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V. Hudson & Bronx

1. Why is Hudson the only member of the clan with a Scottish accent?

Greg's answer:

Part of this depends on what kind of answer you want. A behind-the-scenes answer or a within-the-world-of -the-show answer.

For the latter, Hudson is the guy who spent the most time around humans in the tenth century. He thus picked up their accent. The others had a more neutral accent. (If you listen carefully, even the trio maintain a more classic neutral accent until "Awakening, Part Three"). That neutral accent was easily influenced by twentieth century contacts and culture. If you're looking for that behind-the-scenes answer, then know that Hudson's accent carries symbolic weight. A reminder of where our gang came from while allowing the younger characters to represent where they are now. With Goliath's classic, dignified speech patterns and neutral accent representing the middle, transitional ground. It's all done to create another layer of tension, another layer of depth to the characters.

In any case, this was not an oversight. We made a conscious decision (for right or wrong) to take it this way. (GDW /4-23-98)

2. What does Hudson think of Goliath and Elisa's relationship?

Greg's answer:

I think Hudson saw something going on between Goliath and Elisa as far back as the night he took the name Hudson in "Awakening, Part Three". Look at his face, after Goliath picks up Elisa.

I don't know if he had reservations at first. But they can't still exist. Especially after "Vows". (A) Hudson is a realist. (B) I think he's more open-minded then you give him credit for. And (C) I think he loves Elisa like a daughter at this point.

3. Was color was Hudson's hair before it went grey?

Greg isn't 100% certain, but he's leaning towards it being white.

4. What's Hudson's favorite television show?

Celebrity Hockey.

5. Why did they cover Hudson's stone form in bronze in "Future Tense?"

Greg's answer: That was a BRONZE memorial. Not stone. Metal. Not him. A statue.

6. Will there be an episode that focuses on Bronx?

There already was one ("The Hound of Ulster"), but there were plans for more. A third-season Bronx-centric episode idea  mutated into The Goliath Chronicles episode "A Bronx Tail."

7. Will Bronx and Boudicca become mates?

Yes. Already have, in fact.

8. But Bronx is way younger than Boudicca! How could they be mates?

Bronx may be younger, but he's still considered an adult by gargoyle beast standards.

9. Aren't Bronx and Boudicca related?

They might be distant cousins, but no closer than that.

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