that our animators had the best possible chance of animating him consistently and well.

Numerous other artists both here in L.A. and in Japan also contributed. There's one guy in particular in Japan, who jumped on and made a pass in between Greg and Frank. His name, I think, is Mr. Takeuchi. But I'm not 100% sure, and I can't check my files at this moment. My apologies if I've gotten that wrong. (I only ever met him once.)

Then, of course, the writers. Michael Reaves, Brynne Chandler Reaves, Gary Sperling, Cary Bates, Lydia Marano, Steve Perry and others. They captured his voice.

And actor Keith David, who really brought life into that voice. I can't say enough about Keith's talent, training and natural abilities. But I will say that Keith is also a big fan of Goliath's. That may sound strange, but he's said to me that he admires many of the qualities that you listed above. He became a real watchdog (particularly on Goliath Chronicles) to make sure that Goliath sounded like Goliath in voice and in diction. Of course, I also need to credit Jamie Thomason, our voice director. He and Keith made Goliath sound like Goliath.

And Paca Thomas at Advantage Audio who created the growls and roars to supplement Keith's work.

The list is endless, but that's a partial attempt. I'm proud to be one of that group of many.

2. Who named Goliath?

Prince Malcolm, around AD 971.

3. Does Goliath still have feelings for Demona?

Yes, but not romantic feelings. Those are reserved for Elisa.

4. Did Elisa know Dracon from before "Deadly Force?" It sure seemed like they had a history...

Greg's answer:

There were prior cop/criminal run ins. Dracon was her Lex Luthor, so to speak. And [...] I think there are some interesting stories in their pasts.

5. What is the make and model of Elisa's car?

Greg's answer:

There's some disagreement about this. I was always under the impression that it was a Ford Fairlane. Or largely a Ford Fairlane. Roy Sato tells me it isn't exactly that. I forget what he said it was. A combo of a few models and makes, I think. I assume the Fairlane's in there, but I'm no longer even sure of that.

6. How does Elisa explain all the guns she loses?

Greg's answers:

She probably blames Xanatos.

[Later, he adds...] Elisa's usually on the verge of being in trouble. Fortunately, she had a strong arrest and conviction record even before meeting the gargs. They've improved her record a bit too. Plus her boss genuinely likes her. Even if she doesn't always show it. (And Maria also has a lot of respect for Peter Maza. He used to be her boss, long time back.)

7. How did Elisa explain her absence during the Avalon World Tour?

Greg's answer:

Largely, she didn't. And that created trust problems with Chavez. Unfortunately, I didn't really have the time to deal with those problems. So I partially used TURF to reaffirm her committment to the job.

As to what she said, I think it was something along the lines of I needed some personal time. I tried to call Matt and my parents, etc.

(Also keep in mind, that after GOLEM and especially NIGHT OF THE PANTHER, I'm sure some communication made it back to Chavez. Not satisfactory communication. But something. And it doesn't hurt that Elisa has a great record and that her dad is a respected Sergeant.)

8. Why does Elisa Maza look so much like her voice actor (Salli Richardson)?

Greg's answer:

The character of "Elisa Chavez" was created before Salli was cast. We had a basic look for the character, but no final models. After Salli was cast, we asked her what her ethnic background was. (African-American largely, but also Native American.) That seemed like an interesting background for Elisa, so we changed her name to "Maza" which means "iron" in the Navajo language (or at least that's what I was told by my assistant). We gave Elisa an African-American mother and a Native American father. Then we asked Salli if we could give photographs of her to our character designers. She said yes, and they adjusted our existing models to look a bit more like Salli. So her "look" was inspirational rather than, say, "traced".

9. What does the rest of the clan think of Goliath and Elisa's relationship?

Greg's answer: I think everyone in the immediate clan would react very positively at this point.

10. What's in store for the Goliath-Elisa relationship? Will they get married?

Greg's answer:

Well, first of all I'd have them discuss it.

Then come to the conclusion that it was impossible.

Then I was going to send them on a Halloween double date. Goliath with Delilah. Elisa with either Morgan or Jason (I hadn't decided). The date would have made it clear that no matter how impossible their relationship seemed, they would just have to find a way to make it work.

Eventually, there would have been some kind of commitment ceremony. I don't know if you'd call it a wedding per se, but the purpose would have been clear enough.

I know more, but that's enough for now.

[Later, Greg clarifies these ideas.] As I've said before, after years of pussy-footing around, we'd have finally made E&G have an actual DISCUSSION about the status of their relationship. Goliath would "allow" Elisa to drive the conversation, but they would BOTH come to the inevitable conclusion that any relationship between them would be impossible. (Of course, they were kidding themselves.)

Elisa would then attempt to proactively prove that they were moving on to a more common sense approach to romance by having both of them date within their species. She would accept a Halloween invitation to go out with either Morgan or Jason. (To this day, I still haven't decided which.) She would pressure Goliath to take Delilah. Delilah is eager, and for obvious reasons, physically attractive to Goliath. But I'd say Goliath was reluctant for equally obvious reasons, but he agreed to appease Elisa. Then we have this whole action story going on, of course too, which I won't get into here.

But anyway, the result is that they both realize that they are meant for each other. They have to apologize to Morgan/Jason & Delilah, with mixed results. And they then have to figure out just what their relationship, now that they know it's inescapable, is going to be.

11. Will Goliath and Elisa ever have children?

Greg's answer:

Eventually, way, way down the line, I see Elisa and Goliath addressing the issue of children. All sorts of options are available, except natural procreation between two widely and wildly divergent species. Elisa could never be pregnant with Goliath's child without assistance from science or magic. I've already stated that I don't see them going that way. But I do see them raising a child together. But not without serendipity (and some tragedy) playing a role.

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