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In my on-going shameless attempt to maintain buzz about my new novel, RAIN OF THE GHOSTS, due out in stores and on-line on December 3rd, 2013 (but available for pre-order NOW on Amazon, etc.), I've decided to countdown my progress on writing the SECOND book in the Rain franchise.

I just finished writing Chapter Six. Sort of. That is, I realized that I need to split Six into two chapters, i.e. Six and Seven. And I'm done with the new Six. But I still have to finish the old Six, i.e. tomorrow I need to write the new Seven. When that's done, I'll need to write the old Seven, which is now the new Eight.

Aren't you glad you asked?

("But, Mister, I didn't ask!" "Quiet, kid. You bother me.")

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In my on-going shameless attempt to maintain some sort of conversation about my new novel, RAIN OF THE GHOSTS, due out in stores and on-line on December 3rd, 2013 (but available for pre-order NOW on Amazon, etc.), I've decided to countdown my progress on writing the SECOND book in the Rain franchise.

I finished Chapter Five about five minutes ago. (This was a fun one to write.)

I'll let you know when I finish Chapter Six. Admit it, you're on the edge of your seat.

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In a shameless attempt to maintain some sort of conversation about my new novel, RAIN OF THE GHOSTS, due out in stores and on-line on December 3rd, 2013 (but available for pre-order NOW on Amazon, etc.), I've decided to countdown my progress on writing the SECOND book in the Rain franchise.

I finished Chapter Four about an hour ago. (This one kicked my ass for some reason.)

I'll let you know when I finish Chapter Five. Because, nothing could be more fascinating, right? Right?

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Back to answering questions...

As I'm about to start answering questions here on ASK GREG - post "Endgame" - I want to first reiterate what I've already posted here:


I will NOT suddenly be SPOILING stuff left and right.

The YJ questions that have the best chance of being answered are ones about process and decision making regarding the television episodes and comic book issues that have already aired or been released. Asking for additional content is not at all likely to be rewarded. NOT. AT. ALL.

And again, if you want to know why, read this:


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YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION: Episode #220: "Endgame": Credits:

YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION: Episode #220: "Endgame": Credits:

Posting the credits for the latest episode here at ASK GREG to compensate for how minute they are and how quickly they zip by on the air. Please note, that I'm just cutting, pasting and reformatting the final credits from a document. It's possible that as the episode was posted, changes, mistakes, additions, etc. were made for the version that aired...


Brandon Vietti
Greg Weisman

Written By
Kevin Hopps

Directed By
Doug Murphy

Line Producer
David Wilcox

Young Justice Theme and Music By
Kristopher Carter
Michael McCuistion
Lolita Ritmanis

Casting & Voice Direction
Jamie Thomason

Starring The Voices Of
Cameron Bowen as Robin
Tim Curry as G. Gordon Godfrey
Miguel Ferrer as Vandal Savage
Bruce Greenwood as Batman
Kevin Grevioux as Black Beetle
Bryton James as Virgil Hawkins/Static
Phil LaMarr as Green Beetle, Aquaman
Stephanie Lemelin as Artemis/Tigress, Computer
Eric Lopez as Blue Beetle, Scarab
Yuri Lowenthal as Lagoon Boy
Jason Marsden as Impulse/Kid Flash, Atom
Vanessa Marshall as Black Canary
Jesse McCartney as Nightwing
Danica McKellar as Miss Martian
Masasa Moyo as Scientist, Cat Grant, Bumblebee
Nolan North as Tribune, Superboy, Superman
Khary Payton as Aqualad, Black Lightning
Mark Rolston as Lex Luthor
Jason Spisak as Kid Flash
James Arnold Taylor as Flash
Tony Todd as Icon
Greg Weisman as Lucas Carr
Michael T. Weiss as Captain Atom
Mae Whitman as Wonder Girl

Based upon characters appearing in comic books published by DC Entertainment

Batman Created By
Bob Kane

Superman Created By
Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Aquaman Created By
Paul Norris

Nightwing Created By
Marv Wolfman and George Perez

Miss Martian Created By
Geoff Johns and Tony Daniel

Cat Grant Created By
Marv Wolfman and Jerry Ordway

Impulse Created By
Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo

G. Gordon Godfrey Created By
Jack Kirby

Snapper Carr and The Atom/Ray Palmer Created By
Gardner Fox

Static and Icon Created By
Milestone Media

Black Lightning Created By
Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden

