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VIII. The Pack & Other Villains

1. What are the real names of the members of the Pack?

Fox is Janine Renard. Coyote has no other name. Dingo is Harry Monmouth. The others have not yet been named, though Wolf's last name would probably be similar to Hakon.

2. What made Greg decide that Wolf was a descendant of Hakon?

A big part was the fact that they both had the same voice actor, Clancy Brown. Another element was a recycling of an idea from an older development of Gargoyles- that of the ghost of the wizard Sidero teaming up with his less impressive descendant Xavier (later Xanatos).

3. Who forms the Ultra-Pack? Who leads it?

Coyote 6.0 forms it. Coyote 7.0 leads it.

4. Who would be the mysterious new "fifth member" who joins the Ultra-Pack?

They would be a brand-new character, someone who never appeared in the course of the original series. What is known is that they'd be human and probably male.

5. Did Thailog survive the fire in "The Reckoning?"

Greg's answer: He survived. The Thailogs of this world always survive.

6. How did Sevarius survive the sinking sub in "Monsters?"

He used an escape pod.

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