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dph writes...

My review of Bad Guys Issue #1

I recognized the opening from the Leica Reel that I saw at the 2006 Gathering. That's a good place to start, in the middle of things. Page 2, in the middle frame in the confrontation between Dingo and Hunter, Dingo's head seems to grow a bit bigger than in the frame before or after. After the confrontation with the missiles, we flash back to the recruitment of Dingo. I was kinda hoping to see Hunter's recruitment first, but oh well. Then we see the Tazmanian Tiger, with his own super-villain costume. I like it how Matrix . . umm . . 'tames' the tigers. That's a nice reminder of Matrix's abilities. Dingo flying away superman style sounds right, because he still doesn't want to get caught. Dingo complaining of feeling pain from Matrix sounds right. No pain, no gain and that is a partnership. I'm guessing Robyn had her helicopter ready and was ready to follow Dingo as soon as he left so they could have a conversation. Dingo being beat by Hunter reminds me of a line from "The Pack" that Dingo said: "This job is cushy, but flabby as I am now, I probably couldn't last a week in a South American war". Dingo, indeed, was gone soft, from his day's past. Hunter pulling out an EM pulse grenade makes it clear that she's well informed. Not many people know about Matrix. Also, it's nice for somebody prepared to expose one of Matrix's weaknesses. I guess it really isn't surprise for Matrix to join, when you consider that he's still naive in the ways of the world. Dingo, understandablly, is relunctant to join.

Overall, I enjoyed the story. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the team is recruited.

Greg responds...

We'll try to keep it interesting...

Response recorded on December 04, 2007