Production Manager
John Diaz

Assistant Production Manager
Robby Huckell

Animation Coordinator
JJ Conway

Lead Character Design
Phil Bourassa

Character Design
Dusty Abell
Jerome K. Moore

BG Key Design
Fedja Jovanovic
Nollan Obena

Prop Design
Alexander Kubalsky
Eugene Mattos

Jay Baker
Miyuki Hoshikawa
Vinton Heuck
Hank Tucker
Greg Rankin
Seung Hyun Oh

Storyboard Clean-up
Jen Bennett
Kathryn Marusik

Animation Timing Director
James Tim Walker

Richard Collado
Jeff Hall
Michel Lyman
James Tim Walker

Animation Checking
Justin Schultz

Color Stylist
James Peters

Ink & Paint
Matthew Bordenave

Background Paint
Chun Liu
David McBride
Wei Zhao

Effects Animation
Matthew Girardi

Jhoanne Reyes

Supervising Dialogue/ADR Editor
Mark A. Keatts

Sound Reading
Fred Salinas
Wilson Martinez

Dialogue/ADR Editors
Patrick Foley
Mike Garcia

Post Production Manager
Scott Shinick

Dialogue Recording Studio
Studiopolis, Inc.

Recording Machine Operator
Jeff O. Collins
Sarah Baluch

Post Production Sound Services
Audio Circus, Inc.

Online Editor
Steven White

Animation Services
MOI Animation, Inc.

Animation Director
Duhyeong Lee

Background Director
Gyeonggi Kim

Production Managers
OKKi Lee
MinSung Park
SuMi Beck

Production Coordinators
Hyosun Ryu
Seongmi Park

Layout Artists
Gijun Kim
Dongjik Woo
Junchan Kim

Color Stylist
Jinmi Kim

Model Checker
Jongmyeong Bae (Director)

Byoungryul Kim
Hyoyoon Beck
Kyounghee Kang
Sungho Jo

Key Animation
Jaemun Lee
Won Suh
Myeonghwan Park
Chango Park
Beomseok Lee
Gyeonga Chang
Jeonghui Yang
Gyeongho Lee
Geonsik Lee

Guhan Yoo (Director)
Gyusung Oh

Final Checker
Dongmun Choo

Production Administrator
Nicole Martin

Production Accounting
Luisa Guzman
Debbie Lindquist
Maral Simonian
Athena Wingate

Production Support
Erica Sevilla-Guerra
Audrey Kim
Tamara Miles
Kira Tirimacco
Renee Toporzysek
Janet Yi

Executive In Charge Of Music
Niki Sherrod

Business And Legal Affairs
John Michael Beach
Lori Blackstone
Sharmalee Lall
Bonnie Negrete
Joulene St. Catherine

Casting Administrator
Liz Carroll

Production Supervision
Bobbie Page

Production Management
Ed Adams

Executive in Charge of Production
Jay Bastian

Executives In Charge Of Production For Cartoon Network
Tramm Wigzell
Brian E. S. Jones

Executive Producer
Sam Register

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States of America and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication, copying, distribution, exhibition or use may result in civil and/or criminal prosecution.

© 2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Country of first publication United States Of America

YOUNG JUSTICE and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.

Warner Bros Animation Inc. is the author of this film/motion picture for the purposes of Article 15 (2) of the Berne Convention and all national laws giving effect thereto.

There are, as always, a bunch of people who ALSO helped out but don't receive credits on screen for various (legal and precedent) reasons.
A handful (in no particular order) include...
Curtis Koller - Talent Coordinator
Eric Lewis, CAS - Dialogue Sound Mixer
Ryan Johnston - Assistant Engineer
Otis Van Osten - Sound Supervisor
Ron Salaises - Sound Effects editor
Carlos Sanches - Re-Recording Mixer
Stacy Michaels - Foley Mixer
Alex Ulrich - Foley Walker
John Wells - Research
Aris Katsaris - Atlantean Translator
Winson Seto - Publicity
I know I'm probably forgetting some folks, and I REALLY apologize! If you send me a reminder, I'll pimp you in another post!

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YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION: "Endgame": stuff cut for time

YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION: "Endgame": stuff cut for time

Hey gang,

I hope you enjoyed "Endgame", our second season finale of Young Justice: Invasion.

A little bit of dialogue was cut from the final script for time, and I thought you might like to see it here:

1. We revisit the broken translator gag at the beginning of the episode:

TRIBUNE #1 (VO PRE-LAP): Kesla vane… [Work…] Kesla vaaane, ka SKAH-vey keezy kretchmar, suh frag ka! [Wooork, you stinking little machine, or I end you!] (beat) There. <sigh> Let the defendants rise.

