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Todd Jensen writes...

I bought my copy of "Bad Guys" #1 today. The two parts that excited me the most were Robyn Canmore calling Dingo "Harry Monmouth", which makes that name canon rather than canon-in-training at last (and also officially brings Shakespeare's history plays as well as his tragedies and comedies into the Gargoyles Universe - well, Oberon did quote from "Henry V" in "Ill Met By Moonlight"), and referring to Yama as a tengu. (I'd suspected for many years that the Ishimura gargoyles tied in nicely with the tengus of Japanese legend, and was glad to see that confirmed.)

I recognized the opening pages as based on the leika reel that I saw at the Gathering 2001. I'm looking forward to seeing more of that mission in future issues.

The Tazmanian Tiger has to be the corniest villain yet in the Gargoyles Universe, but in a good way. I hope that we find out in a later story where his thylacines came from. Has the report of their extinction in the Gargoyles Universe been an exaggeration, or is there something else involved? I was also amused by the Superman parody accompanying Dingo's entrance.

I liked Matrix's characterization as well (including even the style of his lettering) - you captured his attempts to understand the world about him and the pursuit of law and order effectively (especially his bewilderment over Dingo's lack of enthusiasm over Matrix linking to him, literally - and his being the one to accept Robyn's offer).

Was the rock where Dingo and Matrix met Shaman (and where Robyn showed up afterwards) intended to be Ayers Rock/Uluru?

I'm looking forward now to #2 (as well as to Gargoyles #7). Great first issue of the spin-off.

Greg responds...

Uluru confirmed.

Thank our letterer (regular Gargoyles artist) David Hedgecock for Matrix's lettering style.

Response recorded on December 04, 2007