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XXVI. "Bad Guys"

1. Can we see the "Bad Guys" leica reel?

No. Not only is it meant to be a special treat for Gathering attendees (the main reason), but doing so would reduce the chance that Disney might actually opt to make the series.

2. Who is the Director? What does he look like?

The Director is the man who organized the Redemption Squad in the proposed "Bad Guys" spin-off. He is around 50 years old (though that age is subject to change), and is opposed to the Illuminati. The Director just looked like a man in a suit in the "Bad Guys" leica reel, and was voiced by William Devane.

3. Where is the Redemption Squad headquartered?

Paris, France.

4. Who would be some of the antagonists in the "Bad Guys" spin-off?

Greg's answer: Illuminati. Sevarius would be in there. Matrix. Fang. The Director. Castaway. The Gargoyles. Falstaff. A bunch more...

The terrorist from "City of Stone" Part I would also appear, and her cause would have been revealed.

5. How would Fang escape the Labyrinth to join the Redemption Squad?

Sevarius would be involved somehow. Other than that, it has yet to be revealed.

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