2. G. Gordon Godfrey leads an anti-Reach protest at the U.N. before the battle on the Reach Ship above:

GODFREY: Folks, tell Ol' G. Gordon - and the world - what you think of the Reach!

CROWD: Hate the Reach! / That drink made Grandma sick! / Why are they still here?! / Send 'em packing! / <boos, hisses, etc.>

3. When Blue Beetle first arrives on the Watchtower:


NIGHTWING: Blue. Focus.

BLUE BEETLE: Sorry. First time here and… never mind.

CAPTAIN ATOM: The natural disasters have escalated. The rest of the League is spread thin saving lives across the globe.

4. In the middle of Lex's call to the Watchtower:

LEX LUTHOR: Secretary Tseng was kind enough to let me borrow his frequency, as I have a possible solution to our mutual problem.

ATOM: A problem created by you and the Light when they collaborated to bring the Reach to Earth.

LEX LUTHOR: Perhaps. But as I believe you know, the Light always planned to betray the Reach. And I certainly have no desire to see the Earth destroyed.

AQUALAD: I believe we should hear him out.

LEX LUTHOR: Thank you, Kaldur'ahm. You are missed in our corner.

5. At the gathering of 40 heroes, while Lex and Blue Beetle are prepping the "Eggs":

IMPULSE: I'm so feeling the mode. I came back from the future to stop the Reach from enslaving the Earth… not to let them destroy it.

KID FLASH: You didn't let them do anything. You stopped them from killing Flash and helped us save Blue. Not to mention, fought alongside us to bring down the Reach and break up the Light.

Kid Flash RUFFLES a smiling Impulse's hair.

KID FLASH (CONT): Now you're going to help save the world. The Reach will not win this one. Not when there are guys like you around to "crash" them. Did I use that right?

IMPULSE: Close enough. And thanks.

6. Lucas Carr coordinates from the Watchtower:

CAPTAIN ATOM (VO RADIO): Alpha Squad engaging Drones.

CARR: Acknowledged. All Squads report in.

Carr REACTS as the first few call-ins OVERLAP, then the rest become a CACOPHONY.

BLUE BEETLE / FLASH / BLACK LIGHTNING / NIGHTWING / AQUAMAN / BLACK CANARY / BUMBLEBEE / ATOM / SUPERBOY / ROBIN / MISS MARTIAN / ARTEMIS / AQUALAD (VO RADIO): Beta Squad in position. / Gamma Squad has disabled MFD. / Delta Squad engaging enemy. / Epsilon just arriving. / Eta still en route. / Theta's a little busy right now. / Kappa Squad engaged. / Omicron has succeeded. / Rho Squad. No joy yet. / Tau Squad has engaged. / Psi Squad has destroyed all Drones. / Omega Squad arriving now. / Sigma has engaged--

CARR: Whoa, whoa. Sorry. One at a time. Sigma Squad, say again.

AQUALAD (VO RADIO): Repeat: Sigma has engaged Drones.

7. After Kid Flash disables the Paris MFD:

ARTEMIS: Omega Squad has-

Kid Flash <SPEEDS> back to her side and <KISSES> her.

KID FLASH: Look, I know we promised each other we'd get out of this game…

ARTEMIS: But maybe we can have our life together and play hero too…

They <KISS> again.

CARR: Omega Squad. Repeat transmission. Omega?

8. During and just after Virgil and Black Lightning's MFD battle:

VIRGIL: Gotta say, playing hero… it's starting to feel pretty sweet.

BLACK LIGHTNING: I'm not surprised. You show real potential for this gig. You ever need a mentor, Virgil, you just let me know.

VIRGIL: Really?! That would be amazing! But first, you think we could head topside and see my family? I really miss 'em.

9. On the Watchtower with Virgil, Cassie and Tim:

WONDER GIRL: Welcome to the Team, Virgil.

STATIC: Call me Static!

ROBIN: Catchy. What about your pals? I take it they declined our invitation.

STATIC: Well, Arsenal was always more of a solo act. And the others are getting out of the game. Neut went back to his foster family, and Eduardo moved in with his dad. Even Tye went home. I guess his mom's evil boyfriend is out of the picture.


STATIC: She's staying with Tye and his mom. Turns out she and Tye kinda had a thing. And none of us knew.

Wonder Girl and Robin are secretly HOLDING HANDS behind their backs.


