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Chip writes...

I had some trouble getting Bad Guys #1. My usual store had issues with their supplier and didn't get their copies of Bad Guys (And 22 other comics!) I went to another store (which wasn't in the nicest neighborhood if you know what I mean...I risked my life for Gargoyles) and picked up the only 2 issues they had. My usual store always orders a ton at my request and saves me 2 (Which they still will, I'm gonna have some extra copies when they finally get it) So I was actually surprised by how few the other store had. (I'm going 2 start subscribing from them too)

And here they are now, Dingo, Matrix, and Robyn of the Redemtion Squad.

Nice cliff-hanger of an opening sequence. I can't wait to find out how (and if) our favorite team of villians-gone-good survive.

Meanwhile two months earlier we meet the best villian ever! The Tasmanian Tiger made me laugh. Not just because I am fond of Tasmanian Tigers (Which I am, Cryptozoology is a hobby of so extinct animals that might not be extinct please me) But because he was so cheesy and yet cool at the same time. It reminded me of another comic that I read. I find myself fascinated by this guy.

Will we see him again? What's his story? Where'd he get the Tazzi Tigers? I found myself thinking he'd make a good mutate (with TT DNA of course) I hope to see more of him soon, and I hope he gets fleshed out. I love this guy.(I was also pleased by Dingo's treatment of the possible last members of their speices)

On to Robyn and Dingo. Dingo and Matrix made me laugh...I wonder what Matrix was thinking about Dingo being on the run. Robyn's good, more than equal to Dingo in a fight, and it pleases me that the Hunters who've been against the gargoyle kind for so long are now their allys (in the form of Jason and Robyn...Jon of course is a Quarryman now)

And they're off to Tokyo. To hunt a Tengu. Dingo's question made me laugh. I can see it now. "WHAT! Sheila why didn't you say we were hunting a gargoyle!?!" Robyn's smile says it all. She knows what a Tengu is (Which says to me that Hunters have hunted in Japan before)

I can't wait for more Gargoyles: Bad Guys, and more Gargoyles.

Greg responds...

Well, we'll keep em coming then...

Response recorded on December 03, 2007