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XXX. "TimeDancer"

1. Why is Brooklyn the star of the "TimeDancer" spin-off?

Greg's answer: He chose me largely. He was ready for the next step in his character's evolution. And I felt he could carry a series.

2. When would Brooklyn leave on his "TimeDancer" journey?

Greg's answer:

My current thinking is that Brooklyn vanishes in 1997. (I haven't pinned down the month.) And he's probably gone less than five minutes actually. Broadway and Angela (and maybe Lex) just have time to say something like, "Oh no, will we ever see our dear friend again?" (only better dialogue) before he reappears.

3. What times and places would Brooklyn visit during "TimeDancer?"

His first trip would take him to 997, where he would save Mary and Finella. He would then leave (along with them) and arrive in the 1970s. Leaving them there, he would have gone to many other places, including two long stays each in Feudal Japan (where he'd be joined by his mate Katana) and the time of Gargoyles 2198. Brooklyn would have met a younger David Xanatos at one point, and visited ancient Rome before the Spell of Humility was cast. He would definitely go as far back as the time of the dinosaurs, but the time of Gargoyles 2198 would be the latest extent of his visits to the future. He would not appear anywhere off-planet. Brooklyn's journey would end when he arrived, along with his family, a short time after he initially left 1997 Manhattan.

4. Who would be some of the recurring antagonists in the "TimeDancer" spin-off?

Greg's answer:

I haven't fully decided if there's one over-riding villain. Calaban's a possiblity. So's the Archmage-Plus, believe it or not. I have one story for him for sure. Then there's Constantine. And the Space-Spawn. Duval. Mab. Like I said, I haven't decided.

5. Why doesn't Brooklyn take control of the Phoenix Gate to go home during the "TimeDancer" spin-off?

He never gets a chance to touch it- it appears just out of his reach every time and teleports him to the next time and place.

6. Is Fu-Dog a puppy when he meets Brooklyn?


7. What would Katana and Brooklyn's relationship be like?

Greg's answer:

There's conflict. I once described their relationship as Sam & Diane-esque. No one got that, but the intellectual crowd here did understand a Beatrice & Benedick reference. Made me feel old and young, simultaneously.

8. Where did the Phoenix Gate come from?

Greg's answer: It was created with the Timestream, perhaps as a pressure valve of sorts.

9. Where did the idea for the Phoenix Gate come from?

It was the "maguffin" (plot device) that was necessary to make "Vows" work. Greg decided to make it "more than a maguffin" by making it a means of time travel.

10. What would happen to the Phoenix Gate after "TimeDancer?"

Greg's answers:

Eventually it would have started its journey from scratch -- part of an unending loop.

[Later, he adds...] The Gate is "of Avalon." Its journey begins, ends and restarts there.

11. What is the spell to activate the Phoenix Gate?

The Latin words are "Deflagrate muri tempi et intervalia!" This translates roughly to "Burn down the walls of time and space!"

12. What are the limits of the Phoenix Gate, in terms of where and when it can go?

The Phoenix Gate cannot leave Earth. It has no limits on what time periods in can travel to, however.

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