Finally, just because - knowing our fans - this might be of interest, here are the twenty squads that successfully disabled the first twenty MFDs:

1. Alpha - Captain Atom, Eduardo "Ed" Dorado, Jr.
2. Beta - Blue Beetle, Impulse
3. Gamma - Flash (Barry Allen), Plastic Man
4. Delta - Black Lightning, Virgil Hawkins
5. Epsilon - Nighwing, B'arzz O'oomm
6. Zeta - Rocket, Adam Strange
7. Eta - Aquaman, Tempest
8. Theta - Black Canary, Asami "Sam" Koizumi
9. Iota - Green Arrow, Captain Marvel
10. Kappa - Bumblebee, Guardian
11. Lambda - Red Tornado, Flash (Jay Garrick)
12. Mu - Doctor Fate, Blue Devil
13. Nu - Red Arrow, Arsenal
14. Omicron - Atom, Tye Longshadow
15. Pi - Zatanna, Batgirl
16. Rho - Superboy, Wolf
17. Sigma - Aqualad, Lagoon Boy
18. Tau - Robin, Wonder Girl
19. Psi - Miss Martian, Beast Boy
20. Omega - Artemis, Kid Flash

I'll post the credits tomorrow and start answering questions on Wednesday...

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Props to GLTAS

I just want to extend my congratulations to a great season of Green Lantern The Animated Series.

I had no involvement in it, other than as a fan. I watched it every week on DC Nation, and really enjoyed it. And I think their last episode was just killer. I've been really impressed with the work that Jim, Giancarlo, Bruce and the rest of the crew has done all year, and with a core voice cast of Josh Keaton, Kevin Michael Richardson, Jason Spisak and Grey Delisle, it just doesn't get any better.

Obviously, I wish they were making more, but that doesn't change the fact that what they already accomplished was stellar!

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YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION: EPISODE: 220: "Endgame": Premieres!

YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION: EPISODE: 220: "Endgame": Premieres!


This is it, the big season finale, folks! Watch "Endgame" on DC Nation, this coming Saturday, March 16th, 2013 (and rerunning Sunday, March 17th, 2013), along with another new episode of Green Lantern and more DC Nation Super-Hero shorts. For times, check local listings. But don't miss it!

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WONDERCON ANAHEIM - Who'd like to meet up?

My daughter Erin and I will be attending WonderCon on Friday, March 29th:


I'm not on a panel or anything official. I'm just going to look around, hang out, etc. But ASK GREG moderator Masterdramon is also going, and we thought it might be fun to organize a semi-impromptu ASK GREG LIVE event. I assume most folks would want to talk about Young Justice, which is great. But we can also discuss Gargoyles or the weather or whatever. Chris Jones and I did something similar a few weeks ago at a Doctor Who convention, and we had fun. I think about twenty or so fans showed, which was a nice number. We might wind up with a few more or less. Or, heck, maybe it'll just be me, Erin and Masterdramon, which is okay too. EIther way, we want to try to keep the thing unofficial, informal, casual, etc.

The main question I have is exactly when and where should we meet up? Has to be Friday the 29th, and because (a) I'm driving down there from Los Angeles and (b) it's the first day of the con, it probably shouldn't be too early. Likewise, I'm not staying overnight, and I have the drive home, so not too late either. So an afternoon meet-up, I'm guessing. Or maybe lunch? An early dinner? Linner?

And where do we meet? How do we find each other? (I'm not familiar enough with the Anaheim Convention Center to know exactly where a good spot might be.)

I'm definitely open to suggestions. I'm posting this here at ASK GREG, but also in the Station 8 Comment Room, which I'll be checking periodically between now and the con. If you have any thoughts on where we could meet, please post them there:


It'll also help us gauge interest in how many people might actually be, well... interested in this sort of thing. So even if you have no suggestions but you plan on joining us, post anyway, so that we can begin to approximate a head count. It may influence where we meet up.

The week before the convention, I'll post the final specifics on where and when at ASK GREG and at Station 8.

Hope to see at least a few of you soon.

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VERONICA MARS on Kickstarter

VERONICA MARS on Kickstarter

So I've always been fairly dubious about Kickstarter. I found the websites overwhelming and off-putting.

But my brother Jon just sent me the link below, and I actually found myself pledging $50, which is WAY out of character for me.


In part, it's because my daughter Erin and I are both massive Veronica Mars fans. And in part, it's because if this works, it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

Gargoyles on Kickstarter? Spectacular Spider-Man on Kickstarter? Young Justice on Kickstarter? Today it seems just a little less nutty than it did yesterday.

So check out the link. If you love Veronica Mars like I do, pledge what you can - because, damn, I want to see that movie - but even if V is of no interest to you, check out the link anyway. It's definitely giving me... thoughts...

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