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XXV. Gargoyles Spin-Offs

1. What's Greg's "Master Plan" for Gargoyles?

A document written by Greg and posted on the Internet before Ask Greg even existed. It describes Greg's proposed spin-offs and their (very) general plot lines. It can be found here. Note that some of these spin-offs have been tweaked or outright refurbished since this was written, most notably "Future Tense" (which became "Gargoyles 2158," then "Gargoyles 2198").

2. Which of the Gargoyles spin-offs came closest to being made?

Greg's answer:

Well, doing more Gargoyles actually happened: GOLIATH CHRONICLES. So that would be #1. Second would have to be BAD GUYS, which we developed extensively and did an animatic reel. Third would probably be DARK AGES, which we did a short art pitch on and actually pitched to CBS. Fourth, would probably be a tie between NEW OLYMPIANS, which we did another art pitch on (for internal purposes) and PENDRAGON, which I pitched verbally and internally and sparked some brief interest. Sixth would be FUTURE TENSE, which CBS expressed a brief interest in. Seventh would be TIMEDANCER, which I basically came up with too late in the game. It was never seriously considered.

3. What are "Future Tense" (the spin-off) and "Gargoyles 2158?"

Both of these were earlier versions of what is now known as "Gargoyles 2198."

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