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XXXIII. Non-Gargoyles Material

1. What else has Greg worked on?

Greg's answer:

I've worked on a number of animation projects, most of them as a development executive. These include
(in no particular order) Gummi Bears, Duck Tales, Winnie the Pooh, TaleSpin, Rescue Rangers, Duck Tales the Movie, A Goofy Movie, Mighty Ducks, Bonkers, Goof Troop, Darkwing Duck, Aladdin (series), Little Mermaid (series), JEM, Timon & Pumbaa, Schnookums & Meat, Raw Toonage, Marsupilami, Quack Pack, etc. Some of these I had a lot to do with, others I had almost nothing to do with.

I also worked for DC Comics for some time. The main thing I did was CAPTAIN ATOM. But I worked as a writer or assistant editor on DC Challenge, Tales of the Teen Titans, Justice League of America, Justice League, Justice League International, All Star Squadron, Infinity Inc, Young All Stars, Titans Spotlight, Silverblade, Watchmen, Secret Origins, Millenium, Who's Who, etc.

More recently, he also worked as a story editor for the Starship Troopers series and Max Steel's first season; wrote for Men In Black: The Series, the Disney's Hercules series, Big Guy and Rusty, and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command; submitted treatments for the animated series Rain of the Ghosts and Roswell Conspiracies that were unfortunately rejected; was voice director for the English dub of the anime series 3x3 Eyes; and a writer and voice director for Disney's disappointingly cancelled Team Atlantis.

2. What was Greg's involvement with Men In Black: The Series?

Greg's answer:

I wrote three episodes and co-wrote a fourth.

"The Big Sleep Syndrome" involved an alien beastie called the Vermax that latched onto Jay's brainstem and tried to keep him in a "smiling coma." Elle is forced to enter Jay's dreams to save him.

"The Big Bad Bug Syndrome" brings back the bug race from the feature film. Three bugs compete to kidnap Elle and bring her back to the queen.

"The Star System Syndrome" sends Jay and Kay to Hollywood where they investigate the disappearances of numerous movie aliens. This one featured Clancy Brown as an "Alien-esque alien". It also introduced Agent E, who in addition to being an MiB Agent, was also an actual Hollywood Talent Agent as well.

"The Blackguard Syndrome", co-written with Jon Weisman (my brother), was set on a space-station and featured the return of David Warner as Alpha.

3. What was Greg's involvement with Roswell Conspiracies? Can he answer my questions about it?

He wrote a pilot episode script that was rejected (though they did apparently use several of his concepts from that pilot in the final series). Other than that, he had nothing to do with it. Therefore, he can't answer any questions about it.

4. What was Greg's involvement with the Starship Troopers series?

Greg's answer:

I wasn't the mastermind behind this one, but I did story edit ten episodes.

I did the entire five episode TESCA NEMEROSA jungle planet arc, all of which have aired at this point. I wrote one of those. It was the one where Rico was in a coma and flashbacked to high school and basic training, while the Roughnecks battled a monsoon in the real world. I think it came out great.

And I also edited the final five episode arc set on Earth. I wrote the first of these five, set in the Colorado Rockies. I'm very proud of it. The second was set in Hawaii. My brother wrote it, and it also came out great. Neither of these have aired yet [March 8, 2000], but they're both completed, so any day now...

Unfortunately, the last three episodes I edited, also set on Hawaii, the ones that end the war, were never produced for economic reasons. These were great scripts by Lydia Marano, Cary Bates and Michael Reaves. I hope some day they make them as a home video or something.

5. What was Greg's involvement with Max Steel? Is he still involved in it?

Greg was the story editor, and wrote the bible for the series. He was only involved with Season 1- he had nothing to do with subsequent seasons.

Greg's also a bit bitter about the whole experience, as he wrote below...

They booted me without ever discussing what they wanted for the second season. Caught me QUITE off guard.

They've claimed I'm a lousy writer. Maybe I am. Max certainly wasn't my best work. But I blame them and they blame me... Etc. It's all very subjective.

Not fun, huh?

6. Can you give me episode titles and synopses for Season 1 of Max Steel?

Greg's answer:

#1 Strangers. The Pilot. Max Steel (aka Josh McGrath) is in Berlin when his partner Rachel Leeds and the entire Reichstag conference disappears. Max (with the help of 'Berto Martinez) helps Rachel and the others escape from freelance mercenary L'Étranger.

#2 Sacrifices. Josh's foster-father and boss Jefferson Smith is kidnapped by Psycho (aka Smiley), John Dread's right hand cyborg.

#3 Shadows. Paris is suffering from mysterious blackouts, as is Max, who's also flashing back to his origin.

#4 Sportsmen. Josh quits the Del Oro Extreme, but when mysterious lightning threatens the Triple Threat competition, Max Steel is forced to enter the contest.

#5 Seraphim. N-Tek agents Max Steel and Sophia Skarsgaard infiltrate the Cyberdragon organization in order to recover a stolen computer disk and keep it out of the hands of Dragonelle and Dread.

#6 Spear-Carriers. Team Steel gets a new mobile base of operations, but it's stolen with 'Berto trapped inside.

#7 Snow-Blind. Josh and his friends Laura Chen and Pete Costas vacation in Aspen, while Dread and Psycho plot to use the Bio-Link to kidnap Max and destroy Del Oro Bay.

#8 Sharks. Max and Rachel are on a tense undersea plutonium salvage mission aboard the N-Tek sub shark. But they have competition from L'Étranger. Plus Josh has to come to terms with his mother's death.

#9 Sabres. Max and Jake Nez attempt to salvage N-Tek's orbiting space station. But Psycho and Vitriol have other ideas.

#10 Sphinxes. Max, 'Berto and Rachel travel to Egypt to uncover Dragonelle and Dread's latest plot against world peace.

#11 Swashbucklers. Spring Break for Josh and Laura translates into a little pirate adventure for Max Steel. This one has Earthquakes.

#12 Scions. This one has volcanos. Plus a flashback adventure with Josh's biological father, Big Jim McGrath.

#13 Shattered. The final (for the season) showdown between N-Tek and Dread. Del Oro Bay. New York. Munich. Explosions. Fungus. And practically the entire cast. This one's got it all.

7. Why do all the episodes of Max Steel begin with the letter S?

Greg's answers:

There's a greater parallel between the titles then simply the Ss.

But honestly, the main reason was to amuse myself.

[Later, he adds...] Someone asked me once, why the one-word S-Titles for all the Max Steel episodes. They were my attempt to make me and the writers focus on the theme of each story.

8. What is Max Steel's family background?

Greg's answer:

Max's real name is Josh McGrath. His biological parents were Big Jim and Molly McGrath. Molly died in a boating accident when Josh was two. Big Jim died (at least in my mind) on a mission when Josh was four. Josh was then adopted by Big Jim's best friend, Jefferson Smith, who is African-American.

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