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VI. Demona & Macbeth

1. Will Demona and Goliath ever get back together?

They might be allies on occasion. Otherwise, no.

2. Does Demona really still "carry a torch" for Goliath?

Greg's answer: Her feelings are confused and unresolved. Goliath has some closure (with a few loose ends). Demona does not.

She's also in heavy denial about those lingering feelings.

3. Why does Demona hate Elisa so much?

Two reasons. For one, she's living proof that Demona's idea that "all humans are evil" is wrong. For two, she recognized the bond between Goliath and Elisa for what it was, and thus also hates Elisa out of jealousy.

4. Will Demona ever find love again?

Demona would have eventually had two more great loves. Their identities are currently unknown.

5. Does Demona know Oberon?

Only by reputation.

6. Now that she's human by day, does Demona need to sleep?

Greg's answer:

Yes. She does have to sleep now, though she gets by on a few hours per day, (I get about five). Doesn't really improve her mental outlook, if you know what I mean.

[Later, he adds...] And I think Puck's magic compensates some.

7. Did Demona take a mate or have children between 994 and 1994?


8. How many gargoyle clans did Demona really know about, besides the Manhattan clan? In "The Reckoning" she said she knew every living gargoyle.

Greg's answer:

I don't think she knew about Guatemala.

And she definitely didn't know about Avalon.

I'm on the fence about Ishimura.

But I find it hard to believe that she didn't know about London.

But to be honest, I haven't decided.

9. How did Demona and Xanatos meet?

Puck/Owen introduced them to one another.

10. When Demona said Puck served a human in "The Mirror," who was she referring to?

Puck, as Owen, served Xanatos.

11. How did Demona learn that Puck was Owen?

She learned it when Puck/Owen introduced her to Xanatos.

12. Didn't Demona notice the pain on her first transformation to a human in "The Mirror?"

Greg's answer:

There was no pain during that first transformation. Puck wanted to spring it on her as a surprise, so the pain was surpressed that once.

13. Where did Demona disappear to with the Phoenix Gate after appearing in 975 in "Vows?"

Greg's answer:

I'm pretty sure that Demona went straight to her next appearance in that episode. But I won't be held to that if I think of a brilliant detour at some later date.

14. Did Demona recognize Gillecomgain in "City of Stone" Part II?


15. Why did Demona's eyes light up when she was a human and angry at Macbeth in "High Noon?"

A slight glitch in Puck's spell that manifested because Demona was so seriously peeved.

16. Why did Goliath and Angela think that Demona was dead in "The Reckoning?"

They knew about her immortality, but they didn't know exactly how much damage Demona could take.  The fire seemed like it could kill her, so they were left uncertain (until her reappearance in "Hunter's Moon").

17. Wouldn't Demona have killed herself when she released the plague in "Hunter's Moon?" After all, wouldn't it kill Macbeth and fulfill the requirements for both of them to die?

Greg's answer:

Good question. Keep in mind that magic isn't an exact science. The Weird Sisters told Macbeth and Demona that "When one lives both live." Demona used the magic Praying Gargoyle statue to insure she would survive the fullfillment spell. So would Macbeth have survived? Probably. She knows about the mortality link. She would not want his death at her hands if that resulted in her own. Towards Macbeth, her impulse should not be murderous by necessity. And mindset has a real effect on magic results. However, Demona isn't the most stable and rational of characters. She certainly has murderous feelings toward Macbeth. And if their linking spell "perceived" the death of all humanity as a successful attempt to kill Macbeth, then it might very well have killed her as well. Did she consider this? Maybe.

Maybe it was a risk she was willing, even eager to take. Maybe somewhere underneath it all, she's a bit suicidal. Could she die with the idea of leaving behind a human-free "paradise" where her daughter could live in safety? Remember, Moses led the Israelites to the Promised Land, but he was not allowed to enter it himself. Maybe that's how Demona felt about it.

Then again, maybe not. Very provocative question.

18. In "Future Tense," how could the Xanatos Program have killed Demona?

It couldn't have- except in a fictional nightmare world such as the one Puck created.

19. Can Demona have a child?  How would it be affected by her shift from gargoyle to human?

Greg's answer:

It's possible that the "baby" wouldn't change with Demona. I really don't know yet. It's also possible that she'd miscarry, because the spell didn't account for a pregnancy. Maybe she would need Puck's help. And Puck is largely unavailable, unless he can use this bit of magical OB to teach Alex a lesson. Frankly, this is a lesson that I believe Alex is a little young to learn.

20. Why does Demona wear the same clothing she wore back in 994?

Why shouldn't she?

