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IX. Coldstone, Coldfire, Coldsteel

1. Where did the names Othello, Desdemona, and Iago come from for the three gargoyle souls inside Coldstone?

Greg's answer:

When Marty and Bob wrote the first draft outline of "Legion" they had created a scenario that seemed very reminiscent of Shakespeare's OTHELLO. I don't know if they specifically had that in mind, but I assume they did. Because Gargoyles didn't used to use names, the outline was very confusing to read, so I suggested using the names of the corresponding characters from the play to represent the three gargoyles. Othello (later Coldstone), Desdemona (later Coldfire) and Iago (later Coldsteel) were thus identified for script and credit purposes, but the names were never used in dialogue by any of the characters.

2. Why did Desdemona split into three in "High Noon?"

Greg's answer: Des didn't do it. She opened herself up to possession and the Weird Sisters did it.

3. Is the "healing" ability of the Coldsteel and Coldfire robots related to the Matrix?

Yes, though it's far more limited.

4. Could they clone Coldstone?

No. Coldstone is no longer organic- he's a reanimated corpse of gargoyle "stone."

5. When did Iago (later Coldsteel) deceive Coldstone (as seen in flashback in "Legion")?

The year AD 993.

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