21. What did Demona think of Shakespeare's play Macbeth?

She probably considered it poetic justice.

22. Did Macbeth know Shakespeare? What did he think of Shakespeare's Macbeth?

Yes, he knew Shakespeare. They were drinking buddies. Macbeth was amused by the play.

23. Did Macbeth know King Arthur? He said himself that he sealed the Scrolls of Merlin...

No, he didn't. He was simply reading what Merlin himself had written on the Scrolls ("Sealed by my own hand"). Macbeth was born many years after the end of Arthur's time, and only knew him as a legend. Recall Macbeth also said in that same episode that "I'm old, but I'm not that old" when Broadway asked him if he was there in the time of Camelot.

24. How could Macbeth take on the gargoyles in hand to hand combat? Gargoyles are way stronger than any human, after all.

Macbeth has both superior fighting skills and armored clothing that compensate for his lower physical strength.

25. Why did the Archmage choose Demona and Macbeth as his pawns?

Greg's answer:

Good question.

The answer requires looking at the situation on (at least) two levels.

Level One. Taken at face value, he did need cannon fodder. The Sisters had to be very careful how they operated, in order not to break Oberon's Law. And the Archmage had a few personal vendettas he wanted to deal with. So he needed Demona and Macbeth to handle some of the more mundane work of eradicating the enemy.

Level Two. Who said any of this was the Archmage's plan? Well, he did. But he was an arrogant bastard. So do you trust him? Where did he get the plan? By observing his future self carry it out. Where did his future self get the plan? By observing HIS future self carry it out. Maybe there's something larger going on here...

Ya think?

26. Did the Weird Sisters engage in any more meddling with Demona and Macbeth between 1057 and 1995?

Generally (with a few exceptions), they stayed out of sight. They watched all the time, however.

27. What are the limits of Demona's and Macbeth's immortality?  How much damage can they take?

It is unknown how much damage they could take. They have never suffered wounds like a beheading, and no one ever smashed Demona while she was stone. Destiny is at play here.

28. Why didn't Macbeth react to the damage being inflicted on human Demona by Elisa in "High Noon?"

The in-show answer is that he was ready for it, and steeling himself against the pain.

The out-of-show answer is that they screwed up and neglected the pain.

29. Aren't Macbeth and Demona technically married after "Sanctuary?"

Greg's answer:

No. The marriage had not been consumated when the bride tried to kill the groom for his money before disappearing without a trace, so getting a unilateral annulment was surprisingly easy.

30. Why did the Hunt continue to the present day? Canmore thought Macbeth and Demona were dead.

Apparently, something happened that caused him or one of his sons to reassume the vendetta.

31. What is the extent of the sensations that can be felt between Demona and Macbeth via their link? Can they feel other things besides pain?

Greg's answer:

Simple touching doesn't pass from one to the other. Intense feelings of pain and pleasure would.

32. When did the clan figure out that Demona was immortal? Hudson seemed to know in "The Price," but Goliath and Angela seemed unsure in "The Reckoning."

Greg's answer:

I'm afraid you're on the wrong track, mostly because you are taking the word "Immortality" too literally. It's used in different ways in different places.

1. In "The Price", Hudson does know that Macbeth and Demona have been alive a LONG time. That makes them Immortal on at least one level. When he says immortal in this one, he's only referring to their obviously long life spans. But at this time, he doesn't know about their link, their inability to die unless one kills the other. The fact that they've lived that long might only mean that they've never been killed and have some kind of eternal youth spell or something. So Hudson can believe that Macbeth has FINALLY died when the first robot bites the dust.

2. After the Weird Sisters are captured in "Avalon, Part Three", they are (off-screen) forced to reveal the link between Demona and Macbeth, i.e the terms of their immortality. So at that point, a bunch of people know the truth, particularly Goliath, Elisa and Angela.

3. So by "Sanctuary", Elisa knows. And clearly, Demona has also told Thailog.

4. When Goliath, Elisa, Bronx and Angela return to NYC in "The Gathering, Part One" and after they have time to sit down and relate their adventures (between "The Gathering, Part Two" and "Vendettas"), they relate the Demona/Macbeth story to Hudson and the Trio. So now most of the cast is up to speed.

Mystery solved?

33. Where does Macbeth get his money?

Greg's answer:

The short answer is if you buy land when it's cheap, later it will be worth a fortune. If you have equity, most things of any worth go up in value. And even things of little worth become valuable if they are old enough. And he has a lot of old things. He doesn't necessarily even have to sell much. He has equity.

He's also smart and tough. He can live on very little if he needs to. Etc.

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